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Federal Auditor General expresses readiness to audit Premier’s Mega Projects

Mesert Damtie, Deputy Auditor General (photo : EBC)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Federal Auditor General of Ethiopia said here that if there “comes open demand, it is ready to audit” the mega projects that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is overseeing.

The Federal Auditor General said this last Tuesday at a regular meeting of the House of Peoples Representatives .

During the discussion at the Parliament, the Auditor General presented the Financial execution and audit report of government offices of the 2023/24 Ethiopian Fiscal Year.

Chief Auditor, Meseret Damtie who read out the 59 page report responded to questions forwarded to her by the standing committee of government expenditure and management supervision affairs and members of the House.

Among the questions posed to her are the ones related to the auditing of the mega projects carried out through coordination of the premier. MPs and member of National Movement of Amhara, Muluken Assefa raised the question.

Muluken asked about the outcomes of reports if the Auditor General had investigated whether the finance generation and expenditure of these mega projects were processed  as per the financial laws and regulations of the government.

“If you have not done the audit, what are your reasons for not doing that?” Muluken enquired. 

Chief Auditor Meseret responded saying that so far the Federal Auditor General has not performed any investigation on the said projects.

“The primary duties and responsibilities of the Office are to audit the budget ratified by the House of Peoples Representatives. Moreover, we perform audit execution on government institutions or development enterprises based on the authority bestowed upon them,” Meseret said.

Meseret has also told Members of the House of Peoples Representatives that if an open request comes regarding the mega projects being undertaken under the supervision of the premier, her office would be ready to perform auditing.

“If there is embezzlement with these projects and anything lost, let the tips and questions come openly with the exact sources. We are then ready to act,” Meseret said. 


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