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Ethiopian gov’t says it has arrested senior intelligence/Security officials over illegal gold trade 

Ethiopia Gold trade
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The Ethiopian government on Saturday said it has arrested 32 individuals, including senior government security officials, in connection with “participation in illegal gold production, circulation, and trade.” 

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), cited by the National Information and Security Services (NISS) to report, indicates that the arrested officials have been engaged in establishing relations with foreigners in a corrupt way , selling gold in black market and  harming the national interest of Ethiopia.

According to the report, eight of those arrested are in the government security structures, seven of them are individuals who allegedly exploited business licenses as a cover to engage in illegal practice, and 17 of them are accused of circulating illegally acquired gold products. 

 However, the report did not disclose the identities of the suspects who are allegedly involved in the illegal gold trade. 

It is said that the Ethiopian Defense Force-led council that draws membership from NISS, Defense Intelligence, Federal Police, and regional police is undertaking an operation to hunt what it called illegal groups. 

The report also mentioned that it has arrested 29 foreigners about two weeks ago from Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia over illegal gold production and trade. 

Furthermore, the report indicated that illegal gold production and trade was happening in Gambella region, South West Ethiopia region and Benishangul Gumuz region.

Ethiopia’s intelligence unit, NISS, is making claims that it has established that arrested government security officials ditched their national mission and responsibility to engage in the “illegal practice.”  It is making further claims that they rather exploited their government position as a cover to engage in the “illegal practice.” 

The Ethiopian government says research conducted in the area revealed that illegal practice in the mining sector is extensive but no detail was provided as to when it was conducted and who was behind it. 

Takele Uma, a senior Oromo region Prosperity Party official who was also in charge of the Mining Ministry at the Federal level of government, was excluded when PM Abiy Ahmed made new appointments in January this year. 

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  1. Majority of those foreigners arrested are said to be commies from Beijing. Such theft of national treasure are said to be at the record scale in every continent. Today US officials have reported that to the tune of more than 200 billion in US dollars is likely stolen from the COVID Relief. Such brazen pilfering from such relief established with good intention seems to be an easy job for those with sticky hands. With strong institutions already in place for the purpose of catching corruption and prosecution here in the West, it will be just a matter of time before the criminals are brought to court. But in countries like the old country where bigots are everywhere they will be lucky if they catch and name anyone of the perpetrators. You watch! We will never hear about those who got caught. Names all that will be like highly confidential. You watch!!!

  2. Corruption and mismanagement are rampant under the Eritrean proxy government of Abiy Ahmed. The ancient, modern and proud Tigray nation has said no to proxy rule from Asmara and continues to struggle for independence. But the first and most important step this proud nation should take is removing the corrupt and incompetent TPLF leaders who have brought shame and defeat to it. The Tigray nation should se to it that these greedy TPLF leaders stand trial and convicted. The million causality they have caused is unforgivable. Accusing the foreign forces (Amhara and Eritrean forces) for genocide is an scapegoat the TPLF leaders use to avoid accountability.

  3. Hey y’all! Btw, I can tell you who Addis/Finfine belongs to. Me! You heard me right! Legally I am the sole owner and have the deed issued and dated September 01, 1886 to prove it. That year Emperor Menelik and his consort Empress Taytu were in a bind and needed someone to lend them some money. My grandfather gave them the money they desperately needed with the caveat that if they did not pay back in full in 5 years they will surrender the land to my grandfather and that was they did in 1891. They fell arrears in their payment and my grandfather had to repossess it. So everyone keep this in mind when you talk about Addis/Finfine in regards to its legit ownership. It’s me!!!! It does not belong to Oromos only nor Amharas, Tigres, Afars, Somalis and others. Me and only me!!!! So I don’t need any mouth from you!!!


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