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Ethiopian Election Board Chairperson announces resignation 

Board chair made the announcement amid reports that reinstalling the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as a legal entity turned out to be a deadlock to the point that it required political intervention from Abiy Ahmed’s administration 

Bertukan Midekssa says she has notified the speaker of the parliament about her resignation as of August 7, 2023. (Photo : Social Media)


The Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, Bertukan Midedssa, on Monday, announced their resignation from the role. 

In a brief update she shared on her social media page, She said that she will be resigning as of August 7, 2023. Until then, she said that she will work on unfinished tasks on her turf and on making arrangements for administrative transition. 

“When I started my work as Chairperson of the National Electoral Board, it was with the aim to make our institution credible and capable of administering elections independently. I have been striving to discharge my responsibility to organize referendums, national elections and administering political parties in good faith, in fairness and observing their legality over the past four years and six months,” she said in her statement. 

She also indicated that she has notified the office of the Speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament regarding her decision. The Speaker, at this writing, did not remark on it. 

Birtukan related her resignation to health, the details of which are not provided. 

However, there have been numerous reports from local sources recently that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a radical ethnic Tigray Political organization that the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a “terrorist organization” in May 2021 in view of an orchestrated attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force and extensive war crime like measures in the Afar and Amhara region, move to get legal status in Election Board has turned out to be an acrimonious one between the board and Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

The TPLF lost legal status with the election board after it was designated as a terrorist organization. 

There were also reports that Abiy Ahmed’s government has passed a political decision to bypass the legal deadlock to recognize the TPLF as a legally registered political party. 

Resignation of high profile  Chairs of Board members is recurring. A week or so ago, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Ethiopian Airlines,  Ato Girma Wake, whose experience as CEO of the Airline was needed when appointed as Chairperson, announced his resignation unexpectedly. He was replaced by the Chief of the Ethiopian AirForce, Let. General Yilma Merdassa. 

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia administered three referendums and one national election over the past four and half years under the leadership of Bertukan Mideksa. 

Bertukan, who expressed gratitude for NEBE staff in the course of her role as chairperson, did not say anything if her next move is retirement or pursuit of some other roles. She also expressed gratitude for Abiy Ahmed for nominating her for the role. 

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian Election Board Chairperson announces resignation” borkena, June 26, 2023

    Humble Reaction
    ha) In view of the sad situation in Ethiopia, no one would be surprised by the announcements.
    hu) Ethiopia is in the mood of disintegration
    he) No doubt, the world will see, with amazement, the DISINTEGRATION of Ethiopia, unparalleled any where.
    ha) It will be the UGLIEST ending of an ancient country, anywhere around the Globe.
    hey) And Ethiopians of various clans —– who pushed Ethiopia into disintegration —— will NEVER be happy.
    hi) On the opposing side, one cannot help veering into thinking about the delight atmosphere of the ‘famous,
    infamous’ colonial powers of yesteryear and today >>> who NEVER entertained the idea of “CIVILIZED” BLACK
    ho) Still, Ethiopia cannot brush off its own (amazing and shocking) SELF-DESTRUCTION without any rational reasoning.

  2. Her resignation is overdue but doing something later better than never is okay. There haven’t any credible, fair and trandparent election in the last five since came into the political scene as he promised ad nauseam to do it. It was either rigged, nonexistant or were corrupt and farce process.

  3. Her resignation is overdue but doing something later is better than never and okay. There haven’t any credible, fair and trandparent election in the last five since Abiy came into the political scene as he promised doing it ad nauseam . It was just another broken promise like many others. Those so’called elections were either outrightly rigged, nonexistant or were corrupt and farce process and results..

  4. What a gallant warrior! A reincarnate of the indomitable Taytu! Let’s join hands together in wishing her a fast and complete recovery/healing from the health that forced her to resign. Our daughter/sister Birtukan bint Mideksa is someone we all can say she has served her country with every fiber in her body with grace, honesty and dignity. I am wildly proud of you dear H.E. Birtukan.
    My family’s prayers are with you daily!!!

  5. Her colleague Dr. Lia bint Tadesse has just been declared the winner in her tooth and nail fight with Covid-19. The demon showed up in her hood carried by the commies from Beijing three years ago in 2020 and the match has just received the final whistle with our daughter/sister winning by a score of 3-0. Ways to go Dr. Lia, ways to go!!! You know our women! Winning with ingenuity is in their DNA!!!
    But here in the USA, some countries in Europe and Asia, the demonic pathogen is still lurking out there. Here in USA both the 7-day and 14-day averages are still at 2,100 new cases with the 7-day average death stands around 13. So it is still around out there. Stay safe y’all!!!

  6. My comment and praise for H.E. Birtukan Mideksa was not intended for misogynist audience and those bigots that have done immeasurable damage to the old country. It was not also meant for the consumption of those who are in the current regime who steal and make citizens disappear with no trace. It is not also meant to please those who were supposed to be friendly neighbors but have been hell bent to destabilize that gem of the colored that produced us all. Misogynists who can’t stand to see women succeed can’t help it! Bigots can’t help it! Stubborn commies can’t help it! Addicted rabble rouser neighbors can’t help it!!!

    It is reported and she herself has said that health issues are the main reason. Working surrounded by misogynists and bigots that have packed the regime is enough to give you throbbing headaches days in and days out leading to major health issues. But what a steadfast and skilled patriot she is! She faced down despots and bigots and they were the ones who blinked. Hats off to you, hon!!! To all of you aspiring young ladies out there, be like Birtukan!!! Face off and embarrass every misogynist and bigot around you!!! Point them towards the skunk house they belong to. They have stunk that gem of the colored since 1974.


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