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Ethiopian passport being distributed illegally to non-citizens

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Ethiopian passports are being issued to non-Ethiopian citizens illegally, according to sources.

Fana Broadcasting Corporation has approached officials of the concerned institutions for an interview regarding the issue. They were asked why their institutions have not been able to stop this illegal act that can cause precarious international crimes including terrorism. 

The Immigration Citizenship Service and the Addis Ababa City Administration’s Civil Registration and Residency Service Agency have admitted that the problem is there.

Head of the Travel Document Issuance Team at the Immigration and Citizenship Service, Alemtsehai Ambachew said that there are many foreigners who were illegally made to possess Ethiopian passports when they leave the country. This will bring about precarious consequences against the country, according to her. 

Alemtsehai said that as Ethiopia shares culture, language and identity with neighboring countries, putting the illegal move under control has become a big challenge for her institution. Above all these, the rampant corrupt practices in the institutions have been a favorable condition for the problem, she said.

Executive Director of Civil Registration and Residency Service Agency of Addis Ababa City Administration, Yonas Alemayehu says that the false information and the gap on personnel executors have worsened the problem.

The officials have also said that the actions taken against the individuals who were allegedly held accountable for the crime. 

Accordingly, both the Civil Registration Residents and the Immigration and Citizenship Services stated that action has been taken against the parties who have been involved in the illegal activity. The Immigration and Nationality Service announced that one hundred and twenty five individuals have been held accountable by law.

The Civil Registration and Residency Service Agency of the Addis Ababa City Administration pointed out on its part that one hundred and fifty-three individuals have been held responsible by law. Fifty-nine of them are employees of the institution, according to the Agency. 

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian passport being distributed illegally to non-citizens, By Staff Reporter, June 25, 2023

    ha) Obviously, there is no security in modern Ethiopia
    hu) Obviously, there is absolute lack of secure administration in Ethiopia.
    he) Obviously, in totality, there is no any sort of security in Ethiopia
    ha) Obviously, it is the saddest administration through out Ethiopia —-LEFT and RIGHT; UP and DOWN
    hI) In fact, it is questionable that there is the age old care for ETHIOPIA TODAY, in TOTALITY!?!?
    ho) One can’t help musing WHY? WHY? WHY?………………………………………………..

  2. Obviously this is a common problem in that region(East Africa) in particular and the so-called developing countries in general. Except Djibouti the rest of the HOA countries have been cited for the same problem. Eritrea has been the worst of them all. When you have citizens somewhat pissed off at their governments and individuals with deep pockets willing to pay whatever it takes then you have the ‘perfect storm’ for such corruption. Also you have the same group of people who live in two countries at the same time. Bejas live in Sudan and Eritrea. Bejas have ‘tujjaars'(deep pocketed) among them so they will dish out whatever it takes. There is nothing to get excited about it because all of them except Djibouti have the same problem. At least this official from Ethiopia, H.E. Alemtsehai Ambachew, is admittedly talking and trying to do something about it. The rest of them are quietly cashing on it.

  3. It’s beyond sickening how greedy and rude they are, especially towards Tegaru citizens all in the name of “preventing illegal/non Ethiopians” from acquiring passports. There is no one to monitor these so-called officials and the harassment our people is incredibly unjust. Simply because they are now used to pocketing the large sum of bribes from the same illegal people they were supposed to deter and expect the same from our own LEGAL citizens.
    Its a shame how low we have fallen. Its embarrassing to call this our home.


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