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Eritrea reactivated  IGAD membership, attended meeting

14th Ordinary session of IGAD participants (Photo : SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Eritrea is back holding membership seat at Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). This was made official during the 14th Ordinary Meeting of the Authority held in Djibouti. 

Eritrean Minister for Information, Yemane Gebre-Meskel twitted stating the affirmation of his country’s readiness to make efforts along with member states “to the rejuvenation and effectiveness of IGAD and advancement of peace, stability and regional integration.”

Yemane further said that his country “believes a dedicated focus on development; a leading role in fostering regional peace & security; a synergetic regional approach to external relations; effective self-financing and fidelity to its rules are vital ingredients for IGAD’s strength and success”. He also stressed the need for IGAD to play roles in finding solution for the crisis in Sudan. 

A press release issued by IGAD indicated that the 14th Ordinary Session of Heads of States would discuss a range of issues critical to the region’s peace, security and development. The African Union, Members of the diplomatic Community and representatives from the United Nations and the European Union will also be in attendance, the press release said. 

IGAD made official through the Press Release that the 14th Assembly will provide an opportunity for IGAD member states to review the progress made in addressing these issues and to discuss new strategies for achieving suitable development in the region. The discussions are expected to focus on ways to strengthen cooperation between member states, enhance regional integration and promote peace and stability and economic growth and social development.

The latest is that the 14th Ordinary Meeting of the Authority reelected the executive secretary, Dr. Werkineh for the next term, it was learnt. 


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  1. Write this down you commie bigots. There will never be another stupid bloody and destructive conflict between the Ethiopian and Eritrean peoples. There will never be another stupid bloody conflict between the two fraternal peoples of Somalia and Ethiopia. Are you bigoted commies writing all these down? Clashes for some barren and forsaken outpost will never outbreak between the two noble peoples of Djibouti and Eritrea. Are you taking a note of all of this you loser commies?
    Welcome back our dear Eritrean brothers and sisters!

  2. Humble Sad Commentary
    May I dare ask: What did IGAD accomplish ( in its four-teen (14) years) for any glaring benefit to Black Africa?!?!?!?!?
    Let us be frank and honest — to ourselves
    It is a question permitted by universal standard — if not by us!
    I can only say with deep sadness: WE BLACK AFRICANS ARE WHAT WE ARE …………I CAN NOT PUT, in “BLACK AND WHITE”.
    And so, we keep on going with our seemingly eternal negative image to the delight of others!!!!!
    Sad, Sad, Sad, seemingly being a part of us for our existence!!!


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