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Ethiopia allocates 801 billion birr budget for the coming  fiscal year 

PM Abiy Ahmed (Photo : file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Council of Ministers has ratified, at its 21st Regular Meeting, the Ethiopian Federal Government Draft Budget Proclamation of the 2023/2024 Ethiopian Fiscal Year.    

It was underscored on the occasion that the budget allocation for the 2023/2024 Ethiopia Fiscal Year has been formulated from the perspectives of supporting citizens displaced due to natural and manmade causes, rehabilitation of infrastructures, which were demolished by the war… 

Accordingly, the total amount of budget earmarked for 2023/2024 Ethiopian Fiscal Year is 801.65 billion birr, sources said. Of this 369.6 billion birr has been allocated for regular expenditures to be used by the federal government while 203.9 billion birr was allotted for capital expenditures. The Council has also approved 214.07 billion birr to be disbursed for regional support while 14 billion is set aside for the executions of Sustainable Development Goals. 

Information released from the Prime Minister Office indicates that after deliberating the draft budgetary proclamation in detail, the Council added inputs and forwarded the document to the House of Peoples Representatives.

The new budget ratified by the Council of Ministers has shown a 15.04 billion birr increment when it is compared to that of the previous Ethiopian Budget Year. The total amount of budgetary allocation for the 2022/2023 Ethiopian Fiscal Year was 786.61 billion birr, according to information issued by the Office of the Prime Minister. 


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  1. I remember that nation’s annual budget way less than that of a major city in the US. I recall one reference by a CBS nightly news that mentioned Ethiopia’s annual budget was less than that of the city of Chicago. That was in the early 1970’s. It was not even in billions yet. When I checked this amount 801.65 billion in the local currency into US dollars it amounts to around 15 billion. It is dwarfed by the annual budget of New York City which is more than 108 billion in US dollars. But it is still a sign of growth since that of the 1970’s. The question is how much of this budget will be consumed in the rebuilding what has been destroyed by the off-shoots and descendants of the demonic commies. The destruction by thuggish niggers is still taking place in Oromia and Amhara regions. Niggers, niggers, damned niggers!!!!

    • What is the point of your comment here except some kind of nostalgia or something, or are you trying to tell as the great strides that is being made in the country or something, are you real, just what is your level of education and experience, I wonder?

      What is the repeated “Niggers, niggers, damned niggers!!!!” about?

      If that name calling is meant as a stand in for mismanagement, destructiveness, lack of wisdom and so on, then who better personifies these things than Abiy Ahmed, whom you never held accountable?

      Has there been a more cruel, a more ignorant, a more destructive leader in Ethiopia, heck even in Africa, than Abiy Ahmed?

      Even with Idi Amin, Mobutu, and other worthless leaders, their countries have had a few days of peace every now and then.

      In Ethiopia, there hasn’t been a day of peace since your psychopath, Abiy Ahmed, came to power, and it continues.

      Here, you were saying: “The destruction by thuggish niggers is still taking place in Oromia Amhara regions”

      Well, it helps if you put the chief thuggish N. who is responsible for it all is your Abiy Ahmed!!!

  2. Hopefully the budget will be allocated to the people in need and not spent of parks that include lavish restaurants that the majority of people can not afford. Poverty has increased in the country, those running the country do not seem to see it as long as they remain in power and take care of themselves first.


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