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TPLF files complaints to AU against NEBE decision

TPLF Chairman, Deretsion Gebremichael

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Denouncing the decision made by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) on the request for the return of legal personality, TPLF filed complaints to AU, source said. 

Party Chairman Debretsion Gebremichael (Dr.) said in a statement he gave on 22 May 2023 to media outlets located in Tigray Region that TPLF is the responsible body to be involved in the implementation of the Pretoria Accord. He said that as the Pretoria Agreement was signed with the Federal Government and TPLF, the implementation of the agreement should not be left only for the Interim Administration of the Region. “The Pretoria Peace Agreement is the starting point for all things. TPLF is the signatory of the accord. Therefore, it shoulders a big responsibility,” he said.

Debretsion further said, “the decision made by NEBE is destructive to all things”. Therefore, denouncing the decision made by the Board, he filed complaints to the Federal Government of Ethiopia and AU.

The primary task of TPLF is to achieve the objectives of the administration and the Pretoria Peace Accord, which is implemented as per the articles, speculated in agreement. Therefore, it should not be left only for the Interim Administration of Tigray, according to him.

Chairperson Debretsion said in his statement that following the Pretoria Agreement, the relation between the Federal Government and Tgray has improved and both parties have started to work closely.

The fact that the lift of the designation of TPLF as a terrorist group by the Federal government as per the peace agreement, the establishment of the Tigray Interim Government and the release of the disrupted budgetary allotment to a certain level enabled to ease the problems faced by the people of Tigray 

However, there are major issues that have not yet been executed as per the Pretoria Agreement. These include the withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara armed forces from the occupied territories of Tigray, according to Debretsion. Due to this, it has been impossible to reinstate the displaced people of Tigray in their areas and this needs prompt solutions, he urged.

A day after the statement given by Debretsion, on 23 May 2023, hundreds of people went out into street protesting that the war displaced people should be resettled in their areas and the armed Eritrean and Amhara forces should withdraw from Tigray Region and let things implement as per the Pretoria Accord.

NEBE said that the legal entity of TPLF was annulled as per the Electoral Proclamation Number 1162 for its alleged involvement in armed struggle. The Board said that its decision has nothing to do with the Pretoria Accord and the designation of the party as a terrorist group. NEBE said that as there is no any legal means that enable it to reverse the decision, it was challenging for it to accept the request and rather reminded TPLF to submit a registration request anew. 


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  1. I was about to say something about this but for the sake of enduring peace I decided to bite my tongue and stay mum for now. But I encourage the leaders of this so-called front to look at themselves in the mirror and do some honest soul searching. And good luck with that.

  2. For a party with an armed group that kills milking cows, destroys college labs, defecates in hotels, rapes old nuns and innocent children, does unimaginable atrocities – how is it that such a garbage party can complain so arrogantly about its status in the country that it was going to dismember?? and to think to go back to a fourth cycle of war???


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