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Cholera outbreaks reported in different regions, fatality rate rising sharply

Cholera outbreak _ Ethiopia
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By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced here that 18 people died and 919 have fallen victims of cholera epidemic broke out in different zones and Weredas of the Southern Region. The Regional Health Bureau also said that the epidemic has spread in four regions of Ethiopia. The Federal Health Ministry also confirmed that the epidemic has spread in four regions across the country.

Director of the Public Health Institute (PHI), Mamush Hussain, said that vaccination campaigns have started in some areas of the region where the epidemic intensified.

The Federal Ministry of Health made public that the epidemic has spread in four regions and prevention reactions have already been launched. Thus, 1.5 million people will get vaccination in an effort to prevent the deadly communicable disease, according to MoH.   

The Public Health Institute of the Southern Region said that the cholera outbreak has spread in four regions of the country. The epidemic has also widened its horizon and is gripping five more zones and three special Woredas of the Region. The Institute further said that the epidemic is tightening its grip by killing people.

PHI director, Mamush Hussain, told VoA Amharic service that 18 people have died and 919 fallen sick of the cholera in the Southern Region.

State Minister of Health Dereje Diguma (Dr.) launched the cholera vaccination campaign, which will be run for five days in a row in South Omo Zone. State television reported quoting the State Minister Dereje that 1.5 million people with age range above the first year would get cholera vaccine.

Director of Health and Health related Emergencies Investigation office with Gamo Zone Health Department, Tarekegn Merid, said that the people are getting vaccination in a campaign launched in Natsimai District of South Omo Zone. The vaccination would also be given to people in Malagarda District of Gamo Zone and other areas in Gamo zone, according to Tarekegn. The case of over 400 cholera-affected people have been reported and eight people died, Tarekegn said

Meanwhile, Coordinator of Community Communication and Health Extension Section of Amaro Special Zone, Aklilu Kaleb said that the cholera outbreak killed seven people last week in Burji and Amaro special Woredas. Sources indicate that cholera can kill within hours if untreated. 


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