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borkena retracts recent report on Eritrea


The managing editor of borkena regrets a story published on May 10, 2023 under the title “Is tension building up between Ethiopia, Eritrea? ” is inaccurate and outrageous. 

The reporter used mereja.com as a source without verifying it from other sources. 

The editor learned that the Eritrean government is displeased, rightly, with the coverage. The article is retracted and I would like to sincerely apologize for it. 

borkena has a sincere respect for the government and people of Eritrea.

Managing Editor 



  1. No problem us Eritreans accept the apology.

    It just seemed to be so untrue that Borkena said such things about Eritrea altough us Eritreans accepted such from OMN Addis Standards and others papers with ties to XYZ groups.

    Well before publishing an article one need to verify the source. The interview of the Eritrean president is available in English.

    No where did Eritrea said offensive things about the Sudanese president or stated support for RSF.

    Also did Eritrea not support armed Amhara forces against the Abiy Ahmed government.

    Since the Sudan war broke out Eritrea gave the maximum support to the Sudanese government in Khartoum.

    the Sudanese government officials even today met with the Eritrean government to discuss the conflict in Sudan, both sides expressed their opinions and the Sudanese officials of al burhan even stated in a meeting that eritrea is not a threat to Sudan but a source of stabilization and peace.

    Eritrea cooperated with Sudan to evacuate citizens and diplomats from China and South Korea.

    International airliners like Lufthansa Air France Air austral DHL Cargo Ethiopian airlines Saudi Planes and Canadian charter planes used Eritrean air space after Sudans air space was closed.

    Even countries that supported the sanctions regime against Eritrea like Canada Germany and France were allowed to use Eritrea’s air space to avoid the war in Sudan and enable their passengers a safe flight.

  2. This is honest journalist at its grand. I did not consider the report was accurate anyhow. There has been a lot more understanding and atmosphere of camaraderie between us and our dear Eritrean brothers and sisters. The report had all the fingerprints of wishful thinking, doomsday dreamers so to say. Ain’t gonna happen!!!

    Dear editors,

    You seem to be back from your travel to the old country. I look forward to your on-the-spot scoop of what you saw/observed on the spot. Welcome back dear patriots!!!

  3. “ye jib chiqool Kend yineksal” so said the wisdom of an ancient language of a Country in the World >>> ETHIOPIA.
    And — unbelievable as it may sound — the horror of all horrors, certain Ethiopians [with outside nagging] are struggling to cut ETHIOPIA into pieces.!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MADNESS OF ALL MADNESS.


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