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Zanzibar Negotiation (By Dawit Giorgis)

Dawit _ Zanzibar Negotiation
Dawit Giorgis (file)

By Dawit Giorgis 

Abiy starts once again another peace negotiation with another rebel  organization, this time in Zanzibar. 

Ethiopia’s federal government and a rebel group from the country’s Oromia  region opened peace talks on Tuesday in the Tanzanian island archipelago of  Zanzibar, according to a spokesperson for the militants.” Africa News 

Last year there was a peace negotiation between the government and the the  TPLF which the government called a terrorist organization. Over 1.5 million  people were killed in an eight month war, according to Obseanjo. The result  was the Pretoria peace accord. 

“Peace talks between the warring sides in the brutal two-year-old conflict in  Ethiopia’s Tigray region opened in Pretoria on Tuesday, the South African  presidency announced.” AFP  

This year the PM opened a negotiation with the Oromo Liberation Army ( OLA  Shene) which is part and parcel of his own party OPDO, by the admission of his  deputy Shimelis. Shene is responsible for the well recorded and verified  genocide and atrocities of Amharas in Oromia region and elsewhere. These  crimes are pending in the ICC. 

This means Abiy is negotiating with himself because he created Shene and  allowed it to commit crimes. The government called this organization a  terrorist organization which means Abiy’s own party is a terrorist organization. 

As the negotiation in Zanzibar starts, PM Abiy is poised to declare the Amhara  militia and special forces “ terrorist organizations” He has declared that all  armed members of such organizations should be disbanded and disarmed. To  this effect, he has dispatched massive number of federal troops to the Amhara  region to confront the Amhara people who he believes are his primary  enemies. Abiy had used these same troops when he opened the offensive  against the TPLF. Now that part of his insidious plans are over he has turned his  attention to breaking the resilience and patriotism of the Amharas.

Having fought as Allie’s during the war with Tigray , federal forces are now  lading with Amhara nationalists” Africa Confidential 

For those who are familiar with Ethiopia the three groups of people against  whom he is waging war comprise of close to 80% of the population of the  country. Who is left? Abiy is waging war against Ethiopia except his army and  Republican Guards; difficult to explain but easy to understand that this is  actually what is happening. A leader waging war against his own people  pitching one against the other: that is the only way he can remain in power.  The international community is successfully manipulated as it becomes an easy  prey of a man who wants to portray himself as peace maker by creating fake  negotiations to boost his image within the international community. He may  have succeeded with this very crude costly charade. He is rather a war monger  who needs to be stopped before the region explodes. 

“Look beneath the surface; let not the several quality of a thing nor its worth  escape thee.” 


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  1. First, I would like to thank the author for his valuable service to the country that produced us all at its times of calamity during the 1984-85 famine.

    This is a well written article and should be used as a civil conversation starter. That is why I came to question this claim about PM Abiy made by the author in this article. It goes:
    ‘This means Abiy is negotiating with himself because he created Shene and allowed it to commit crimes. The government called this organization a terrorist organization which means Abiy’s own party is a terrorist organization.’
    I am not a lawyer by training but the author is. Let’s assume we are in a court of law and this one is one of the charges. In a fair and transparent court of law charges based on assumptions and hear/say will not hold water. Is there an ocular proof that validates this accusation? When and where did PM Abiy create the so-called Shane/Shene group? Who else was at that founding occasion?

    This is what I came to know about PM Abiy’s history with OLF. This was from his own admission about 4 or 5 years ago. I remember him talking about how he forewarned a then field commander who was having sweet time in western part of the country years ago during the reign of EPRDF. But that commander ignored the warning and ended up being killed along with every rag tag with him. PM Abiy was a member of the then regime’s intelligence apparatus. He told that to an audience during one of his speeches right after he became the prime minister. He told the story ridiculing the front as an inept organization that does not listen to reasons. That is what is known about how the PM considers this OLF thing. I and I assume many readers of this article would like to politely ask the author to present his hard evidence about this claim.

    Again thank you.

  2. In the opinions of the majority of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, it is very, very, very, very strange that Abiy Ahmed who has not posted any recent comments in Amharic in his twitter account WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO POST NEWS ABOUT GIRMA YESHETILA IN AMHARIC on his Twitter account.

    Which pm or president of a nation or any country in the world is so uncalculating, unreflective and undisciplined enough like this dude, Abiy Ahmed, to rush to incriminate his political foes and opponents by posting a news only he is privy of accessing or orchestrating and using his own twitter account in a language he thinks will reach his targeted audience. How stupid, dumb and self-defeating and self-incriminating can one be?????

    This is very interesting and the way he framed the news to justify and unwisely divulge his hidden intent and preplanned action by his team against his perceived political opponents, political dissidents, moral objectors, and other conscientious opposition groups or individuals all show in concert what this Abiy individual is up to and how low he will go to secure his lust for power.

    In fact, by now, millions and millions all know his modus operandi; Abiy is so predictable now!!!!!!

  3. Unfortunately the author himself one of the most brutal pervert politician of his time. his hand is trenched with million’s of Ethiopian blood at the time of Mengistu. Because of him the Eritrea (Shabiya) and TPLF junta’s got an upper hand and perhaps he was one of the most influential figure in the Derg regime who played most gruesome part in the session of Eritrea and the passage way for the Woyane to Addis Ababa. You are a double agent and many in Ethiopia knows your intention. Look not too long ago, when the TPLF was gone for good, you started to show up in the Ethiopian political arena and since those( Abiy and around him) perfectly know your intention (your evil agenda), they just simply ignore you and knowing that nobody give a shit about you, you then run to your safe hole. no one give a shit about you and your blog.


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