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Amhara Displacement: The Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing in Ethiopia

Amhara Displacement
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By Enanaye Gebremariam 

The ongoing ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia has led to the displacement of thousands of Amhara people from their homes. The Amhara people have been targeted by the Oromo expansionist ruling party and its security forces in an attempt to Oromize the areas surrounding the capital city of Addis Ababa. The displacement of the Amhara people is not a new phenomenon in Ethiopia. Historically, the Amhara people have been subjected to discrimination and persecution by other ethnic groups in the country. However, the recent wave of displacement is unprecedented in its scale and brutality.

The Amhara Association of America (AAA) recently released an investigative report detailing the ongoing ethnic cleansing and displacement of Amhara residents in the newly established Sheger city administration of the Oromia Regional State. According to the report, since January 2023, Oromia Special Forces, Oromia Region police, government representatives, and local youth have intensified ethnically motivated demolitions of houses belonging to non-Oromo residents, especially ethnic Amhara residents. The report found that at least 3,415 houses belonging to non-Oromo owners, most of them belonging to Amhara owners, have been demolished. Additionally, at least 62 individuals have been injured, dozens have been arbitrarily arrested, and at least three individuals have been killed by security forces. The destruction of homes was concentrated in Jemo Terara Medihanialem, Fanuel Church (Alem Bank), Anfo Mariam, Gersebo, Korki Sefere (Lencho), and Enku-Gabriel areas within the newly established Sheger city administration. Following the destruction of homes, tens of thousands of people have been left homeless and are living in dire conditions. The AAA’s investigators have verified from sources that starting from January 1st, 2023, the newly established Sheger city administration with the help of the Oromia Special Force (OSF) and the Oromia Region police started forceful demolition of homes belonging to non-Oromo owners.

The majority of residents in the affected areas are Amharas who have resided for decades holding their houses. However, after the Oromo expansionist took hold of the area, they started demolishing houses belonging to non-Oromo residents, displacing Amharas, and looting properties for the purpose of Oromizing the area. The ongoing act of demolishing houses, arbitrary detention, killing, and beating of innocent Amharas are an extension of their program of Oromizing Addis Ababa. Starting from January 1st, 2023, the Oromia security forces launched organized destruction of houses belonging to non-Oromo residents and particularly targeting ethnic Amhara residents. The AAA’s report also revealed that between January 1st and 4th, 2023, in areas named Jemo Terara Medihanialem and Fanuel Church (Alem Bank) areas, formerly parts of the Woreda 3 of the Kolfe Keraniwo sub-city of the Addis Ababa city but now renamed Geda-Fiche Woreda under the Sebeta sub-city of Sheger town, the Oromia expansionist started demolishing houses belonging to non-Oromo owners without giving any prior notice. At least 725 houses were demolished around Fanuel church, and more than 800 houses were demolished in and around the Jemo Terara Medihanialem area.

The response from the Oromia Region police and the OSF was killing and bodily injury. At least 40 individuals were arrested and their whereabouts remain unknown. Another 10 individuals were brutally injured by the security forces of the Oromia Regional State. On January 4th, 2023, one individual was killed by the OSF. Two other individuals were also killed by gunfire from security forces on the same date. The ongoing displacement and ethnic cleansing of Amhara residents in Ethiopia is a grave concern for the international community. The United Nations and other international organizations must take immediate action to ensure the protection of the rights of all residents in Ethiopia and to hold accountable those responsible for these gross violations of human rights. 

Based on the verified information and evidence presented in this investigative report, it is clear that the situation in Sheger City is deeply concerning and requires urgent action. The forceful demolition of homes belonging to non-Oromo owners and the displacement of Amhara residents is a gross violation of their human rights and cannot be allowed to continue. It is the responsibility of the Ethiopian government to protect the rights and safety of all its citizens, regardless of their ethnicity. We strongly recommend that the government takes immediate steps to stop the ongoing demolitions, hold accountable those responsible for the human rights abuses, and provide adequate compensation and support to the affected communities.

Editor’s note : the article was first published on the personal facebook page of Kebour Ghenna


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  1. Anyone who lost his home and was displaced before Abiy Ahmed took office must be relocated and given a shelter. However, anyone who is smuggled by fanatic and radical Amhara expansionists must return to Amhara or any other region where he comes from and to which society he belongs.
    Amhara fano and special forces of radical amhara expansionists fled to eritrea to regnite another civil war and reconquer what they call it amhara palace.
    Peace be unto Amhara , Oromo and all Ethnic groups and disaster to radical fano and amhara special forces.

  2. Subject: QUOTE: “Amhara Displacement: The Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing in Ethiopia” April 15, 2023″ UNQUOTE By
    Enanaye Gebremariam

    Let us go back to PAST REALITY of ETHIOPIA

    a) Who was the powerful ethnic group to rule Ethiopia for almost time immemorial?
    b) What was the feelings of other Ethiopian Tribes ?
    c) Was there any effort to establish COMMON treatment in Ethiopia as a whole?
    d) Were there societies prepared to be renegades and demand for equal treatment in Ethiopia?
    e) Against the answers to the above questions — [and many more] — is it a wonder if Ethiopia is ‘vibrating’ to its roots?
    f) Is it really a surprise if other TRIBES — after so many decades — ask for similar POWER that ‘a special TRIBE’ took it
    for granted for seemingly time immemorial????
    g) Ethiopia as a whole should take TIME and make ETHIOPIA the COUNTRY OF ALL.
    h) Failure to take honest action is a DELIBERATE consequential design to cut Ethiopia into pieces !?!?!?
    Post Script
    I have a simpleton question, being a simple person. Here it is:
    It is well known that Ethiopia is engulfed with countless number of supremely educated Ethiopians of various ‘tribes’ with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from various well known UNIVERSITIES around the GLOBE. After that admirable and astonishing background, couldn’t THEY get together and do something to SAVE THE ANCIENT, HISTORICALLY LOADED COUNTRY — ETHIOPIA — THE ENVY {YES, ENVY} OF SO MANY AROUND THE GLOBE.

    There must be something WILDLY IRRATIONAL reason for such a country to go into pieces. Obviously, It would be the most astonishing WORLD RECORD in UNIVERSAL HISTORY. PROVE IT OTHERWISE. THE END

    • By the way, I AM TOUCHED and LOVE the photo of the Child with his head being consoled by his hand!!!
      I cannot help asking why? why? why? why? why? ……… ETHIOPIA , THE HUMBLEST and HIGHLY MATURED COUNTRY IN the WORLD, is digging its own grave. WHY?


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