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Ethiopia : The Final Solution (by Dawit Giorgis )


by Dawit Giorgis 

“Never again” 1948: Until Next Time  

Armenia (1915–18), Ukraine (1932–1933), the Nazi Holocaust (1938–1945), Cambodia  (1975–1979), Rwanda (1994), Bosnia (1992–1995), Darfur (2001–2015), Ethiopia ( 2019 to  present) 

“The events that took place during these periods in these countries resulted in more than  17 million deaths related to 20th century genocides or ethnic cleansing, each with liQle or  late reacRon by the community of naRons. Leaders of Western democracies piously vow that  “never again” will they allow such acRons to take place, their hollow words translaRng to  “Never again — unRl next Rme.” ( War On Rocks, April 2014: Ethiopia included by author and  therefore the number of 17 million would go upwards of 20 million.) 

According to the Holocaust Encyclopaedia: “The Nazi “Final Solution to the Jewish  Question” (“Endlösung der Judenfrage”) was the deliberate and systematic mass murder of  European Jews. It was the last stage of the Holocaust and took place from 1941 to 1945.  Though many Jews were killed before the “Final Solution” the vast majority of Jewish  victims were murdered during this period.” 

Like in the case of Amharas in Ethiopia, the persecution and segregation of Jews was  implemented in stages under the rule of Adolf Hitler. The state-sponsored hatred of the  Amharas led to anti Amahra policies, proclamations and decrees, all of which aimed to  systematically isolate Aemharas from the central role they have played for three thousand  years as a custodian of both Christianity and Islam, of biblical and Koranic cultures, and  defense of the integrity of a nation which had remained an icon of freedom in Africa and  the promised land for blacks across the globe. For most of Amahras what happened in  Germany in 1941 to 1945 is exactly what is happening today in Ethiopia. The persecution of  Amharas in Ethiopia began with the government of TPLF under PM Meles Zenawi and  reached this stage under PM Abiy Ahmed who personifies Adolf Hitler.    

Before the start of World War II, around 9.5 million Jewish people lived in Europe. By the  time the war ended, the Nazis had killed 6 million European Jews in concentration camps, or  pograms, or ghettos, or mass executions in what we refer today as the Holocaust. The Nazis  used the term Endlösung, or Final Solution, as the “answer” to the “Jewish question.” Adolf  Hitler had provided clues to his ambition to commit mass genocide as early as 1922, 

telling journalist Josef Hell, “Once I really am in power, my first and foremost task will be the  annihilation of the Jews.” This is very familiar for Amharas because Abiy Ahmed has said it  in a different way. Abiy Ahmed and his officials have repeatedly stated that his paramount  enemies are the Amharas and the Orthodox Church, and true to his words he  did start the destruction of both the church and Amharas (Semites). Hitler took the  solution to the Jewish problem to its “furthest extremes,” when he found out that he had  people around him who were willing to kill people a s a testament of their loyalty to the  Fuhrer. Abiy has lined up these kinds of people. Like Hitler Abiy is an extremely giked orator  who knew what his audience wanted to hear and how to package it with lies. But his lies has  caught up with him and he now rules through terror.  

It is the opinion of every legal expert involved in studying the crimes against the Amharas in  Ethiopia: that genocide has and is being committed in Ethiopia with the intention of ethnic  cleansing and establishing a Cushite Empire. According to Cush Media and Oromo  lieretaures, Semites ( Amharas and Tigreans) are considered colonisers of the Cushites, in a  very strange twist of history. To this end, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes  have been committed in the last 4 years causing the death of three million people and  the displacement of 4 million Amharas. How many more have to die and be displaced for  the international community to wake up and stop this madness? 

This CushiRc war against the Semites of the North has been conducted in a very barbaric  manner — a type of brutality unseen in our history. It is hatred to its worst limits. Recently,  when the aQack on the Orthodox church became unbearably and brazenly intense and very  violent, the response of the church was firm and immediate. Millions went to the streets in  unprecedented show of force. This abated the aQempt to destroy the Synod of Ethiopia for  now. The claim of the CushiRc movement spearheaded by OLF goes beyond Ethiopia to  Kenya, Sudan and Somalia. The war has just begun earnestly in Ethiopia. 

As a lawyer and a man who has worked in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, I can aQest  that the crimes being commiQed in Ethiopia are more gruesome (though at a lower scale ) than the Rwandan atrociRes that shook the conscience of the world. Amharas are being  murdered, crucified and burnt alive publicly, and are now forced in millions to leave their  ancestral lands. All these incidents are recorded and reported by credible and ethical  Ethiopian journalists and insRtuRons. RegreQably, the West has refused to see the truth and  condemn the crime for what it is — a genocide!. To most Amharas, the silence of the  internaRonal community is reminiscent of what happened during Fascist Italy’s aggression  against Ethiopia or the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany. The world is silently  watching the deliberate destrucRon of 3000 years of civilizaRon.

Mass murders, torture and genocide as per its legal definition has been taking place since  the TPLF took over, but what differentiates this period from earlier crimes is the sudden  escalation of genocide and crimes giants humanity in the last 4 years, the period of Abiy  Ahmeds rule. To constitute genocide, “there must be a proven intent on the part of  perpetrators to physically destroy a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. Cultural  destruction does not suffice, nor does an intention to simply disperse a group. It is this  special intent, or dolus specialis, that makes the crime of genocide so unique.”ICC Genocide has therefore two major elements: Physical (the actual commission of crimes) and  Mental which establishes the intent of the crimes. Importantly, the evidence must show  that the victims of a crime have been deliberately targeted – not randomly – because of  their real or perceived membership of one of the four groups (national, ethnic, racial and  religious) protected under the Convention. “This means that the target of destruction must  be the group, as such, and not its members as individuals. Genocide can also be committed  against only a part of the group, as long as that part is identifiable (including within a  geographically limited area)” ICC. The evidence collected so far show exactly this: that the  Amharas, Christians and Muslims have been the target of the genocide as defined by the  UN Convention on Genocide.  

Though normally the most difficult in court is establishing the intent, this was the easiest of  of the whole process of seeking justice in the case of the Amhara genocide. The most  challenging was getting the attention of the ICC. Since we last recorded and presented  the evidences to the ICC and the UN Human Rights Council, hundreds of thousands of  Amhras have been forcefully evicted from their ancestral lands and over 20,000 murdrererd  and brutalized for who they are. Four million Amharas have been displaced and their  homes destroyed with the intent to force them to move out of their ancestral lands. Many  more are detained with no information of their where abouts. Ethiopia has today the largest  number of journalists detained.  

Most recently the regime has promulgated laws that would require only Amharas to  surrender their arms while the largest armed group are the Oromos, Abiy Ahmed’s support  base. The decree excludes the TPLF which was supposed to be disarmed under  the Pretoria agreement. The TPLF surrendered after losing one million of its people in a  brief war a with the government forces and has now preferred to be a fifth column in the  war declared on the Amharas in exchange for short term advantages. The TPLF purposely  ignored the long-term goal of Abiy to destroy Tigreans as well, because they too are  Semites.  

It is clearer to everybody that PM Abiy has reached the decision to take the final solution.  As I write this, over 250,000 troops ( Oromo and Federal) are moving in four fronts to the Amahara region to finish off Amharas that refuse to submit to the will of the regime.  Abiy Ahmed has ordered the annihilation of Amharas who are protecting their lands and  rights. Thousands of Amharas living in the Oromo region have either been killed or forced  out of the region. It is reported that as a result of the new operation which started a week  ago, thousands of innocent people have already been killed. And it is just beginning.  

Any global humanitarian organization, including the United Nations Human Rights Council  (UNHRC), Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI) and the ICC which claim 

they have not heard read or seen the painful videos of the ongoing crimes in Ethiopia (  particularly in the Oromia region) is not worth the title it wears. It was there for the whole  world to see read and listen. Even the perpetrators were not able to hide it.  

We, international lawyers together with international crime investigators are prepared  to present the case of genocide and crimes against humanity to any international  body, lawyers, jouranlists wherver and wenever we are called. The ball is in the court of  the international community if it wishes to find the truth, For the sake of millions dying and  imploring for justice accept the challenge and come forward to learn about the truth and  act. So far neither the UN, the West or the ICC are keen to hear our cases. This has given  way to apathy indifference and neglect of the most atrocious crimes in decades.  

“Why don’t these massive crimes against humanity spark us to action? Why do good people  ignore mass murder and genocide? Unfortunately there are no simple answers to these  questions. Every episode of mass murder is unique and raises unique social, economic,  military, and political obstacles to intervention. But the repetitiveness of such atrocities,  ignored by powerful people and nations, and by the general public, calls for explanations  that may reflect some fundamental deficiency in our humanity-a deficiency that, once identified, might possibly be overcome.” (American Phycological Association)  

Genocide and crimes against humanity is real in Ethiopia. But the international  community refuses to feel this reality. It is selective in acknowledging and prosecuting  cases of genocide. It would prefer sensational and geopolitcal events than real human  tragedies. 

On the 24th of February, Russia invaded Ukraine. On the 25th of February, a day after the  invasion, the ICC Prosecutor General, Karim Khan “expressed his concern over the Russian  invasion of Ukraine and said his court may investigate possible war crimes in the country. He  further stated: “I have been closely following recent developments in and around Ukraine  with increasing concern.”ICC. In the first week of April “Reporters from Agence France Presse saw at least 20 bodies, all in civilian clothing, strewn across a single street in the town  of Bucha on Friday. One had his hands Red behind his back with a white cloth, and his  Ukrainian passport lek open beside his body. “All these people were shot,” Bucha’s mayor,  Anatoly Fedoruk, told AFP, adding that a further 280 bodies had been buried in mass graves  in the town……The UN secretary general, António Guterres, said: “I am deeply shocked by  the images of civilians killed in Bucha, Ukraine. It is essenRal that an independent  invesRgaRon leads to effecRve accountability.” ( AFP April 12, 2022) 

These allegaRons were the basis of opening a war crime case against the Russia by the ICC.  In Ethiopia First it is not simply allegaRons but proven in a way that fulfills the requirements  of internaRonal law. Second it was not about 20 bodies and other allegaRons; it was more  than 20000 bodies and 4 million displaced brutalized raped and tortured people. What a  travesty of judgement and jusRce! On the 28th of Feb (four days after the invasion) the ICC  Prosecutor announced: “ Today, I wish to announce that I have decided to proceed with  opening an investigation into the situation in Ukraine, as rapidly as possible.” In the first week of April “Reporters from Agence France-Presse saw at least 20 bodies, all in  civilian clothing, strewn across a single street in the town of Bucha on Friday. One had his  hands tied behind his back with a white cloth, and his Ukrainian passport left open beside 

his body. “All these people were shot,” Bucha’s mayor, Anatoly Fedoruk, told AFP, adding  that a further 280 bodies had been buried in mass graves in the town……The UN secretary  general, António Guterres, said: “I am deeply shocked by the images of civilians killed in  Bucha, Ukraine. It is essential that an independent investigation leads to effective  accountability.” ( AFP, April 2, 2022)  

These allegaRons were the basis of opening a war crime case against Russia by the ICC. In  the case of Ethiopia : First it is not simply allegaRons but proven cases in a way that fulfills  the requirements of internaRonal law. Second it was not just 20 bodies it was more than  20,000 bodies and 4 million displaced brutalized raped and tortured people. What a travesty  of judgement and jusRce! On May 17 the International Criminal Court sent a 42-member  team to Ukraine to probe alleged war crimes since the Russian invasion in what has been  dubbed as the largest such deployment in its history. “This represents the largest-ever single  field deployment by my office since its establishment,” Khan said in a statement.” On march  17; 2023, ICC charges Pesident Putin of Russia.  

The speed and extraordinary length the ICC Prosecutor General went is unprecedented in  the history of the ICC. History and students of law will one day compare this extraordinary  rush to prosecute the criminals in Ukraine with the more heinous crimes taking place at the  same period in Ethiopia, and give their judgement on how international justice is flawed. It  is stunning to think how such an international institution with great expectations would  dehumanize all other people crying for justice and focus with all its resources and at an  alarming speed to use all its discretions, to find a short cut to justice court for one particular  crime which emerged after 4 years after a more catastrophic crime.  

Ethiopian and international criminal lawyers have appealed to the world to stop the  genocide in Ethiopia and prosecute the known criminals in a case with irrefutable evidence.  Once again the world watched as Ethiopia bleeds and hudererds of thousands of Amharas  being slaughtered. Over one and a half million people were killed ( Official version by HE Olusegun Obasanjo and Ethiopian Army chief of staff) in an eight month war between  government and the northern region of Tigray. It did not make headlines or inspire serious  interantional investigation. It was hidden under a so called deal ( Pretoria agreement) and  accountability put aside. Neither the genocide nor the 1.4 million lives lost in an eight month war justified the war nor the Genocide of Amharas justified accountability. Amharas  continue to die and sufferi n a world devoid of compassion and justice. The repercussions to  regional security and stability is enormous. American and other Western experts have  always looked naive in their understanding of issues in the Horn of Africa. Whether by  design or ignorance, they have invariably missed to avert imminent catastrophes, and only  payed attention after the worst has happened. 

. “The West’s post-Holocaust pledge that genocide would never again be tolerated proved  to be hollow.”— Philip Gourevitch 

Editor’s note : views in the article reflect the views of the writer, not the views of 


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    Nothing here is surprising Tegaru are notorious for being self-centered and stealing food from their own underprivileged citizens, exactly like Alula did to TMH. Deport Alula to the Amhara region; if not, bring him to justice where he resides for robbery, embezzlement, money laundering, and immigration fraud. The same holds true for Tigray online; Alula is a hypocrite who constantly complains and whines to fill his bank accounts while acting as if he cares most about the people of Tigray. Dismantle Tigray Online and TMH TV.

  2. This article has all the indications to be too emotional. Yes there are atrocities that can be correctly be classic ethnic in their nature back in the old country but it is nothing something at par with what Hitler and his Nazis did in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Have our Amhara brothers and sisters been targeted? Yes they have been. Were Oromos targeted by their own Oromos? Yes they were. Were Tigre’s, Afars, Somalis, Gurages and many other ethnic groups targeted? Yes they were. We have read accounts that attested to that on this and other websites. We have to remember one distinctive and exclusive element Hitler and his Nazis did have back then. They built a huge industrial complex exclusively dedicated for the intended extermination of Jews, communists, the disabled, Serbs and every Slav in their sight. After the Nazis completed building the massive industry called concentration camps they sealed their borders so no one would be able to escape and they started rounding up Jews and all others they see as sub humans and gathered all at the strategically placed concentration camps. Then the carnage began in earnest. By the time the war ended 6 million Jews, close to 500,000 Serbs, more than a. Million Poles and others including Germans were savagely murdered at those industrial outfits called concentration camps. Since then others have followed similar blue print to exterminate real and imaginary opponents/enemies. Pol Pot was the best example. Commies have these sites they call ‘re-education’ camps. Mao had a murderous scheme he called ‘brainwashing’. You better be ‘brainwashed’ according to his written specs. Otherwise you would get one mortal bullet on the back of your neck while kneeling down. But in the old country I don’t see what Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot had built just for the purpose of extermination. What I see is my Amhara brothers and sisters being targeted by my own Oromo bigots. I see that and I’m not here to deny that. Such savagery should be reported and vehemently condemned. But such condemnations should not be used to incite the gullible and ignite an all out bloody conflict between the pillars of the country, Oromos and Amharas. Those of us fortunate enough to be in positions of power and influence should be accurate and careful in our utterances and writings. We should be guarded in what we say and write at all times. Let’s not try to beat the drums of war from our comfy homes here among us. Let’s not try to delineate the fact that there are Amharas in their millions in Oromia still living in peace with their Oromo neighbors. Let’s not try to turn a blind eye to the fact that there are other ethnic groups in their millions who still live in peace and harmony with their Oromo neighbors. Again, I am not denying the fact that there are bigots in Oromia who hate Amharas with runaway passion. They hate everyone including those Oromos who want to live in peace and harmony with others. Such savage bigots are not present in Oromia only but they are also here among us who make a living as college professors, lawyers and so-called human rights activists. There are no devils left in hell but such shaitans are present in soul and body of these bigots. Such demonic bigots do not exist in Oromia only. They are present in every ethnic group. They have activated themselves more in Oromia with all vigor because they think the current regime is dominated by Oromos and this is their best opportunity carry out their long planned atrocities against others. They are demons of the third kind and should be condemned in the strongest terms they deserve but as fringe groups. In my book Oromos, Amharas, Tigres, Afars, Somalis, Sidamas and all other ethnic groups are not all bigots but there are few bigots in their midst that wreak havoc. That is all ho it.
    Peace and harmony y’all!!!

    • Thank you sir, for taking the time to explain the fundamental differences of the Holocaust and the tribal prosecution and killing that is going on in your beautiful country. Thank you sharing real knowledge,. that i didn’t have the patience to write down. This kind of thinking from all sides is so futile and discouraging…..

  3. Humble Commentary, 12 April 2023
    QUOTE : “Never again” 1948: Until Next Time
    Armenia (1915–18), Ukraine (1932–1933), the Nazi Holocaust (1938–1945), Cambodia (1975–1979), Rwanda (1994),
    Bosnia (1992–1995), Darfur (2001–2015), Ethiopia ( 2019 to present) + the Photo of Hitler!!!!!! ” UNQUOTE

    I AM TRULY LOST!!!!!!
    Is there some thing to do with “April Fools DAY???? . One would expect devoting his/her time EXCLUSIVELY about ETHIOPIA , noting there are so much to be discussed, negotiate, come to terms about ETHIOPIA itself.

    Why bring the notorious Hitler?????? NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF THE BLACK RACE WHO WOULD NOT HESITATE TO LIQUIDATE THE BLACK RACE FROM THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH. IT IS A FACT, NOT EXAGGERATED STORY. LET US {WE BLACK PEOPLE} NOT FORGET HISTORY >>> never, never, never ………….. doing so, it becomes a perfect example to Hitler’s Devil Replica.


  4. Pls little proof reading could help everybody . It is probably due to a posting error somewhere.

    – little
    – nations
    – translating
    – cushitic
    – attack
    – attest
    – committed
    – atrocities
    – institutions
    – regrettably
    – International
    – allegations, etc.

    I don’t believe that Abiy is such a far sighted or thoughtful person to entertain such consplex scheme and genocidal conspiracy theory . It is probably due to a haphazard plan made on the fly for political agenda fuelled by his egoistic / evangelist cultists nature and line of thought. It was helped, incubated and abated by his sycopthant tribal close associates who did know better either.. That said, I don’t see any reason why he would attempt to disarm other regional liyu Police forces while he didn’t said a word about the agreed on disarmament of the TPLF group or he hasn’t start the action from his Oromo region? Doesn’t charity starts right at home to set an exemplary role model for others to follow? Something doesn’t add up here.

  5. Personll I don’t believe that Abiy is such a far sighted or thoughtful person to entertain such consplex scheme and genocidal conspiracy theory . It is probably due to a haphazard plan made on the fly for political agenda fuelled by his egoistic / evangelist cultists nature and line of thought. It wa probably s helped, incubated and abated by his sycopthant tribal close associates who didn’t know better either.. That said, still I don’t see any reason why he would attempt to disarm other regional liyu Police forces while he didn’t said a word about the agreed upon disarmament of the TPLF group in Pretoria or he hasn’t started the demobilnization action from his Oromo region police ? Doesn’t charity starts right at home to set an exemplary role model for others to follow? Something doesn’t add up here.

  6. Yes there’re atrocities! but taking everything to corners wont help us.

    let us try to come to the middle and find negotiated settlements to our problems!

    The savior keeps our nation move! We’ll overcome these too!!!

    • I am with you! It is my hope and prayers that level heads like you will prevail and help avert a potential bloodshed of historical proportion. May The Good Lord Our Creator Save That Gem of Humanity!!!

  7. Bring Major Dawit Giorgis (Dawit Woldegiorgis) to justice for his leadership and involvement in the 1970s Red Terror and execution of Emperor Haileselassie without trial. Dawit was in the inner circle of the notorious Derg regime. He fled the country in 1984 with more than $300,000 from international aid money, according the then regime.

  8. I have a hard time agreeing with Major Dawit because I find most of his assertions unsupported by reliable information. Also, his views are too extreme to offer any positive solution to our present predicament.

  9. QUOTE: “He fled the country in 1984 with more than $300,000 from international aid money, according the then regime., Alem, April 14, 2023 ” UNQUOTE.

    Humble Commentary, 14 April 2023
    Without challenging the exactness of the figure, it can be said that the atrocities, betrayal, and complete looting of MOTHER ETHIOPIA is beyond imagination. It is very difficult to accept the reality of CRUELNESS, perpetrated upon Mother Ethiopia by its Children. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FATHOM.
    Those individuals of the past and even present, who we are daring to call themselves HUMAN BEINGS will NEVER STOP doing it again and again. They cannot help it — it is in their bones and in their characteristics. If they can, they would even loot the world without an iota of feeling. They are born to destroy every thing they see on their way.

    What is the LESSON of the above to honest people? Personally, I FRANKLY DO NOT KNOW — AND WILL NEVER KNOW.
    I sincerely doubt that THEY THEMSELVES would REALLY know what they are doing, as they are not conscious human beings. They have no feelings; they don’t know who they are; they are incapable of differentiating between RIGHT and WRONG. .

    Finally, they are example of what went WRONG in Human Nature. What else ca be said when a human being DELIBERATELY HURT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING — knowing full well that victim will be HURT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  10. Usually I enjoy the articles of this site, but when the author begins his writing by drawing parallels of the Jewish holocaust and the identity/tribe problems of Ethiopia i immediately know i m gonna read something that is one-sided, bigoted, hatelful, exaggerated, deliberately using false data to spread more hate and discrimination and I don’t care which group is represented, you are all the same

    • Dear Mavros,

      Here is a scoop about these thick skulls that scream from the top of their heads about Ethiopia from their comfort sofa. This dude has been around since the time of the red terror that followed His Majesty´s blood coup. At one point he was even one of the biggest dogs as Mengistus´ henchmen to do his butchering. That was before they fled the country to save their skins, leaving everyone else in the lurch which ironically now vouch for. The ironic twist….

      Ethiopia, simply, is a victim of the time, just like any other country in the world. Their dolt politicians don´t help either. As countries try to develop their infrastructures and modernize their economies, every inch becomes a hotly contested issue. The case of Ethiopia is no different! Behind every conflict their a cheese. You would think that in 1991 when the ragtag rebels showed up to the capital that they had learnt a lesson. But alas, to no avail! As much hated as ethnic politics was, even then they could have put in place a solution for the non-indigenous already living in a given ethic federal region. If you look at Ethiopia, the Oromos feel aggrieved given the fact that just about everyone else from all corners migrate and merge to that regional state. The sensible thing to do would have been to have the regional heads to negotiate on contested issues….

      Similar things happened during the divorce between Eritrea and Ethiopia. That Ethiopians were living in Eritrea and vice versa. Nobody negotiated on their behaves from either side for their respective citizens. That, well-known failure, is glaring at us, again.

      Just like the politicians, we simply wallow in an empty pride! That is all.

  11. Meanwhile, no matter how we may not like the material in this article, let’s not forget the fact that the author also has the same right to freedom of expression that we are all fortunate enough of having. In fact I thank him for posting the article because it has sparked a lively conversation. We should all have the stomach and patience to listen to what others have to say. I will gouge your eyes out unless you speak and think like me didn’t and ain’t gonna work for the country and upright people we left behind. Let’s exercise moderation and accommodation.

    Peace y’all!!!


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