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Contradictions of Predatory Tribal “Rule” in Ethiopia, Implications for Resistance and Change

Ethiopia _ tribal rule article

Part One
Tesfaye Demmellash

If you told Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdisa, the Oromo regime’s top bosses currently presiding over Ethiopia’s undoing, that they are engaged in a postmodernist tribal political project, they wouldn’t know what you were talking about. Still, one can aptly portray their work of national demolition from within as such, particularly in terms of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s suggestive idea of “simulation.”

The concept stimulates critical thought about Ethiopia’s existential crisis, including the unprecedented challenges the culturally diverse country faces in mounting concerted resistance to rescue itself from the ravages of divisive, authoritarian identity politics. I apply it to political matters in the Ethiopian context, in place of – and contrary to – the conventional notion of “representation.” Namely, a word, a symbol, an ideological category, or an institution could stand for social referents and national interests.

“Representation” presupposes that a signifier, a name, or a ritual could stand for and ascertain meaning, mediating beliefs, ideas, or institutional practices. Contrarily, “simulation” in Baudrillard’s formulation could discount, ignore, reverse, or liquidate these, displacing real sense by its counterfeit, rhetorical, or symbolic double. It could replace a substantive idea or value, say, that of “democracy,” “federalism,” or “constitutional rule” through its conceptually barren, institutionally fraudulent, and practically empty nominal twin.

The Tigre and Oromo tribal tyrannies have undermined our transethnic national tradition over decades, doggedly subverting Ethiopian values behind a thin veil of Itiopiawinnet. The Abiy regime struck a seductive patriotic pause that many of the nation’s politicians and intellectuals found alluring, while some remained skeptical. It has relied on dubious pro-Ethiopia rhetoric to subvert from within Ethiopian national consciousness and experience.

Consequently, a web of paradoxes – in the structure and politics of the regime of identity – has marked the Oromo hostile takeover and control of the Ethiopian state, with significant implications for the transethnic patriotic resistance.     

Oromo Tyranny – Antinomies of Tribal Structure and Politics

Structure. The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), the party in power, makes no pretense of establishing a whole new political system. It inherited from its erstwhile (“Abyssinian”) TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front)handlers and mentors the basic kilil structure of ethnic domination in place. Ironically, the “Oromia” tribal enclave, which the party flaunts as a crowning achievement of its “national self-determination,” is primarily a TPLF self-serving political construct.

Yet, the ruling clique has also reverted to centuries-old prototypical Oromo destructive behavior of invasion and plunder, now intensified and sustained through state power and institutions instead of being limited to the predation of brutal, marauding sectarian bands alone. Herein lies the core of the Oromo regime’s structural contradiction: The motley collection of “governing” entities has taken state power within the limits of exclusive, separatist ethnicity, which traps itself and Oromos generally in a restricted range of conflict-prone, cultural, socio-economic, and political life. At the same time, on the plane of fantasy, the oppressive ruling group aggressively pursues the expansionist vision of “Oromia” as the dominant “national” power over all of Ethiopia and beyond. It seeks to occupy the broad, historic Ethiopian national space without “leaving” the troubled and troubling narrow tribal place it is in and with which it overidentifies.

This underlying antinomy has saddled Ethiopia with a sketchy yet highly oppressive, predatory pattern of domination in which the Oromo “ruling” entity cannot project integral state power even in its ethnic stronghold, let alone nationwide. The severe limits on its governing capacity are, at the bottom, institutional and systemic, inherent in state ethnicism. However, they also reflect willful tribal greed and corruption, plain political incompetence, and utter lack of moral or humanistic bearing.

Unwilling or unable to maintain law and order, the artless regime merely passes off a piled-up polity of assorted, unequal, and warring local and regional groups, including looting, murderous, terroristic entities. It pretends to rule over these barbaric groups, and they, in turn, make a show of following its laws and policies. Chronically conflict-ridden and consumed by irrational resentment of the Amhara, the Apartheid-like Oromo tyranny is unsustainable. It provokes growing outrage and resistance from the Ethiopian people, especially Amharas, whose patience has nearly run out.

The basic system of predatory rule the Abiy regime presides over thus amounts to little more than a mere aggregation of island-like, insular, regional, and cultural communities dominated after a fashion by the party of “Oromia.” Objects of extensive state manipulation and simulation, these entities’ relations are marked by volatile tension and antagonism that often erupt into genocidal violence directed primarily at Amharas.

Identity Politics. The Abiy regime’s structural paradoxes have also conditioned its tribal politics. My approach to the subject of Oromo (and Tigre) political ethnicism is critical and oppositional, highlighting “identity politics” as an instrument of invasion and domination of Ethiopia instead of a means of “liberation” or “self-determination” of its parts, namely Tigray or “Oromia.” While this does not exhaust the import of politics in ethnicity, it applies significantly to the cases.

The antinomy of identity politics within and against the Ethiopian nation-state may remain puzzling to some Ethiopians, but it is now clear enough to many. Simply put, traffickers in ethnic politics want to have their Ethiopian cake and eat it too. So far, stopping their predation just short of totally wrecking the country, they seek to convert its historic national value – cultural, institutional, and material resources and capacities – into tribal power and domination. In this way, they seem to betray a paradoxical attitude of aversion andattraction to the Ethiopian national tradition.

However, this contradictory posture is hardly workable for several reasons. First, the champions of cultural particularism favor and prioritize identity-based rule over the transethnic Ethiopian national experience. The colonially inspired subjugation of that experience lies at the heart of Oromo and Tigre political ethnicism. The divisive order of insular tribal enclaves and borders (the Apartheid-like kilil system) they imposed on the country, causing a massive deformation in our national life, was the clearest example of internal colonization.

Second, the Oromo governing group has assumed an “identity” obsessed at once with a victimization narrative and delusions of national grandeur. Resentful and preoccupied with narrow, exclusive ethnic self-assertion, it is too impatient and short-sighted to embark on enduring political and cultural change and socio-economic development beneficial to all Ethiopians. So, how Ethiopia could free herself from greedy, overly acquisitive Oromo political tribalism remains a live question.  

Third, the basic pattern of past and present Oromo predatory expansion is the wasteful use of naked force, involving a massive expenditure of brutally oppressive collective effort that maximizes the subjugation of other cultural communities and regions. Deficient in cultural, intellectual, and national resources for projecting hegemony as distinct from mere domination, the Oromo hostile takeover of the Ethiopian state lacks a sustainable economy of power and governance. And its crude attempt at emptying Ethiopia of its historic national content and replacing it with “Oromia” is not a viable political project.

Fourth, the Oromo simulation of “Ethiopia” departs from negating the sign or the name as a signifier of meaning and value, representing the national referent. The Abiy regime seeks to counteract and neutralize from within the Ethiopian national experience, relying on “Ethiopia” nominally.

You could blame this on improper conduct in an Ethiopian government, a lapse of national loyalty, and miss the point. Indeed, Ethiopians often denounce the tribal regime for its lack of national concern. But the dreadful fact is that the state’s unscrupulous behavior hardly constitutes a scandal amenable to moral condemnation and national critique. Neither honest in its Ethiopian intention nor supported by a coherent ruling ideology, the normless regime has ever clung to insular ethnic identity as the measure and form of all values – personal, political, socio-economic, cultural, and national.

In this sense, Oromo state ethnicism represents a dangerous breakdown of national unity and sovereignty for the Ethiopian people, a time of high anxiety and insecurity. But to PM Abiy Ahmed, it seems to have created conditions that afford ample opportunity for a distinctively shifty, treacherous personal leadership. Paradoxically, the PM’s initial appeal as an avowed pro-Ethiopia Oromo leader reflected the significant loss of national meaning and value by the end of the TPLF’s reign and the beginning of his rule. The state of the nation has gravely worsened on Abiy’s watch.

Identity in Reverse: Paradoxes of Political Ethnicism

The term “political,” as applied to OPDO and TPLF ethnicity, betrays a generic Stalinist attitude that flaunts monadic “nations, nationalities, and peoples,” rejecting or ignoring the realities of Ethiopia’s intersecting and overlapping cultural communities. Political ethnicism may be somewhat contradictory: We often recognize ethnic identities by such spontaneous markers as language, history, distinctive culture, or physical appearance, yet various groups, parties, and states enact ethnicism as a political movement.

But the contradiction in the Oromo authoritarian regime is more fundamental and irreconcilable than the clash between a tribal elite’s separatist politics and its captive constituency’s transethnic lived experiences and self-identification within and through Ethiopia. Oromo politics is internally conflicted because it works against its intention of building a separate identity or forging “national self-determination,” doing so by championing an aggressive, expansionist “Oromia.” And the Oromo (or Tigre) project of reclaiming a “lost” or victimized “nation” is self-undermining, a nonstarter logically and historically, since it departs not from national existence but merely the desire for the same.

Imperialistic Oromo tribalism’s apparent strength belies its actual weakness. How is this so? First, its obsession with ethnic “identity” out of all Ethiopian historical context and proportion is self-disabling. It renders the party in power incapable of attaining a broader structural understanding of the country’s economic, social, cultural, and political problems that cut across local and cultural boundaries and proposing shared public policy solutions accordingly. For OPDO (and TPLF) partisans, nationality, society, economy, and polity are all grounded in an exclusive tribal agency or subjectivity as the form and measure of all power and all value.

Second, identity politics is also integral to the inability of Oromo (or Tigre) ethnicism to exercise lasting hegemonic leadership and influence beyond projecting predatory power on the Ethiopian people. Yet, for all its preoccupation with ethnic particularism, the “Oromia” project hardly possesses democratic legitimacy among the Oromo masses. It amounts to little more than the bastion of a greedy, corrupt, authoritarian “elite” whose power is only limited by artlessness and incompetence.

Abiy Ahmed, Shimeles Abdisa, and other Oromo bosses often appear in stereotypical, bold-colored tribal attire, making a show of their nativism. But “Oromia” does not signify an indigenized national sameness or oneness; quite the reverse. Namely, it forces on diverse Oromo local communities a generic, global, Stalinist “nationality” inimical to Ethiopia. It seeks to pass off partisan dictatorship as something the broad Oromo masses want and welcome.

So, after Tigre and Oromo traffickers in tribal politics have had their way, the affected cultural communities end up without substantive autonomy and agency. Instead of “self-determining” social referents, they remain primarily ideological categories. Though “nations, nationalities, and peoples” are ritually treated as objects of worship among the OPDO and the TPLF faithful, in identity entrepreneurs’ hands, they are profaned as playthings of power, extensions, and focal points of the regime of identity.       

Third, the oddity of an Oromo identity at once expansionist and separatist, fortified through the apartheid-like kilil system along with related name changes, signifies an underlying vulnerability or feebleness instead of strength. It is suggestive of an “identity crisis.” A dictatorial imposition, the system has had a massive effect in deforming the Ethiopian nation-state, hiving off all of the nation’s parts into several conflict-prone, tribal enclaves with matching garrison regimes. Yet, in the Oromo case, in particular, the seeming strength of the structure betrays a certain insecurity or weakness of oneness, requiring, oddly, increasing tribal enclosure and aggrandizement, a fundamentally contradictory “identity.”

Seeking a robust assertion of oneness or sameness, the Oromo political class is bent on alienating itself from the Ethiopian national experience. Yet its vulnerability or insecurity lies in this profoundly flawed separation project, involving the exclusion of, and aggression on, other Ethiopian cultural communities, especially the Amhara people. The ruling tribal elite’s narrow equation of “identity” with isolating and garrisoning the “Oromia” enclave thus signifies an underlying weakness, not lasting, broad-based strength.

Likewise, renaming places and the aggressive assertion of Oromo oneness accompanying it is conflicted, an indicator of precarious yet highly acquisitive identity. Though most cities and towns, including Addis Ababa, still retain their names, the regime wants to change that. It intends to force even Ethiopia’s multi-ethnic capital city, the majority of whose population is Amhara, into a tribal stronghold integral to “Oromia.”  What could go wrong with this wayward scheme of identity politics?

In a later second part of this discussion, I intend to examine the implications of the contradictory character and behavior of the regime of identity for transformative dissent. The profound challenge the Ethiopian opposition, especially the Amhara resistance, faces is that simulation (via ideas, narrative images, politics, etc.) has created its own world, far outstripping real things, events, and movements. Tribal simulators spare no effort to replace the historical or referential substance with a false narrative or an imaginary double.     



  1. Greetings Mr.Tesfaye Demmellash

    To start with, I love your name! (*) It starts with ‘HOPE’ and concludes with a ‘REVENGE” YES!!! Fantastic!!!
    Now to your dissertation: To be very FRANK, with HONESTY, it is too COMPLEX for me .
    Obviously the Article is for highly educated personalities with doctor of philosophy degrees .
    And, needless to say, it may not be easily readable to the general Ethiopian People who are, of course, part of the CUSTODIAN of the subject matter and, quite rightly, very interested on the subject matter. Now, Where do we go from here?!?!?

    If I may be daring, it is the responsibility of the writer to make it attractive and readable to the general ORDINARY human beings — of course, THE ETHIOPIANS and THE ETHIOPIANS ONLY. After all, the cardinal aim of the subject matter is for the ENTIRE people of Ethiopia. NOTHING LESS.


  2. Dear writer,

    Your article is best encapsulated by the phrase “… unwilling or unable to maintain law and order, the artless regime merely passes off a piled-up polity of assorted, unequal, and warring local and regional groups, including looting, murderous, terroristic entities….” The rest of it is composed of pure insults, clichés and catchphrases to amuse and bemuse the gullible reader while offering nothing as an alternative to the much maligned current and most-hated past leaderships of pre and post 1991. Just wondering though, what would be the alternative then?

    Note that the country is at its lowest ebb (in its most perilous form!) given that all past (HIM-His Imperial Majesty, Derg and TPLF) leaderships failed to solve its multifaceted problems. As it takes two-to-tango, do you know why the Oromo is rebelling? Can you reason that out, first please?

    • Dear Dis Donc,

      I am sure the writer will answer it in his own way, however the writer has indicated that there is a “second” part for his writing that will come n the near future… Perhaps what he thinks is the “alternative” will come with it or maybe in the “third”….

      My take is that, the “alternative” may not have been spelled out, but it has been mentioned in passing “”transethnic national tradition”, while comparing it with the tribal-“identity” politics vigorously pushed first by TPLF in 1991 creating the Ethnic-prison-boundary, and further adopted & enforced by Abiy in 2010; which is what both of them are trying hard to eradicate the truly unifying aspect of our Ethiopian society, “transethnic national tradition”.

      Here are 2 paragraphs taken from the writing states the nuggets of his observation.

      “The Tigre and Oromo tribal tyrannies have undermined our transethnic national tradition over decades, doggedly subverting Ethiopian values behind a thin veil of Itiopiawinnet. The Abiy regime struck a seductive patriotic pause that many of the nation’s politicians and intellectuals found alluring, while some remained skeptical. It has relied on dubious pro-Ethiopia rhetoric to subvert from within Ethiopian national consciousness and experience.

      Consequently, a web of paradoxes – in the structure and politics of the regime of identity – has marked the Oromo hostile takeover and control of the Ethiopian state, with significant implications for the transethnic patriotic resistance.”

      Key terms: ” transethnic national tradition” , “Ethiopian values”, “Ethiopian state”

      Conclusion being: strengthening “ETHIOPIAN trans-ethnic national tradition” is a far better “alternative” than the “tribal-identity” that is being pushed since 1991.

      Reminder, there are examples all around us, for instance the largest country by land mass Russia has 190 ethnicities that live under one Flag, one unifying-national-language, one national-anthem, with several republics and local languages, customs, & traditions thriving within them; which they take as a “strength” not as a weakness. Today they are fighting standing-together at the front-line to protect & preserve their unity they find being threatened by the imperialist forces who want to divide them to ransack their rich land and various-resources.

      The TPLF assisted-power-grab in 19191 and the start of the-proxy war 2 years ago is based on the same intentions to divide the country and ransack its resources.
      In fact Europeans (EU leadership) is openly talking about taking Russian Resource preferably for free…
      The US have taken Iraq’s oil (all its Oil sale $$$ is deposited in US FED and bread allowance is given upon request by Iraq’s and subject to US approval, the same applies to Libya’s Oil, Syrian Oil is shipped out by US without Syrian permission from illegally occupied land in the northern Syria in 2011. etc. etc. ”

      Examples of US proxy wars based on false-narrative to advance US imperialist self-interest:

      Source =

      –> Pay attention to the 15 minutes mark of the video…

      I am looking forward to reading the “second” part…

      Be well.

      • Dear T,
        Leaving his second part aside…. Your transethnic aspiration is fine and good. But haven´t we been down that road before? And just how do you plan to implement it anyways? Hope that it won´t be by force, though. Would it?

        Funnily you mentioned Russia for it is held by the exact opposite force together that you try to dismantle in Ethiopia. The little republics not only govern themselves but also chose (not imposed upon them) to speak Russian for they are surrounded by Russian ethnics that have numbers like the stars – which is a severely missing ingredient in Ethiopia. Even then your argument has an odd sense given that Oromuma outnumbers Amharas by small scores. So… there goes that.

        As for the west, it is always looking for excuses to create havoc wherever their might and situation permit it. Iraq is no different in this regard, just as Ethiopia was in the late 1980s with Mengistu. That bore to the situation that we see today, in both countries. The situation with Ukraine vs Russia is no different and its outcome will be the same for it´s a matter of time before one of them buckle in. The world is in this peril because of its past history!

        • Dear ,

          You said:

          ” Your transethnic aspiration is fine and good. But haven´t we been down that road before? And just how do you plan to implement it anyways? ”

          For the 1st part of your question:
          1) Yes, we have been down that road. But the issue then was not displacement, mass killings, and blockade of public & business movement any where in the nation ; including in Eretria.
          What was the issue that lead to the Monarchy to fall is:
          (1) equal participation of minorities in the governance (even though there lower-house of parliament was filed by peoples representatives that are ELECTED by their local ridings) & equitable distributions of high-positions-government of power.
          (2) To remove the term “the Monarchy is “Sovereign” therefore cannot be legal prosecuted…” from the constitution…
          —> Though to day ALL-Public-office holders have “legal immunity” including small town “Mayors”.
          The “hypocrisy” of it all, what was found to be unacceptable then for a King, is applicable now for just about anyone.

          For you 2nd question:
          “…. how do you plan to implement it anyways? ”

          It is very simple:
          We create 3 PERMANENT institutions:
          1 = Central Committee where Each of the 86 tribes will have a seat based of a population size “quota system” based of term limit for the individuals elected by their locals, with built in “RECALL” power of their constituents.
          ==> the Central Committee selects the “Prime Minister” from with in, subject to Parliament Approval & Power to recall or to revoke.
          2= Standing Committees covering specific Economic and Social matters that will be filled in with (assisted) by “Subject Matter Experts” of the specific committees, subject to disciplinary and professional conduct monitoring….based on the set of STANDARD rules & protections.
          3= the Parliamentary body that are elected by their ridings, with built in “Recall” powers of their constituents.

          4= All Running for public office /parliament must be based on :
          a) Merit
          b) Competence
          c) ethics and discipline
          d) NO SELF APPOINTMENT ( Declaring Candidacy) instead the public at large or “Elders” in the community will NOMINATE qualified and Community-minded individuals in the community…

          Just like the Election-Board, a Hiring-Board for Higher Government office/positions is necessary and its monitored to follow the above standards :
          Other soft-skills
          Ethics & discipline…
          Criminal clearance of the highest order.

          These are just a a few basic example of ideas and how we can put forward and build ACTIVE- institutions that can best serve all of us as ONE PEOPLE. And many more that will be added as time progresses and things change, we change things as needed.
          Most importantly , we , each and everyone of us need to develop un understanding that what ail me, ails all attitude.
          And anything is passible, and our tradition and customs that we all inherited from our ancestors will be our GUIDE and if any one can do it, it is us Ethiopians a (that includes “Eritrean’s”).

          But we need to come to our senses, slapping someone expecting a hug is STUPID and we have known that to be true in our long history of existence on this planet. Most importantly in our own Ethiopian rich History decency.

          Be well.

          • Dear T,

            1. You have avoided Russia for therein lies the crux of the matter.
            2. I lost interest the moment that you mentioned Eritrea. For good or bad, Eritrea should not have been dangled with Ethiopia without referendum. The reverse is also true; Ethiopia should not have been entangled with her without referendum.
            3. When I said that “how do you plan to implement” I meant to ask how do you get the people to swallow your plan?

            What you´re saying highly theoretical and in theory, including communism works. Theory is one thing and governing is another… for we found out that communism didn´t work in practice after being subjugated to it by force for 17 years.

            • Dear DD,

              #1) Modern-day Russia since the fall of USSR is a “democracy”, if you disagree with that then the US itself is masquerading as a “democracy” while it is purely a “Plutocracy” for the longest time…
              There is no a “democratic” state, in fact since 2019 even those calling themselves “democracies” have unknowingly moved to authoritarian (confiscating nations wealth(deposits, gold…) investments, of all kings) , banning Free-speech, closing News-media the expose them, Journalist that exposed their CRIMES became imprisoned such as Julian Assange, Snowden… trying hard to find dirt on former Presidents/opponents…. all in attempt to silence all that disagree and continue their looting.

              But all these shenanigans will come to an end before this decade come to an end… And true Democracies will thrive globally. The days of Human Liberation from the “self-serve” cronies world-wide is not far.

              #2 Like it or note Eretria is inseparable part of Ethiopia in all aspects of social, cultural, traditions and such… the only issue we have is political, and political issues can be resolved using political-dialog (East & West Germany…)

              #3) It is not the Ethiopian-People that have created & spear heading this “Chose”, it is a few “wannabes”, self-centered, Opportunist that are clamoring to grab power. That is all, and soon enough they all fall on the way side once the mud-clears up and their ways becomes Clearer to the general-public and its takes its power back.

              #4) There is Nothing “Theoretical” about the fact that naturally “Individual-Right” supersedes “group-right”, the individual comes before the group, only if he/she joins the group shares the group-right also as a collective… but collective-rights secondary because their inception comes from conditional-needs based on Societal-arrangements made in organizing the society in such a way to help them “define” a collective-bargaining structures under the local-law.
              Likewise, in our “trans-ethnic societal traditions and culture” would be served-well by bringing in our constitution “Individual-right” to be the guiding-light superseding the current “group-right” he “profiteers” (as in like the “The Moneychangers”) that have succeeded in having Jesus Christ crucified in this very day some 2000 years ago.

              TPLF, the creator of this DIVISION (to self profit from it) has been amputated, God-willing its step-child Oromo- PP would face its judgment-day when its time-comes.
              Following that eventuality Ethiopia must have a “constitution” that puts “Individual-Right” the corner-stone of our Laws. And every thing else falls in its place naturally; and we collectively design our institutions that are based on Individual-right & “Inclusivity”.

              Nice chatting with you!

              Happy Easter!!!

              Be well.

    The decline in the fortune of the Horn nations might have been foreseen by Henry Kissinger, who in 1972, as head of the National Security Council, known under his direction as the “committee in charge of running the world”, wrote a confidential report on the future of Ethiopia. He purportedly recommended that US policy should be to keep that nation in perennial internal conflict, using such vulnerabilities as ethnic, religious, and other divisions to destabilize the country. Kissinger’s recommendation seems to have been followed successfully for not only Ethiopia but the Horn of Africa have been in turmoil ever since.
    Is this policy taking shape?

    • Legend,

      Did Henry Kissinger recommend that ‘US policy should be to keep that nation(Ethiopia) in perennial internal conflict, using such vulnerabilities as ethnic, religious, and other divisions to destabilize the country.’? Or was that his prediction of what was gonna happen in Ethiopia? I remember in the 1970’s some folks were accusing him of serious crimes but ended up being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 jointly with his North Vietnamese counterpart. Please shed some light on this one by posting the whole paragraph of what he wrote in that policy document. I’ve located the same document you referred to and am still going through it all.

      Thank you and blessings!

  4. Honourable Writer ‘Dis Donc’
    a). I honestly do NOT know >>> “why the Oromo is rebelling?”
    b). In any case, Thanks for your commentary.
    c). We should also continue with our individual Articles for the benefit of OUR ANCIENT BLACK AFRICAN CONTINENT — in TOTALITY.

  5. I like the conversation between Dis Donc and T. This is how well bred and cultured people should conduct themselves during a discourse that matters most to that gem of the colored that produced us all. All I have been doing is watching their civil exchange of ideas and being educated by both of them. Blessings to both of you!!!

  6. There is one serious problem all the developing Sub Saharan countries have had in their hands for decades. It has been a powerful time waiting for the right spark to explode in their faces. It is that real life boogeyman runaway population explosion. All of these countries have been multiplying like worms beyond their means. This includes even those we are well educated and fully know the risk of population growth without the means to support it. I have been expressing my concern about this extremely serious problems on several occasions before. Just look at the 3 countries that have concerns and plans about the Blue Nile, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Their combined population will surpass the 500 million mark in just 30 years from now. 90% of Egypt’s population live along the banks of the Nile River with no other viable alternatives. Its population will explode to more than 200 million by then. How about Ethiopia, you may ask? Just forget about it. It seems 300 million to be the magic(aspiring) plan. Sudan will rumble towards the 100 million threshold at that point. I spite of all these frightening real projections all these countries seem to be at a loss on how to create viable means to curb this dilemma. Leaders of both major religions seem to encourage their followers to continue multiplying like bed bugs or at least they are not willing to participate in the population growth control projects. What have the leaders of these countries have been doing since the 1970’s you may ask? They have been presenting themselves as poster child as heads of households full of children. My take after reading the Holy Scriptures all I was able to find is Almighty’s blessing of mankind to multiply and occupy the vast earth. I have not found any order by The Almighty to mankind to over populate the earth. I am not advocating abortion blindly. But there are other proven safe means to control the multiplication. Such lack of effective population growth control policy the old country now has a population of more than 130 million where more than 50% are young people below the age of 30, unemployed or underemployed. That has given an easy time for bigots and ruffians to dip into these huge hapless generation. That is what has been taking place in Oromia, Amhara and Tigray regions. It is a mess that country has knee-dipped itself into. May The Almighty Save that gem of the colored/humanity!!!!!

    N.B. Please have a heart for me if there are some misspellings and grammatical errors in my comment. The issue has been too emotional and frightening for me for decades.

    • Thank you for bringing up this vital issue of Over-population Time-bomb. I have mentioned these issue several times and was criticized for it; people sometimes do not see past the moment of exuberance until its effect come raining down.

      History tells us (including our own 2 drought seasons within the last 65 years) all the plagues and lethal epidemics in the pre-industrial world killed millions around the world… that is be cause humanity in one way or another were unable to manage themselves accordingly.
      When Humanity fails nature steps in to takes the responsibility of keeping the ecosystem balance in order.
      That is an inevitable fact.

      Here are 2 natural ways to keep the balance, our grandmothers new this but with the sudden explosion of the population and the destabilization that was on going in our nation in the last say 60 years the lessons weren’t passed on traditionally and here we are.

      #1 the traditional method is: every month a woman about 3-FREE-weeks after her-“period” and 1-week (ovulation-time) to stay away from sexual activities in that last week. That is it.
      Girls need to be thought this-fact at school and at home from the moment they start their-period.

      #2 I learned this recently, the “Neem tree” a native of India ( I am sure I have seen that tree leaf in Ethiopia ), it is easy to order the seeds and grow it as a “cash-crop” it is powder seed-oil is sold all over the world very expensive than coffee. Smart farmers should grow it and get very rich.
      a) –> Taking a tea spoon of the powder (capsule) a day will prevent Pregnancy completely.
      b) –> taking the same amount will cleanse the gut and all cells in the body preventing illness.
      Growing it is the best option, the plant an easy to grows tree in everyone’s backyard like “grawa” or “sensel” in Amharic, for personal use, but its industrial farming is very lucrative on the international market. 100gm =$5 to $8 …

      –> But it serves best as a natural “Birth control” with NO side-effect and with far reaching healthy benefices and cheep if grown locally.

      Why the population explosion in the last 40 years
      In the “Spiritual” realm, the “population explosion” since 1980’s 4.4 billion to 8 billion now, is explained in this way.

      Chart =

      As our Solar System has 12 month cycle (rotation, around the Sun), our Galactic System has 12 (2000 years) cycle (rotation, around the galactic center Sun (Alcyone) ).

      The last time Earth went trough this portion of Space-Time humans were not on this planet. #2 the Earth also is expected to return to its former “orbit ” closer to the
      “constellation of Sirius” (Canis Major) where Earth used to be before evil-beings landed on it and made people to change their-ways.
      There were 5 previous attempts to return home but each was aborted with disastrous results, this one is the 6th attempt and since we passed 2012 that possibility of DOOM has been avoided; it explained that the balance between evil and good has shifted by the narrowest-margin this time say 49%-51% and the 3rd WW did not happen before 2012 ( in the 1980’s Mikhail Gorbachev changed the trajectory by collapsing USSR) there for we were able to pass to the next journey.

      What makes this “transition” (Assentation of a planet) Earth unique is?
      No other plane ever Ascended while its residents are still on it. And Earth is going to do that for the first time in the universes history and “everyone” wanted to be here at this unique time to experience the assentation instead of watching it after the fact. It is said that, there are billions waiting to come aboard and waiting…
      So, whatever your “troubles” might be in your day-to-day “struggles”, hung in there, ‘you are one of the chosen ones” to be here!

      Source =

      That means, as the Earth Ascends the 49% evil energy start to diminish as it gets more Photon-light is shining on it (transformation of the evil right in front of us ) and rejoice of the Christ energy will increase… as the two play out their chosen PATH.
      Its all based on our CHOICEs. (“It is our TURN”, good luck with that…)

      It is also predicted, the next 20 years would be equivalent to the last 5000 years in terms of science and technological development…

      If you have not followed what happened since 1980 (big picture) I have a video to explain what happened, and if you just analyze what happened to the “West” since 2020 Covid, and since Feb 24th 2022 “Sanctions”-Boomerang (what always worked for the West did NOT in the last year and months now, they expected to CREASH Russian Economy to the Ground, instead find their own economy wobbling, it is unprecedented time we live in.

      Now the West is heading “head first” to a concrete wall in an attempt to STOP Chinas Technological WARP speed trajectory… (its already too late.) as you can see in this an American that lived in China in the past… made video contrast…

      Source =

      Remember, every thing we do is a choice, we can reverse at any moment, never too late.

      We exist (all creation) in a Quantum environment, your slight turn changes gazillions of realities… you are a powerful “being”, do not be fooled by your 5 senses, they are designed to show 5% of what it available the other 95% is here but cannot be explored with the 5 senses the “body” provides.

      It has been said, when people experience their last moments (the body dies) they are let to notice what they knew was there before they get into the body and never seen since and see it just before existing and their eyes and mouth opens wide (surprised) “where was it all this time” in regrets. But too late.

      (my apologies, for typo and grammar, etc. … no time to reedit )

      Be well.

  7. Addition to the above
    The US part of the Video that goes with last video posted re “stopping ” China’s development of 45 years and the “competition” vs “Conflict” tangent described in the paragraph above it , which I forgot to add earlier…

    Source =

    The US feels threatened by China’s development yet the chosen means of either competing with it or using conflict to curtail it may not succeed at this junction in my opinion; simply because the window of opportunity for both has passed and China is unstoppable at this point.
    Here is why:
    1) ” China graduates six times as many engineers each year as the United States, and a third of its undergraduates major in the field. It is regarded as an honor to work for the government. .Jul. 2, 2022″

    2) “China and the U.S. have reached parity in the development of artificial intelligence, but China’s implementation of the technology in products and services is likely to edge ahead in 2023.Jan 14, 2023”

    Second option as stated by US officials is going to war to STOP Chinas advancement… but here also both could get hit hard by the other perhaps including the use of Nuke; as we have observed Japan’s quick recovery after being bombed & nuked in the mid 1940’s it was able to build back within 20 years and host the Olympics in the 1960’s.

    Having that in mind China as the manufacturing hub of the world including to that of the US army.

    3) “But when it comes to America’s weapons, Made in China is a label you don’t want to see. Despite political, military and trade tensions between America and China, Chinese or Chinese-owned firms play a dangerously large role in U.S. defense production, according to a new Pentagon report. May 26, 2018”

    So, if confrontation is US’s choice, China would have the advantage to recover faster than the US due to its manufacturing base as well as its science and technology workforce it has in abundance vs the US…

    Wait and see.

    Be well.

  8. Re: “…Opening Ethiopian Banks to compete ….” Abiy 2023

    A few month ago there was an article on Borkena Re: Abiy was to OPEN (has opened) the Ethiopian Banks to compete in the “World Financial Markets”; as he Assigned a new Central Bank CEO.

    Amy in Ethiopian Banking system such as the Commercial Bank execs were not sure it was a good idea.
    I posted a comment as well as some links that showed the Banking Systems world wide were on a “Shaky-ground” due to many factors, starting with Covid -lockdowns, followed by the war in Europe and the “Sanctions” put on Russia that introduced difficulties in the market-system-world -wide, followed by Nations choosing to trade out side of the USD ($) using their own local currencies in reaction to “Asset Frizzing” actions of the Western Nations, more over now the talk is on the expedited developments of the BRICS-Commodities-backed-CURRENCY, has pushed the Market-place even more unstable.
    In addition the Biden Administration expanding (doubling) the FED-Printing from 4 trillion before January 2021, another 4 trillion since Biden tool office, flooding the Banking-system in the US (and the world, as the USD is Reserve Currency ) that lead to “Inflation” world-wide (“transitory” no more) has created a cascade of Bank failures in the last few months in the US and Europe, and continue to do so as we speak.

    I just hope the Ethiopian Bankers have not jumped into action following Abiy’s exuberance in his untimely effort to expose the local Banking system to the international-banking-vulchers world-wide, who are taking down banks left and right; including the oldest & prestigious Credit-Swiss.

    Here are the latest developments not only on Banks in the West but the FIAT monetary-system world wide.

    1) “A Banking COLLAPSE Bigger Than 2008 Is Upon Us!” May 2, 2023.

    Source =

    2) “Collapse Will Happen ‘Very Quickly’, ….” May 3, 2023.

    Source =

    3) “How The Fed Will Usher In Its “Miracle” Banking System Under Guise of Protecting YOU”. May 1, 2023.

    Source =

    “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ”
    Bob Dylan

    Protect your Finances health…

    (apologies for any error(s))

    Be well.

  9. Typo : 2nd Paragraph .

    “Amy in Ethiopian Banking system such as the Commercial Bank execs were not sure it was a good idea.”

    Should read: “Many in Ethiopian Banking …..”



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