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Yes! Abiy Ahmed Must Resign

Abiy _ Ethiopia _ resign
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed during the launch of his book last month. (Photo : public domain)

By Sisay (Amoraw)

The past five years of turmoil in Ethiopia proved that overthrowing an autocrat doesn’t mean everything will be fine in the country that threw it out. After the fall of the TPLF-led autocratic regime, the problems in Ethiopia are far from over – on the contrary, it’s just the beginning of a new struggle, and it has become even harder.

April 2, 2023, marked five years since Abiy Ahmed Ali came to the premiership in Ethiopia. Five years after the end of TPLFs brutal regime, there are ominous signs of looming disaster again. Is history about to repeat itself? Will Ethiopia survive the latest threat? Do the brazen acts of imposing Abiy Ahmed’s regime not portend assured destruction of Ethiopia? 

How did we get here?

The Dangers of Political Sanctification of Abiy Ahmed 

When Thomas Carlyle wrote that “the history of the world is but the biography of great men,” he spoke to common sentiment. Though this ‘great man’ theory of history has seemingly gone out of fashion recently, it has not receded from an instinctive understanding of politics in Ethiopia. Much of present-day Ethiopia’s political discourse is shaped by powerful, epoch-defining individuals believed to have single-handedly kick-started a radical reform of direction in the tide of Ethiopian historical affairs. Menelik II, love or loathe him, remains a towering figure in Africa and beyond, let alone in Ethiopia.

Undeniably, powerful individuals play a vital role in shaping Ethiopians’ historical and contemporary imaginations. A good example can be explained by our obsession with counterfactuals: What if Meles Zenawi was still alive? What if HIM Haile Selassie gave up his throne early on? What if Mengistu Haile Mariam passed political power to civilian administration? So on and so forth. 

Is there anything wrong with this trend? The short answer is yes, and perhaps particularly for present-day Ethiopians, for two reasons. 

First, when a major political event is attached to a few individuals, the role of collective action is often overlooked. Reducing the public resistance against the TPLF tyrannical rule to a handful of individuals, who emerged from the same authoritarian system, ignores the sacrifice of thousands of activists, journalists, political oppositions, and human rights activists whose daily resistance steadily undermined the TPLF regime. The moment we overemphasized Abiy, Demeke, Gedu, and Lemma as champions of reform, we lost sight of the collective actions we have all shaped—and will continue to shape—in the arc of radical reform Ethiopia desperately needed. The individuals we praised are now the first ones to remind us of this lesson.

Second, if we are to find the right place for individual stories in our political thinking, we need to see our heroes—particularly those who wield power—through a critical lens. This is because politics is deeply complex, and success in politics requires an uneasy combination of principle and deceit.

Any progress in a political struggle requires a wide range of political skills—and not just ‘honorable’ ones. Let alone in Ethiopia, where democratic political culture is absent, strong principles, courage, and eloquence anywhere don’t always get very far without compromise, fudging, and even outright deception. 

But when an exciting political figure emerges (and succeeds), we often forget this lesson and succumb to their ploys. 

Abiy Ahmed is a typical example. Formerly applauded as a beacon of hope for Africa, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and heralded as a champion of change across the global political spectrum, he is now profiled on opinion pages as a Nobel peace laureate who turns out to be a war criminal. His refusal to stop or condemn, among others,  the ongoing genocidal massacres of ethnic Amharas in the Oromia region, the Tigray crisis, the encroachment of the Oromia region to Addis Ababa, the ongoing attacks on innocent civilians in different parts of the country has extinguished his saintly reputation.

Amid the betrayal and cynicism that often defines politics in every country, Abiy Ahmed easily won public trust, mainly for two reasons. First, the 27 years of TPLF-led tyranny resulted in social desperation forcing Ethiopians to seek extreme options by championing a new face from the same political party that promised to save Ethiopia from its political woes. The focus was to eliminate TPLF with no clear roadmap to the aftermath and unforeseen cost of electing Abiy, who was part of the same ejected system his entire political life. 

If politics is like driving a car, one must look through the windshield and the rear mirror when needed. When we were so obsessed with yesterday, we were getting away from tomorrow.

Second, Abiy played the Ethiopian psyche very well by feeding what they longed to hear from a head of government, luring the public to trust him unwarily. When Abiy publicly proclaimed that he was the one to transcend Ethiopia to ‘medemer’, prosperity, and egalitarian democracy, even many seasoned politicians didn’t have a single dose of skepticism. 

His flaws were ignored, power plays were excused, dirty tricks were rationalized, and his silence amid atrocious genocidal violence was justified. And when we look back on the past five years of turmoil in Ethiopia, our critical instincts were diminished further. When many sanctified Abiy Ahmed as transcender-in-chief and turned deaf ears to his blunders, it was a testament that they were in deep mass amnesia, or as Abiy Ahmed would like to describe it himself, the Ethiopian public suffered from short-term memory impairment.  

We deluded ourselves by projecting qualities onto a handful of politicians who have no intention of embodying them. 

For Ethiopians, a key takeaway from the past five years is that our politics should have encouraged skeptical views rooted in the conviction that the best way to appreciate any political leader is to humanize and politicize them, not to sanctify them. 

The Perilous Slide: from a Champion of Reform to an Oromo-Dominated Dictatorship 

Abiy Ahmed’s occupation of Ethiopia’s most exalted political office has led to his demystification. A man with a messianic complex, he has failed abysmally in fixing our country’s hydra-headed national problems. Sadly, his aides and acolytes are not helping matters. They have continued to bury their heads in the sand regarding the dangerous and pitiable political situation into which the rudderless Abiy Ahmed – led government got Ethiopia. 

Even by the standards of Ethiopia’s perpetually unstable politics, the last five years in the country have been exceptionally turbulent. Ethnic genocide of Amharas in Oromia, government-sponsored ethnic cleansing campaigns through displacement (in Oromia region and Addis Ababa), civil war, abysmal poverty, massive corruption, and a sense of entitlement among the Oromo ruling elites: Ethiopians have been left feeling like so many things have spiraled out of control and that those charged with addressing them can’t – or won’t – fix them. To put it simply: Ethiopia is facing a crisis on top of a crisis.

In just five years, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has morphed from being Ethiopia’s expected Messiah to the most pathologically and shambolically misfit head of government this nation ever had. After 27 years of TPLF dictatorship, Ethiopians, in their worst omniscient mistake, never bargained for the unfolding shenanigans coiling around their polity like poison ivy. Prime Minister Abiy is rowing backward badly in the rough waters of Ethiopia’s politics. 

His political promises are disappearing into a plughole of amnesia. Ethiopians’ hope that Abiy Ahmed will remoralize a demoralized and broken political culture is but now a sinking, wishful thinking. Our impulse has now shifted from hope to despair, from an excess of trust to an excess of suspicion; many exalted his integrity, but he has shamed all by his failure. The huge sense of his political malice is hurting millions of trusting lives who trusted him.

Our raving anxiety is slipping into despair at losing an irreplaceable opportunity. The seed of our collective peril is frighteningly imminent. We are entering the zone of a tragedy of which Abiy Ahmed alone must be the villain. Consider this. An apathetic public now watches the erosion of a great historical nation into global nonentity. Abiy has singlehandedly unplugged from the immediate priorities besetting this nation to embrace the fantasy of Oromization. 

A band of satanically energized rag-tag cowards masquerading as Oromo liberators continue to cleanse ethnic Amharas in the Oromia region. Abiy Ahmed and Shimelis Abdisa, President of the Oromia Regional State, comply with the ongoing Amhara genocide In Oromia by ignoring the ongoing brutal massacres and massive displacement. Millions of Ethiopians are shocked and awed while Abiy continues to embrace an over-cautious, timid, cumulative process of unacceptable placidity with the ongoing Amhara Genocide in Oromia region, the recent massive expulsion of residents in and around Addis Ababa, his cover-up for the recent attack on Ethiopian Orthodox Church. There is a thorough absence of millions of struggling Ethiopians, those unseen others who inhabit the other side of the political divide. I mean those unseen others who are daily mired in poverty, helplessness, decay, and pessimism – the very victims of the insecurity and massive government-sponsored displacement blighting Ethiopia and, recently, in and around the capital Addis Ababa. 

Abiy’s politics of isolating the public through fanatic Oromo-centric elitism presents a clear and present danger to the integrity of Ethiopia’s statehood. The recent government-sponsored attacks on the Ethiopian orthodox church and the Oromia regional state government’s brazen acts of engulfing Addis Ababa are enough fodder to ignite a social and political revolution. How can Ethiopians remain suppliant in the face of unabated Amhara massacre at a genocidal scale, engulfment of Addis Ababa, mass insecurity, poverty, the demonization of popular protests, starvation, stupidity, incompetent leadership, tyranny, armed kidnappers, Oromo hegemony and police impunity?

Targeted ethnic attacks mainly on Amharas, a deep-seated political crisis exacerbated ethnic, regional, religious, and class cleavages. It was further compounded by the economic crisis that the country is immersed in. This, coupled with the attempt by a hegemonic bloc within the Oromo Prosperity Party to dominate the state and society through the Oromization of power, the willful manipulation and subversion of public institutions, and the brutal repression (sometimes elimination) of opposition groups (journalists and activists) is pushing Ethiopia to the point of no return. The purported “reform” of the Abiy regime and its drive against “Anti-reform elements” and “agents of foreign powers” assumed an acidic irony that ate deep into the state of siege, tension, and anxiety.

These national calamities have brought Ethiopians to a defining moment. The once sleepy citizens of Ethiopia, long subdued by Abiy Ahmed’s incompetent governance and tyranny, are waking up from their amnesia. The way Ethiopia is now, unless there is a revolution or a total overhaul of every aspect of the system, not even Angels descending from heaven can salvage the situation. We are tethering on the brink of total collapse.

Will Ethiopia survive under Abiy Ahmed?

No one needs to be told that one may describe the current Ethiopian political system as politics of the blind and sometimes brain-dead herdsmen, morbidly ethnocentric and kleptomaniacal Oromo bigots trying to rule a humongous geographical entity of some 80 plus such tribes and ethnic nationalities with”. They are trying to lead a country in the 21st century with a 16th-century mindset, values, and moral compass. Over the history of the world and politics in it, we have roughly passed through the stages of local autocrats, then through those of plutocracies, large scare autocrats of emperors or aristocracies (of kings and queens) and currently of democracies, with republicanism as its finest evolutionary stage. However, where the human heart refuses to accept this politics or non-partisanships (or bi- or multi-partisanship) at the higher levels of governance, such countries will continue to exist at all these other lower levels of political existence. We see this all over the world – whether in so-called advanced or non-advanced countries – now and again. In some of these countries, when these partisan, unjust, and therefore non-progressive and non-peaceful politics hold sway, such countries attain what are generally called failed states. Most obviously, this is where Ethiopia is now; and nobody needs to tell anybody else.

A failed state is one whose own government is in an outlandish campaign to make hundreds of thousands of its citizens homeless by destroying their residences. A failed state is one where security personnel turn guns on fellow citizens, where authorities are often implicated in high-class bribes, corruption, robbery, kidnapping, and assassinations- and doing so with absolute impunity. A failed state is one whose citizens can’t find good schools where parents choose what language their children can learn at school for a better future. That country is Ethiopia. A failed state is where thousands are massacred routinely for who they are, and no one even acknowledges it. A failed state is where millions are displaced simply for who they are, and not even a single government agency is taking responsibility for repatriating or permanently resettling them. That country is Ethiopia. It is a country whose prime minister operates outside its laws, keeping people who share views different from his in endless political detention. It is a country where only those outside the prime minister’s political party are termed corrupt, but the real thieves and treasury looters within his ethnic group are cleared of all offenses and rewarded with national political appointments. I am yet to read about a more despicable, forsaken, bedeviled space.

Abiy Ahmed is guilty of transforming a beautiful revolution of the people, of the forgotten people, of the dreaming youth, into a nightmare with more murders, more massacres, more tyranny, more displacement, and more impoverishment than under TPLF, with the same matrix of economic surrender, of appropriation of what belongs to all. That is something Abiy must pay for. The size of the pain he is causing will be directly proportional to the justice that the people will impose on him. Not as resentful revenge but as a legitimate quest for justice. Those millions who are crouched waiting for the moment deserve so.

The old articles of faith in one nation have suddenly dwindled by the terror and conceit of classic Oromo elites’ hubristic over-reach that had become obstinate, oppressive, deaf, blind, tyrannical, and dumb to voices of restraint, caution, and reason. Abiy is guilty of the Vietnamization of Ethiopia. Abiy is guilty of the ongoing Amhara genocide in Oromia. Abiy is guilty of the bloodbaths cascading across Ethiopia. He is guilty of displacing, dispossessing, and impoverishing millions of lives in and around Addis Ababa. He is guilty of arming, aiding, abetting, and defending the Oromo barbarians against other ethnic Amharas and Ethiopians. He must hear these charges loud and clear.

If anybody thinks that the solutions to Ethiopia’s problems lie with Abiy Ahmed or his prosperity party, they probably need a brain transplant to understand the nature of the problem. They are probably one of the less than 1% enjoying the status quo, the dominance of the Oromo elites, and the enslavement of the Ethiopian populace.

Time is running out, and the stock of options available for rekindling the dying embers of Ethiopia is getting steadily depleted.

 Abiy Ahmed must resign now!

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  1. A well written article! Obviously though, it misses out many interesting factors. Ethiopia, for a supposedly three centuries old country, her citizens still live in misery, with little or no regal social mobility vertical or horizontal, bar an empty pride. All of her past leaderships left no stable socio-political or economical structure to speak of (let´s leave the culture out for now as we can´t always bank on it as a precious currency of pride). That is why we find them either in graves or in the eco-chambers of their past from remote safe heavens. If there is going to be a grand failure of Abiy Ahmad Ali, then it is simply because he was not effectively able to:
    1. Get rid of ethnic politics.
    2. Have not found a formula to implement democracy in a balanced way.

    The latter carrying a much weighty factor of past than present events combined!! Thus, for him to be able to achieve 1 then he needs to do 2, for the vice-versa will never work. Not defending him, but if you look at countries with a balanced democracy in their chart, then you will notice that it took them centuries to do so. I´m not saying that we should wait that long but by not focusing on criticizing him for not putting the framework we are leaving ourselves naked for the reverse criticism. That we only care about the throne and nothing else!!

  2. Zeraaf, zeraaf, zeraf ! Ene Amoraw gegnaw gonderew! Zeraf, zeraf, zeraf! Ene meyisaw Kasa, zeraf! If Abiy does not announce his resignation by this coming Friday I shall march into his palace with my fearless Fano army and throw him out to the hyenas myself. Zeraf zeraf zeraf gegnaw amoraw! Zeraf, zeraf zeraf yekoso snatch lij, zeraf!

  3. Dear Sisay,
    I appreciate your insightful article.
    “They are trying to lead a country in the 21st century with a 16th-century mindset, values, and moral compass.” This is all, brother.
    Thank you!

  4. 1). Abiy & Resignation: What exactly does Abiy lose if he resigns? He is a Nobel Prize millionaire who could live a hassle-free & insult-free luxurious life anywhere on Earth.

    2). Who would they replace Abiy with? By a Proxy Pro-Egypt/WSW*/AL* ‘Transitional Government’ set up in Nairobi/NA*/EU from Ethnic Liberation Fronts, Loyal Dogs, etc.

    3). Who is calling for Abiy’s resignation? Why? Who wins? Who loses?

    (i). Proxies of Egypt/WSW/AL in Ethiopian Sheep’s Clothing: For the Proxy Control of Ethiopia & GERD since Abiy REFUSED to sell GERD & Ethiopia to Egypt/WSW/AL.

    (ii). Some NaMA [አ.ብ.ን.] members: ≥10 US Embassy personnel flew to Bahir-Dar for the launching ceremony of NaMA [አ.ብ.ን.]. US has never done that for any other party!

    -(iii). ‘Amara Activists’: MOST are beneficiaries of former regimes who made Ethiopia synonymous with FAMINE & World’s Poster Child of Poverty. Do these RING a Bell?

    a). Tilahun Gessesse’s: “ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!” – ሲሉ – “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ ….” [Circa 1975].
    b). ‘The World’s national anthem for Ethiopia’: “We are the World!” … [Circa 1985]

    ኢትዮጵያን እና ሕዝቧን – እንዲህ ያዋረዱ አረመኔዎች ናቸው – አሁን ምዕራባውያን ሐገራት ተቀምጠው – የኢትዮጵያ ተቆርቋሪ የአዞ እንባቸውን የሚያዘንቡት! እነሱው ናቸው እንግዲህ – “እኛ ወደ ሥልጣን ካልተመለስን – ኢትዮጵያ ትፈርሳለች፣ ኢትዮጵያ አለቀላት፣ ወዘተ” የሚሉን!

    *WSW: White Supremacist West /// *AL: Arab League /// *NA: North America

  5. A very long article….

    1. Not sure if discussed, but what is the role of citizens in embracing and promoting democracy? Are all the problems due to government?

    2. Forget constitution, it will be revised one day. What happened to culture, religion and tradition which have served as the glues to help citizens to coexist as people of one nation?

    Footnote: why is it some of the orthodox churches in US ended up in court to settle minor disagreements?

    3. What is the role of the diaspora in assisting to restoring peace and stability?

    4. Are we not ashamed of being food aid recipient ?

    5. And you think PM Abiy’s resignation will bring peace and stability?


  6. In general, ETHIOPIA is bleeding by the City People, whose numbers are less than 15 Percent of the total populations. They keep importing from foreign Countries:- HIV/AIDS, COVID, DIPLOMATICAL CRIMES, SPIES, GENOCIDERS, HOMOSEXUALS, ….


    • Dear Ha,
      FYI, all the last POPUP regimes since 1974: Derg, TPLF, and now Abiy’s TPLF+ all came form “RURAL AREAS”.

      Unless you are suggesting that, we go deep to the forests and bring those walk-around with leafs-cover below the belly, like Adam & Eve…
      No pocket means, no “Musena” (theft), no canceled sharp objects, no stopping travelers at those Check-points, no aggression or savage-inclinations…
      I think that sounds good when looked at from these savage activities we have been hearing about in the last 50 years….

      That means also, we all have to walk naked everywhere in honor of the “Naked King”. 🙂

      God save us!

  7. Supporters of the Abiy regime always resort to the past and try to deflect accountability. The government of Emperor Haile Selassie built several hundred institutions, including the Ethiopian Airlines from scratch!!!!!!

    What has Abiy done????????? Nothing, Zilch.

    Look at his report card:
    1) on his watch Ethiopia had the highest number of IDPs in the world, estimated at 5,000,000 to 9,000,000 people.
    2)inflation north of 40%
    3) currency devaluation of over negative 150%
    4) a war that resulted in the murder of 500,000 to 1,000,000 ( higher than all the casualties of the Italian Ethiopian war of 1930s-1940s, the Somali Ethiopia war of 1970s, the Eritrea Ethiopia war of 1970s to 1990s and the Ethiopian Eritrea war of early 2000s combined).

    These are the legacies of this man. How on earth do his supporters defend his abysmal track record.

    His policies are a walking contradiction. He claims he is building all these sites and recreation areas. Who is going to visit them? How? Travel by car into so called Oromiya zone, and you get robbed, massacred or murdered. Who wants to visit Wollega? Who wants to visit Shashemene? No place is safe.

    He and his pp cadres and members are literally fighting with an Emperor who wrote his own history in his own terms and left this world over 100 years ago. Because they cannot achieve what others before them managed to attain, they feel insecure and are in perpetual fight with history and the past.

    Abiy has violated over 20 articles of the Ethiopian constitution he constantly barks about with his cadres day in day out, ad nauseam.

    He is an impediment to the rule of law, due process and equal representation before the law.

    His excuse is thin. He had the support of millions and millions both in Ethiopia and abroad. Hie was entrusted to bring peace, tranquility, justice and democracy. He was encouraged to ensure the primacy of the rule of law. He was entrusted to be fair and equitable.

    He failed miserably because he has had from the very beginning two irreconcilable positions. He pretended to be in the pro Ethiopia camp but his heart and commitment lay somewhere else: with oromumma and Oromo hegemony over the rest of Ethiopia. For years, he managed to hide his intention but eventually got exposed and showed his true colors.

    Hence the predicament and end of the road that most Ethiopians are reluctantly but unavoidably facing head on at present.

  8. Spot on, Ato Sisay.
    “A band of satanically energized rag-tag cowards masquerading as Oromo liberators continue to cleanse ethnic Amharas in the Oromia region”
    This band is not only satanical but delusional beyond comprehension too. They think in this day and age they can build a nation by the extermination of Amara: the bane of their existence on which they have chosen to throw all of their imagined woes. It didn’t work for Nazi Germany 80 years ago. One would think they’d have a whiff of sophistication to achieve their Oromo utopia. But no, they took out the machetes and went full medieval on their neighbors. Not a peep from so called moderates who many on the Ethiopian camp of old championed their rights to liberty when they were imprisoned. Merara Gudina and ilk come to mind. So drunk with absolute power and hate, they cannot stop to think where they are headed and where they are taking the people they claim to represent. Abiy, the happy OLF warrior and his PP bandits will surely fall. Not least because they will be pushed out but because they cannot stand together. They don’t have anything resembling an organizational discipline or a binding principle. These bandits cannot run a corner store let alone a country. But woe to those standing who will have to clean up their mess.

  9. The Abiy Fact Sheet – [Abiy vs. Former Amara-Dominated Tyrant Regimes (FADTR)]:

    I). The FADTR starved Ethiopians [≈1975: “ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!” – ሲሉ – “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ…”], made Ethiopia SYNONYMOUS with “Famine & World’s Poster Child of Poverty”, and turned “We Are the World” in to the World’s National Anthem for Ethiopia! The WSW* & Russia backed them! Why would Ethiopians want them back?

    II). In their ≥50-year-reign, have ALL the FADTR combined done an iota of what Abiy has done for Ethiopia in ≤5 years? Here is a bird’s-eye view of Abiy’s accomplishment:

    1). Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat despite TPLF/OLF/OLA/IFLO*-staged assassination attempt; COVID; Egypt-WSW-orchestrated Riots/Proxy Wars; WSW-imposed drastic Birr devaluation; WSW’s embargo/sanctions, aid/loan cancellations; drought; IDPs; etc.

    2). Abiy kept TPLF-bankrupted Ethiopia afloat with $1 billion from UAE’s Prince MBZ.

    3). Citizen-Rescuing Ethiopia: Released millions of prisoners and emptied over-filled Ethiopian prisons; flew home over 700,000 refugees living degrading/inhumane life; etc.

    4). Unlike the EDI*, Abiy REFUSED to sell Ethiopia to Egypt & Egypt’s WSW Patrons. He also repulsed Proxy Wars unleashed via their Dogs: TPLF, OLF/OLA/IFLO, etc.

    5). Green & Clean Ethiopia: Afforestation Campaign – Ethiopia planted ≥25 billion trees.

    6). Child-Friendly Ethiopia: Feeds 10 million students twice a day; gives free school supplies; built many primary & secondary schools with sale from his Medemer book;

    7). Citizen-Feeding Ethiopia: All-in-one Mega Bakeries built in populous towns sell bread at rock bottom prices; Addis feeds 45,000 twice a day at 15 community centers;

    8). Abiy built a World-Class Robust Ethio Defence Force & Law Enforcement Agencies from scratch WHILE dismantling the ones that served-and-protected TPLF for 27 years;

    9). Abiy built World-Class Industrial Parks that employ thousands of Ethiopians: Akaki-Kaliti, Nazret, Awassa, Debre-Berhan, Bahir-Dar, Kombolcha, Dire-Dawa, Jimma, etc.

    10). Agriculture has flourished: From begging for wheat to surplus; millions of hectares of mechanized & irrigated farms; farmers got hundreds of farm machinery, pumps, etc.

    11). Abiy’s Dinner Fund-Raisers for World-Class Projects [Parks and Tourism]: Mesqel Square, Entoto Park, Unity Park, Friendship Park, Gorgora, Koisha, Wonchi, etc.

    12). Massive miscellaneous projects are completed or on track – AGAINST ALL ODDS:
    i). Electrification [Hydro/Wind/Solar/Geo], industrialization, mechanization, Telecom;
    ii). Addis shot from open-air public toilet [rivers, empty lots, etc.] to world-class city;
    iii). Affordable housing projects, shanty town upgrades, sports facilities, etc.;
    iv). Road Networks: 450 km asphalt in Gojjam alone, Abbay Bridge at Bahir-Dar, etc.

    *IFLO: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia – defunct but embedded in OLF/OLA
    *WSW: White Supremacist West /// *EDI: Ethiopian Diaspora Intellectual

  10. Humble Opinion

    a). One can’t help musing about the avalanche of criticism upon Mr. Abiy Ahmed Ali., from people who were ADMIRING
    him, profusely, for three years time period.

    b). What makes them change????

    c) We all know the answer– don’t we?????

    d) The problem is simple and ancient:
    Mr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, was profusely admired because the smart-alecks wanted him to be tuned to their DESIRES.

    e) They were shocked to find themselves in the ‘wilderness’ with empty hands. ZERO.



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