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Resurging ruling party narrative on targeting a specific language group


One of the assessments of the now defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) at the height of prevalent riot in the country, which finally led to the emergence of Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister of Ethiopia following Hailemariam Desalegne’s resignation, was that ethnic Amhara is unfairly targeted partly due to ruling party narrative in connection with the coded word “neftegna.”

The security impacts of the hate propaganda like pattern of mobilization has been huge. In the past five years alone, and under the watch of PM Abiy Ahmed’s government, tens of thousands of innocent ethnic Amhara civilians had been massacred in the Oromia region of Ethiopia alone.

With the rapprochement between what used to the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization- which later evolved as Oromo Democratic Party and then as Prosperity Party by dominating “sister parties” and other core members of the defunct EPRDF – and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – the narrative seems to be resurging.

When the Ethiopian Parliament removed TPLF’s designation as terrorist organization earlier this week, Redwan Hussien, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Security Advisor, was in the House explaining why the government/parliament had to lift the designation. However, he attempted to frame opposition to it as works of “radical forces” and then used a new language to point the blame to the people that has long been framed as “neftegna.”

His speech has caused, it is noticeable from social media conversation, concern that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration is into something dangerous in connection with the Ahmara people.

Redwan Hussein attempted to redress his remarks in the parliament. He said he was referring to elites not referring to a specific group of people.

However, his explanation rather sounds even more complex. And Ethiopians do not seem to be convinced.


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  1. Kenyan President telling his citizens to DUMP US $ & FAST…


    “Else one is going to need a wheelbarrow full of USD to get litter of Milk…”

    Be wise
    Be well

  2. Putin cancels Africa’s debts worth over US$20 billion, during the recent Africa -Russia summit. And is committed to increase trade and economic cooperation with africa.

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=QqVmTskNwB8&t=3s

    Maybe the West can learn from this and RETURN what they have STOLEN from AFRICA.
    Hyenas have no remorse.

    Be well

  3. Tanzania Ditches the Dollar to prioritize trade with local currency

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=v-BfT-Rd5v4

    Kenya Dumped US$ and has sighed deals with Saudi & UAE to buy Oil products using Kenyan Shillings.

    Ethiopia must take a lesson fast enough, else they will hold USELESS us $ while it hits rock-bottom, very soon.

  4. China’s 500 million under 40 (millennials) are the most educated experts in many scientific sectors & are highly motivated ready to SHAPING the future of our world…

    Source = youtu.be/iyyqc9Jxdxg

    Ethiopian education is failing the kids miserably (conflicted by political cadres /activists like Jawar who never had a day-job/paying-job in their entire life, brainwashing the future generation with their fictional-ideas of 1600 -1800s, when wearing cloth was considered “uncivilized”, by certain tribes in Ethiopia.).
    One cannot blame the kids when they are misguided by village-politics, national & international aspirations are beyond the country’s “leadership” crowd current-scope.

    God save Ethiopia !!!

    Be well.

  5. “American exceptionalism” may have become an accepted reality for Abiy and Co. where some secretary of state of another nation set the stage how things ought to be in Ethiopia, a total disrespect to our Nation who displayed vigorously its “intolerance” to such exceptionalism of anybody over its “Sovereignty”.

    The “NoMore” movement made a statement worldwide and deterred the US during the war, how ever during the Pretoria peace negotiation Abiy failed to use “NoMore” and allowed an None-African state to force itself in to “African solutions to African problems” discussion & directly interfering in the process. Now the people of Ethiopia have to listen to these idiots setting the stage and passing ORDERS, what a shame indeed.

    Meanwhile the same “exceptional-idiots” are throwing the same NET they used to catch Abiy, thinking Xi & Putin are “OBEDIENT” like Abiy & they are getting their teeth knocked out by the FM of respective nations. If they are not careful they are putting the US in hot water, EVEN WORSE if they do not back off and abandon their non-existent “exceptionalism” completely and settle for what they really are, a nation like all others. If they insist, the US will be sent back to the “stone-age”.

    Source = youtube.com/live/FL8yEPaDuOA?feature=share

    According to Putin Russian Modern armament is 20 – 30 years ahead of that of the US and the West in general. For example US ICBM takes 30 minutes to reach Russia and it can be destroyed before it enters Russian air- space , Russian hypersonics on the other hand will hit anywhere in the US in less than 10 minutes, and the US radars will not be able to detect it.

    Xi told Putin through his interpreter: “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. And we are driving this change together.”

    ‘There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen.’

    The stage is set.

    Be well.


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