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House lifts TPLF designation as a  terrorist group

TPLF designation
Redwan Hussien, security advisor to PM Abiy, appeared in the parliament to explain the proposal (photo : screenshot from EBC video)

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – House of Peoples Representatives removed The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from the list of terrorism. The House approved the bill by majority vote, with 60 objections and 5 abstentions, according to local Ethiopian sources.

The news source said that some representatives of the parliament had a five-hour consultative meeting yesterday to deliver on the major issues regarding the cancellation of TPLF from the list of terrorism. Speaker of House of Peoples Representatives, Tagesse Chaffo, a government representative in the parliament, Tesfaye Beljigie, Minister of Justice, Gedion Timotiwos (Dr) and National Security Advisor of the Premier, Redwan Hussien, (the chief negotiator of the Pretoria agreement) reportedly attended yesterday’s discussions. It was after that preliminary discussion today’s main assembly was called for a decision, according to the news source.

In the course of a prerequisite meeting held yesterday, chief negotiator of the Pretoria agreement from the government side, Redwan Hussien reportedly raised the significance of annulling TPLF from the list of terrorism. He said that to sustain the peace process and restore basic and essential services to Tigray “it is significant to remove TPLF from the list of terrorism”. Redwan further said that TPLF was designated as terrorist as it was a threat for the nation not because we hate its opinion and the members embraced by it, Ethiopian Insider said.

The removal of TPLF from the terrorist list has reportedly come following the Pretoria agreement, which was signed by the Federal Government and TPLF. It is to be recalled that under the terms of the Pretoria agreement signed on 2 November 2022, the government of Ethiopia “agreed to stop designating the TPLF as a terrorist group”.

The House of Peoples Representatives designated TPLF and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA-also known as Shene) as terrorist groups at its regular meeting, which was held in May 2021.

The House of Peoples Representatives lifted the designation of TPLF as a terrorist group at an extraordinary meeting attended by 280 representatives. Of the 547 seats of the House, opposition parties have only 16 seats. The ruling Prosperity Party holds the rest of the seats. 

Edited by Dimetros Birku


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  1. Wow opposition parties have only 16/547 seats. abiy ahmed, the impostor and 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week non stop talking motor mouth, masquerading as pm of all Ethiopians control close to 98% of all the federal parliamentary seats in the government, 100 %of the regional administrative seats in Addis Ababa controlled by the embezzler, unqualified and incompetent adanech abebe, 100% of the regional seats in the so called oromia led by the butcher and thug shimeles abdissa, and nearly 100% of all seats in other regions as well.

    Basically one will need binoculars to even identify the minority of minority 16 opposition members in the parliament in the sea of 531 Prosperity Party members whose chairman is your truly abiy ahmed.

    Every Ethiopian should know for a fact that 100% of all the problems occurring in Ethiopia on abiy ahmed’s watch are the responsibility of abiy ahmed and his pp. He cannot deflect, avoid, wriggle out or blame others for each and every problem that is occurring on his watch.

    abiy ahmed is 100% responsible:
    1) for the negative 150% devaluation of the Ethiopian birr
    2) the estimated 9 million (total since his arrival in 2018) IDP, internally displaced people in Ethiopia ( highest in the world)
    3) the estimated 1,000,000 lives lost in the war against toll
    4) the nearly 40% inflation in Ethiopia, highest in Africa and Subsaharan Africa
    5) for all the extra judicial killings, massacres, abductions, beatings and arrests in Ethiopia, especially Addis Ababa
    6) for the billions embezzled and stolen by pp cadres, members and sycophants
    7) for all the disturbance and chaos in all regions in Ethiopia
    8) for any future attacks against the people in so called Amhara and Afar regions by tplf due to his failure, incompetency and deliberate sabotage from ensuring the disarmament of tplf.

    The abiy regime cannot be trusted to protect the safety, liberty, independence and constitution rights of Ethiopians!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is now reported in official briefing that Getachew was ‘appointed’ by PM Abiy himself as stipulated in the Pretoria Agreement. It is also reported that the parliament had lifted the designation of a terrorist organization off the TPLF. It is getting very interesting now. The guns have gone dead quiet in Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions now and let’s hope and pray that it will remain so henceforth. If the senseless demise of close to a million people does not teach lesson, what will? Now the people of these regions should toss away their deadly guns and go to work in rebuilding towns, villages and infrastructures destroyed by the stupid war started by stupid individuals. I wish them all peace and stability. Peace y’all!!!!!

  3. Subject: House lifts TPLF designation as a terrorist group, By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw Staff reporter, March 22, 2023

    Humble Commentary, 23 March 2023

    I agree with the second commentary, above
    I am not inclined to agree with the first dissertation
    ETHIOPIA — HISTORY LOADED COUNTRY — is a well known country to the world to be fractured into pieces by gimmicks.
    It can’t happen; it will never happen. FULL STOP

    Note: Dear Reader: If I sound emotional, I am glad to let you know that I AM, WITH A DELIGHT. After all, we are dealing with HISTORY LOADED PROUD BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY, NOT LESS THAN ANY (YES, ANY!!!) SO- CALLED ANCIENT ‘COLONIZER’ COUNTRIES who, in their sick intention and negative attitude, were roaming around savagely to DESTROY — YES, DESTROY — other countries around the Globe. If that is not “SICK ” characteristic what else can it be called???


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