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Eritrea, Ethiopia reject U.S. State Department Statement 

Blinken absolved TPLF from crimes against Humanity and ethnic cleansing while it accused Eritrean forces, Ethiopian Defense Force and Amhara region forces 

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Days after visiting Ethiopia, United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, on Monday issued statement-making accusations that war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing have happened. 

Anthony Blinked said, “After careful review of the law and the facts, I have determined that members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF), Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces, and Amhara forces committed war crimes during the conflict in northern Ethiopia.” 

The accusation that Blinken made against forces outside of TPLF has multiple layers. It accused the Eritrean Defense Force, Ethiopian Defense Force and Amhara forces of committing crimes against humanity including murder, rape, sexual violence and persecution. 

And then it went on to single out Amhara forces in connection with alleged  “crime against humanity of deportation or forcible transfer and committed ethnic cleansing in western Tigray.”  

When he visited Ethiopia last week, Blinken met with former TPLF spokesperson, Getachew Reda, who emerged as an interim President of the transitional administration in Tigray.   

With regard to what the U.S. wants to happen in Ethiopia, Blinken’s statement said 

“We welcome the commitment that the parties to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement have made to acknowledge the atrocities committed and their devastating consequences.  We urge all parties to follow through on their commitments to one another and implement a credible, inclusive, and comprehensive transitional justice process.  We additionally call on the Government of Eritrea to ensure comprehensive justice and accountability for those responsible for abuses in Ethiopia.” 

Eritrea’s and Ethiopia’s rejected the statement 

The Eritrean government has released a statement in response to the accusations that the United States made against Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

The Eritrean government called Mr. Blinken’s statement “unsubstantiated and defamatory.”  For Eritrea, the latest statement from the United States represents “an embodiment and continuation of unwarranted hostility and demonization that US Administrations have pursued against Eritrea since 2009 to advance their ulterior political agendas.” 

Furthermore, Eritrea said that the purpose of Mr. Blinken’s statement is to “blackmail and intimidate”  Eritrea and Ethiopia. It also saw it as something that could embolden the TPLF “to create further chaos.”

The Eritrean government statement also recalled that it was the TPLF that caused the war. 

“The devastating war occurred because the TPLF launched premeditated, extensive and coordinated military assaults against Ethiopia’s Northern Command, killing more than 3000 soldiers in its initial blitzkrieg.  TPLF’s war plans included massive long-range missile attacks against Eritrea in its initial phase alone, in violation of fundamental tenets of international law,” it said. 

Another key point that Eritrea mentioned in the statement it released is that the U.S. government downplayed crimes committed by the TPLF group.

It said, “…the litany of TPLF’s crimes, including massive and forcible recruitment of tens of thousands of children in its human wave assaults in the Afar and Amhara Regions of Ethiopia, are too many to be recounted here.  But they were deliberately downplayed and glossed over as US overarching objective remained salvaging the TPLF under all circumstances.”

Despite a lack of assertive language and tone like the statement from the government of Eritrea, the Ethiopian government has released a rather diplomatic-sounding statement in response to the statement from Anthony Blinken. 

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the U.S. statement does not have any new findings. Ethiopia’s weighed U.S. new claims on the basis of a joint investigation by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the UN Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN-OHCHR). 

“The government of Ethiopia does not accept blanket condemnations contained in the statement [Blinken’s statement] and does not see any value in such a unilateral and adversarial approach,” said the statement from Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Ethiopian statement also highlighted that the statement was “selective,” “untimely” and “inflammatory.”  But Ethiopia’s statement did not explicitly say that the U.S. has absolved the TPLF from crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. 

It rather said that the U.S. statement “appears to exonerate one party from certain allegations of human rights violations such as rape and other forms of sexual violence despite clear and overwhelming evidence about its culpability.” 


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  1. Nothing new here…

    As former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it best:

    ‘We lied, we cheated, we steal.. we stole… .” = “We are the lowest of the low”.

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=DPt-zXn05ac

    All the worlds terrorist’s, Al Qaida, ISIS, Taliban, Ukraine’s NAZI gov’t, … TPLF…etc. etc. & all the Drug lords of South America are US (CIA) creations …

    And former US president Jimmy Carter said : (a couple years ago)

    ” In our 245 years existence as a nation we were at war for for 227 years, and we were only at peace for 18 years, that tells you all you need to know…”

    There is nothing more to add.

    Be well.

    • Thank you for being smart and using your brain.

      That is something hard to find amongst our people. I have heavy doubts about our educational systems. The country is at a breaking point yet we focus on all the wrong things.

      It is of utmost importance that we give all our time and efforts to educating the youth and the elderly. School is not expensive, and private school is worth it! Those of us living abroad should only provide money to send all of our family members to the best schools. If we send $1200 a year, that will fund at least 100 people to University.

      Also, we have to know who we are. Tell the children that they are not Black or African. THEY ARE ABYSSINIAN! Don’t let them eat McDonald’s and never let them listen to rap (crap) music. The future of the world depends on it.

  2. Eritrean state leaders , eritrean army and Mahibrekidusan are terrorists
    Mahibre kidusan,playing religious cards, a political party of amhara is terrorist .

    Raya, Welkait and Humera never been part of Gonder in the entire ethiopian history.

    The most primitive nasty stinky Amhara elites let out a loud scream when they see a fertile land; begemdir is barren land full of “””አሜከላ እና ኩርንችት””””. ፋኖ ዘራፊ ቀማኛ መናኛ ምቀኛ ዘረኛ አሸባሪ ቤት ሰርሳሪ መሰሪ ነፍሰገዳይ ሰው በላ ነው፥፥
    Fano is terrorist, and collection of robbers,actors of sexaul assault, burglars,multi-degree murderers, sorcerers ,,cannibals, etc …..
    Eritrean state and Mahibrekidusan are terrorists
    Last but not least, Zehabesha.com is a terrorist media where you could find notorious terrorists like Neamin Zeleke, pro Al Mariam, Dr Yonas Biru etc
    Eritrean state and Mahibrekidusan are terrorists

    • I believe there are other words in your mind other than terrorist?? You can see i believe that the site you accuse of being terrorist allows your comment to be posted. I believe that you can see the irony of this?? So maybe the rest of your “logic” has some faults….

      • where is borkena here in the above comment
        does zehabesha mean borkena ?

        Angelos Mavros dedeb , idiot just because he is shared Bed linen with amhara, sycophant Angelos Mavros , greekman harlot, thinks amahara is super ethnic group in the world. shithole

        Eritrean state and Mahibrekidusan are terrorists
        Last but not least, Zehabesha.com is a terrorist media where you could find notorious terrorists like Neamin Zeleke, pro Al Mariam, Dr Yonas Biru etc
        Eritrean state and Mahibrekidusan are terrorists

        borkena , extremist, radical amhara website,don’t post it it will not good for you

  3. Subject: “Eritrea, Ethiopia reject U.S. State Department Statement”, March 21, 2023

    In all honesty, one would congratulate Eritrea and Ethiopia for taking the right action.
    And if the MIGHTY USA takes revenge upon those two humble States, so be it.
    The two victims logically reacted to what ever is lodged in front of them.
    In the process, one would note, with deep sadness, that the USA is using the TPLF{*] Group to manipulate the two BRETHREN Black African States [Eritrea and Ethiopia] in broad day light. Yes, the MIGHTY USA is the greatest FORCE on Planet EARTH, manipulating the world in any way they see fit. In the present case, the helpless TPLF is hooked. It can blame nobody, but its own self. As the French put it: C’est la Vie.
    * TPLF = Tigray People’s Liberation Front >>>> In the above case, the proud, gallant group become helpless subservient for the famous mighty force on Planet Earth — THE MIGHTIEST USA. Let us be honest, TIGRAY IS HOOKED — willingly.!!!!!!! UNCHARACTERISTIC of TIGRAY !!!!!!!!!!!

    • “Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has bristled over his government being accused by the US State Department of human rights abuses, and dismissed his country’s neighbors to the north as “liars.””

      “That’s just how they are.” The US believes “it’s the government of the world.””

      Source = rt.com/news/573397-mexico-calls-us-liars/

      Satan’s children are exposed by all….

      Even Satan himself has ben saying way before 1776 (after the extermination of Native Americans ) :
      “… these are even worse than I, with their ruthlessness, cruelty, and lies with their eyes wide shut”…

      Their end is near, so are their “puppies days ” everywhere…

      Be well.

  4. I will leave the ‘Eritrean’ issue to my brothers and sisters of that country. But I can’t hide my doubt that their soldiers had intentionally committed the alleged war crimes and here is why. I am sure many of you just like me have read first hand personal accounts by POW who were taken prisoners by the EPLF fighters in the 1970’s and 80’s. They had told us how they were treated humanely after being captured. Those who were badly wounded were given the medical treatment required all the way thru rehabs. It showed they were disciplined and worked within the norms of fair fights. Remember they did that even though Mengistu and death squads were busy strangling any young Eritrean they could find with piano wire. I’m not saying this time some of their soldiers did not become abnormal men suddenly. Wars have the documented reputations of changing normal soldiers into abnormal men. Therefore I will leave it to their reputable tradition of warfare. They should investigate and punish those who might have committed the alleged crime.

    In regards to the ENDF and TPLF, that is where my antennas are up! Whoever has or will have the assignment to investigate these crimes against humanity should comprise of experts with skills to distinguish between the genuine and the coached ones. They must also look at the tactics deployed by front and military leaders of the TPLF. We had read personal accounts by church custodians and mosque muezzins how their places of worship were used as shields. I particularly remember one cleric complaining about fighters used his centuries old mosque as a site for firing heavy artillery. I now wonder what happened to that honest man of God. So members of the investigative unit must come with open minds. As far as I’m concerned using human wave tactics intentionally must be considered a war crime. That was demon Mao’s war tactics and that was why 90% of those dead and wounded during the civil war in China in the 1930’s and 40’s were soldiers of Mao’s Red Army. That has been what our own commies tried to copy since the 1970’s. In their book and sick mind to destroy or captured a well armed and entrenched 10-man enemy unit all you need is 5 armed men and 30 unarmed or poorly armed men. Just rush them into the trenches and overwhelm/neutralize that enemy unit. The other sick tactic demonic commies use is ambush the enemy close to heavily populated civilian quarters. You fire your guns and run into mosques and churches. All such war tactics have allegedly been used since the 1970’s. Commies do not care how many of their civilians would be in danger because of such evil fighting recipe. You know what that fat ass Mao said once when asked about the possibility of massive civilian casualties if he went to war with USA. What he said was frightening. He told the audience that the maximum number of Chinese the American nuclear bombs would kill is around 500 million. The rest 500 million Chinese people will then overwhelm and destroy USA and its capitalist system forever. 500 million dead and that was just peanut for that demon. Boy, here you again! You started me with commies. No wonder why I have nothing but spite for them and their later days running dogs.

  5. I believe there are other words in your mind other than terrorist?? You can see i believe that the site you accuse of being terrorist allows your comment to be posted. I believe that you can see the irony of this?? So maybe the rest of your “logic” has some faults….

  6. Secretary did not absolve anyone that participated in the stupid war. He accused all parties committed war crimes which means including the TPLF. The only group that came out clean are the Afar regional forces. I came up with a checklist like this one:

    1) Were our women raped? Check!
    2) Were there mass killings of innocent civilians? Check!
    3). Were hospitals, schools and valuable infrastructures senselessly destroyed? Check!
    4) Was the stupid and destructive war avoidable? Yes it was possible!!!
    5). Were the forces mentioned present in areas where and when the crimes committed? Check!
    6) Has anyone held accountable for these repulsive crimes by anyone of these groups? None!
    All the check marks are yes. Let’s be wise. Shenanigans will never help further the accord for those besieged people. The rebuilding of those regions has begun in earnest and we should all join in the sacred huge task. We should pitch in the last red cent in our pocket to help those glorious people of Amharas, Afars and Tigrayans in the massive work of rebuilding in front of them.

    Peace y’all!!!!!!

    • Missing are :

      1) Source = youtube.com/watch?v=0Z0WixA7bGU

      2) Source = youtube.com/watch?v=erErM9z2ap8

      3) Source = youtube.com/watch?v=HL9yJmeeZk8

      4) Source = youtube.com/watch?v=Qevn2GJWDD0

      Only those (“West”) whose Culture is WAR, criticize and condemn others, but not themselves… and those brainwashed by the US (West) MSM and CIA propaganda often Exempt the Real “Axis of evil” wrong doings. What a pity!

      But the DAM of lies is about to burst, sending the floodgate of “Truth’ these sheeples could not be able to handle.

      Be well.

  7. eritrea is terrorist state and most of its citizens are known for robbery, sexual assualt in ad outside their land.

    Four Eritrean migrant men have now been charged for raping a 40-year-old migrant woman at the end of June in a forest in Flemingsberg, with all men now facing prison and deportation. many eritreans killed their own wives in many countries which welcomed . One has killed himself recently after raping and killing a lady.

  8. America’s Hypocrisy On Human Rights

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=0Z0WixA7bGU

    UK’s Lies Exposed: Time to Investigate Britain’s & US, (NATO) War Crimes?

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=erErM9z2ap8

    Where is ICC?

    America, “we are not a member, but we sure do like Vladimir Putin put in jail”.

    How about George bush Senior, George bush Junior, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and all the generals ..?
    America, “we are not a member state”.

    Russia is not member state either…

    Western Liars.

    The boomerang of all their wars and lies is about to unleash its deadly financial- Armageddon on these liars, Banks are collapsing as we speak, followed by their Stock-market, & housing collapse..
    Unlike 2008 China is not coming to the rescue… even if Chana wants to do so, the enormity of the overall problem is not going to be solved, because this penalty has come from God, to crash them to bits, as they did it to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Libya, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Eretria, Ethiopia… and many many more…

    West, “Roman Empire, make some room, here we come, all of us at once., because Biden doesn’t want to go down alone.”

    Be well.

    • Why the US Wants a War with China???

      Short Answer = The potential for US $$$ losing it “Reserve Currency Status” .
      (USA looting other nations resources around the world is about to come to a STOP.)

      As tensions continue to rise between the United States and China, many have speculated about the underlying reasons for this conflict. While there are various factors at play, one of the most significant is the battle for reserve currency dominance. In this video, we will explore the complex and interconnected factors that have led to this struggle for economic supremacy, and how it has escalated to the brink of war. From geopolitical maneuvering to economic policies, we will delve into the multifaceted layers of this conflict, and how it has the potential to reshape the global economic landscape. So buckle up and get ready for a deep dive into the intricate world of reserve currencies, power struggles, and the future of international relations.

      Source = youtube.com/watch?v=Qevn2GJWDD0

      Exit the West (US) as fast us you can, & protect your wealth… (buy Gold, silver , & Bitcoin, FAST)

      Source #1 = youtube.com/watch?v=QWoWHQpB73M

      Source #2 = youtube.com/watch?v=rvynpAg8dR0

      Be well.

  9. George Galloway: The form of democracy in Western countries is devoid
    Lecture : March 23, 2023 in Beijing, China.

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=1zq4v0lgKwo

    Western Democracy, devoid of Justice & Huma rights…

    Be well.

  10. It is alleged that our women were raped and brutalized. It is reported that innocent civilians were/are still massacred. The world has come to know that millions has been left homeless with many of them on the brink of starvation. All these are war crimes. I say to the leaders of all sides to bring those who committed these crimes against humanity to open trials. I am going blunt on this one. PM Abiy, cough them up! Tigray President Getachew, cough them up! Leaders of the rest who were among the accused, cough them up! The only reason I will retract this call is if the victims choose to forgive but forget for the sake of peace, stability so they can concentrate on rebuilding their homes and infrastructures that were raised to the ground by the demons. For now I say cough up those devils among your fighting force and bring them to an open trial. Is that much to ask? Let’s go!!!!!


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