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Ethiopian Church extends call for peace as illegal activity continues

25 illegally appointed bishops were given five days to report to the Ethiopian Church as the Ethiopian Church extended call for peace and an end to illegal activity in Oromia region 

Ethiopian Church _ peace call
His Holiness Abune Mathais, Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (Photo credit : MK)


The Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church last week issued a statement after holding an emergency meeting to discuss developments in connection with the illegal appointment of churches and continued illegal activity of the group in the Oromia region. 

Recalling the call for peace in the decision of the Holy Synod on January 26, 2023, in response to the moves of three Bishops who illegally attempted to establish an ethnic-based Synod Oromia region, and the ten points agreement reached with the renegade group, the church said that the illegal activity in Oromia region is not ending. 

The twenty-six newly appointed bishops, which the Holy ground excommunicated on grounds of the violation of the church’s canonical law, continue to seize churches by force, reject lawful servants assigned by the church and appoint their own. 

Based on the statement from the Holy Synod, which Mahibere Kidusan media shared on its social media page, the three Archbishops, who attempted to establish an ethnic-based synod in ways that violated the canons of the church, were called to the emergency meeting of the Holy Synod on March and share their views. 

The Archbishop who initiated the division reportedly expressed their grief over what happened. Dozens of faithful were killed by Oromia region security forces while defending their churches from the illegal group and hundreds were illegally arrested. The illegal groups also invaded churches forcefully and took control of them at times by breaking into the see of Archbishops. 

The three bishops also expressed that they oppose the illegal activity not ending the Oromia region.  The Holy Synod reinstated their privileges including salaries. 

With regard to the 25 bishops who are still going ahead with the illegal activity, the Church said that is extending calls for peace and asked them to report within five days. 

However, it is only one of the 25 bishops appointed by the illegal group that appeared at the patriarchate to submit a letter of apology. 

It means that the 24 are still continuing with the illegal activity in the Oromia region.

The statement from the church called on the government to enforce laws if they fail to report within five days and also release members of Ethiopian church laities who were arrested. 

It is unclear if the government has responded to the call from the church without making it public or if it has not responded at all. 

It is, however, clear that the Ethiopian church problem, which seems to have been initiated by politically motivated groups urging from behind the scenes, is not resolved. 

The Holy Synod has not announced anything after March 15 if the government has expressed commitment to carry out its duty in terms of protecting the Ethiopian Church as a recognized entity. 


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