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Federal force pulling out of contentious Welkait

Wolkait _ Defense Force
Wolkait area of Ethiopia ( google map )

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Defense Force is pulling its force out of contentious Welkait in Amhara Regional State, sources said.

Hibir Radio aired in its 16 March 2023 news broadcast that the military force deployed in the disputed zone, Welkait has been withdrawing. The withdrawal has started a fortnight ago and resumed Wednesday this week , according to the news source. 

Hibir said that the military, which had been deployed in Tigray had been pulled out days before Amhara Regional State held its conference amidst the dispute with its comrade-in-arms, the Oromo flank of Prosperity Party. 

Contingents of Western Command deployed at Dansha Front, Welkait, have been ordered to pull out with their heavy-duty weaponry.

Hibir radio said that Ministry of Defense did not announce publicly the reason for the withdrawal of the military force from the sensitive area.

Following the surprise attack perpetrated against the Defense Force of the North Command, two years back, TPLF attempted to break in to Amhara Region via Dansha. 

The recurrent withdrawal of the Federal Military Force from the areas on the pretext of “we are needed for another duty” has sparked a big suspicion among the people. Sources said that following the withdrawal, TPLF has been engaged in intensifying military engagement in adjacent areas of Welkait. TPLF has recently provoked the Amhara Force in Welkait area, according to Hibir.

The place has been a serious bone of contention between Amhara and Tigray Regional sates. Sources said that TPLF arranged for settlers to move in mass in to Welkait from Tigray region by committing forced displacement against native people in the area, which had been taken by force from Amhara.

Meanwhile, on the wake of the drama orchestrated by the government to infiltrate in to Orthodox Tewahido Church, the Amhara Administration was having its meeting in the Capital, Bahir-Dar. Same day military jets and helicopters were spotted flying night sky over the city of Bahir-Dar under the pretext of coup to be stage by the region. The act sparked anger from within Ethiopian Air Force and people in Bahir-Dar Town and the environs. This and other similar incidents have sparked suspicion over the acts of the military force, according to Hibir Radio. 


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  1. How is it that the very few that come out of 5 million are feared by over 5 times their size in millions living in the Amhara region?  
    What has happened to you people?
    Where is the “leadership”?

    Where is the “don’t-touch-me” sprit your forefathers possessed & displayed to defend not only the internal borders of the region but also the borders of Ethiopia, for thousands of years.?  
    Do not sit there and wait for someone from elsewhere to come die for you, get out there defend what is yours, or they will shit on you once more. Enough is enough, don’t just sing and dance  when no one is around, and run when they come to take it away from you the second time.
    The central government is buying friends giving your ancestral land  as a gift first to Sudan a couple of years back (perhaps has no plan to get it back) which you have to go get it back, now it is restoring TPLF back to its former strength by sending them $billions birr and allowing them the break the Pretoria-Pease -deal which requires them to COMPLETELY- DISARM; there is not a clearer message than that to say “you are on your own”.

    Well get out there defend yourself and family if you have any decency left are tired of such humiliations. First you need to defend your home before talking about Ethiopia, this is where the concept of Ethiopia started  not the other way around, Ethiopia will defend herself, you are the ones that need defending not NOW, Yesterday.

    Do you know why the Chinese have FIRE under their belly?
    They call it “the century of humiliation” where the western powers defeated them in the Opium-war and made them pay 18, 000 tons of silver to compensate them for their bullets used in killing Chinese in the same war. That is what is driving the Chinese people collectively this time, and they have committed themselves long ago,  to never ever be humiliated in such a manner by anyone else ever again.

    This is the time Amhara did the same and stood  its ground on its two feet, and not only deafened itself  but deter those from coming by going to their own killil and stand them down if need be forceful.  You only live once, let it be with dignity your forefathers passed on to you, & displayed forever for the world over to see and recognize, that we defend that which is ours.
    This is a time in Amhara history where unheard of deterioration of purpose is displayed by millions, your forefathers were only in the thousands when they were able to insteal purpose in their day to day lives and country & pushed on, because they were not willing to be pushed around ever.  Running is the worst thing one can do when faced with a dog, or a tiger, or any animal for that matter. 

    Be well.  

  2. No surprises here. The backstabber and traitor in chief, masquerading as the prime minister of Ethiopia for all Ethiopians is an unprincipled, political opportunist , enemy of all non Oromo descendants in Ethiopia and thrives only in chaos and disorder to cling to his throne. This political vulture is one who would not hesitate to pawn his family members for his throne. No surprises.

    The beauty and poetic justice of all this lies in the fact that at the right and opportune time, in the dog eat dog world of TPLF- PP, TPLF will manage to take the exact revenge on their protege and project who disobeyed party leaders and betrayed his EPRDF comrades in arms. That fight is not between any Ethiopians, it is a battle royal between two camps of goons- the abiy goon and the debretsion goon.

    However, intellectually and logistically it is becoming more and more obvious that the TPLF camp is smarter, more deft, quicker and more resilient than the Abiy PP camp. Abiy is playing checkers and TPLF is playing a sophisticated chess and beating his behind like crazy.


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