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Election Board says the action against political parties constitutes criminal offense 

The Board has requested the Ministry of Justice initiate a criminal investigation into those behind unlawful prohibition and lay charges 

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Bertukan Mideksa, Chairwoman of NEBE, and Wubshet Ayele, Deputy Chair of the board, speaking to journalists (photo source : FBC)


The law in Ethiopia requires registered political parties in the country to undertake a party congress at least once in three years. 

However, opposition political parties have been facing, at least in the past few weeks, politically motivated repressions from the government bodies. 

And their plight is noticed by the Election Board of Ethiopia. In fact, the board is making it clear that the action on the part of government authorities is a criminal offense. 

Fana Broadcasting Corporate(FBC), State Media, cited the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) as saying that it has confirmed Balderas and Enat Parties were not allowed to undertake their party congress. 

The Board also said, as reported by FBC, that leaders of  Gogot for Guraghe Unity and Justice Party were arrested after conducting their congress. 

“The prohibition by some security forces against some political parties not to have their party congress and the arrest of some constitutes a criminal offense,” the Board said. 

The decision from the board is for the Ministry of Justice to direct the matter to criminal justice and lay charges against those who violated the law. 

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia believes that those who prevented a lawful meeting of the opposition parties are in violation of article 40 of Ethiopia’s penal code in addition to failure to discharge responsibilities as law enforcement bodies. 

Last week, Enat Party and Balderas Party , this week, reported that they were not allowed to undertake their party congress due to sabotage from security authorities. 

The illegal prohibition was executed in the form of threatening service providers who rent out meeting places to cancel reservations for the above-mentioned political parties.

Who exactly was behind the action was unclear – perhaps the reason why the Electoral Board asked for a criminal investigation of the matter. 

Federal Police and Addis Ababa police authorities were reportedly asked if they were behind the order to sabotage the meetings of the political parties. However, it is said that senior authorities in those institutions did not have the knowledge that the opposition parties were not allowed to have their meetings. 

In some cases, party leaders were arrested a day before the party meetings were supposed to take place.  Amha Dagnaw, leader of the Balderas Party, for example, was detained by plain cloth police as he got out of his office and detained in the car for several hours. 

Despite claims on the part of Abiy Ahmed’s government about reform measures in law enforcement and judiciary, rule of law does seem to be at a crisis level. 


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  1. All glory to our daughter/sister Birtukan bint Mideksa!!! I say this to PM Abiy and bigots infested state machine. Leave those peaceful parties alone and don’t even think about messing with Chairperson Birtukan and the election board she is leading. Don’t even think about it!!!

  2. People must stop treating the Oromo Thug rule as a government. The Oromo Thugs, Abiy Ahmed, Adanceh Abebei all Oromo PP never understand or know the responsibility of a government that implements and follows the rule of law and living in peace.

    Those Oromo Thugs think and treat Ethiopians as their herds/cattle that they can slaughter them any time when they get hungry and want to eat their meats. That is why killing and abusing human beings is so easy to them.

    The other delema Ethiopians have is expecting from Oromo Thugs have or share the same values and faith. No the Oromo thugs believe in getting wealth and prosperity is stealing what they have not worked for from hard working Ethiopians. That is why the Oromo thugs are raiding, destroying homes, killing the owner of the houses and properties so that they can steal and enjoy someone else’s properties.

    So people must now prepare for action 2! Defiance and Defense!!!

    No more waiting for Police, judges, and the law. Because the Police, Judges and the Law are all victims of the lawless Oromo thug Abiy Ahmed and co..

    Never allow Oromo Thugs to kill you, your families and steal your properties.
    The Oromo Thugs today are using lethal force supplied by Thug Abiy Ahemd. So every law abiding citizen life is endanger by the lawless criminals and thieves that can only be stopped by popular force!! That is the only time the killings and theft will be stopped!!

    The Oromo Thug and Criminal rule never think or know people have opinions, mind to think, can and want to speak their minds and have expectation of a government that upholds and implements the rule of law

  3. Pastor Ittu Aba Farda, shout out for you. As always, your thoughtful comments are hassle-free in contrast to some of the scathing remarks above.

    Avoid agitators like yadesa and always be fair and devoid of tribalistic ideas, unlike Obbo Yadesa and the like haunting this wesbite and dessiminating hatred and poisonous ethnic based supremacy.

    Set aside from prosperity party , and all other hoodlums who plant hatred and division at the expense of maintaining power and inflated sense of economic hills. Cleanse your self from all your past offensive deeds that you commited against ethnic groups while favoring the other-resulted in a devasted social fabric.
    Do these patients, like Yadessa, have a late departure from the mental institution today? They are stumbling to change their sour mood, but they are still drunk.
    ———————–The End——————–

  4. Amhara’s political parties are fully infested with those harboring a deep-seated hatred for non-Amhara ethnic groups and with full-time pilferers who emptied the nation’s coffers. Any time soon, they will still always dip their sticky, stinky fingers into the alms boxes available in each church, without which they cannot buy their bows and arrows. We all know how much has been pilfered from that nation’s coffers ever since the war started in Oromia and Tigray. It was to the tune of billions. If you just watch and throw your tiny ball of an eye, you may spot these bad guys. It sounds like you’re having wilies about mentioning the names of those caught red-handed. Let me help you out, Obbo Temesgen Tiruneh, Demeke Mekonen, and all Amhara elites within the prosperity party! Stealing is second nature to these hoodlums.

    Eritreans out of Ethiopia, living costs in Ethiopia are skyrocketing ever since these holigans set their scruffy, blood-stained feet in Ethiopian soil. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is now hijacked by the Fanos and alleged Mahibrekidusan political parties, which are disseminating irreligious notions and giving rise to hooliganism and robbery in the church.
    This organization must be disbanded any time soon before it is too late and causes chaos in the name of religion and evangelism.

  5. If such deprivation of democratic rights continues it may qualify those who committed the crime to be referred to the International Criminal Court. These and those who committed gross crimes against humanity in the northern part of that country that includes Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions along with Oromia their time is up. They should be ordered to defend themselves at a special trial at the ICC. Even in our own tradition raping women is eligible for capital punishment. It has been reported that wholesale massacre of innocent citizens has been reported. Homes, public buildings, infrastructures and factories were turned into rubbles. The latest saddest story I heard is the Workers Association of that country could not find one standing factory and has not been able to locate anyone of its former members from the war devastated areas of Tigray and Amhara regions. Such abhorrent crimes should not be overlooked and those who perpetrated them should face the full weight of the local and international laws. I am glad to hear that such trials of criminals are being demanded by governments and humanitarian organization. For those of you who choose to remain oblivious about these crimes just think about it again as if your daughter was the one who was raped. How do you feel if it was your mother who was raped, if it was your auntie or grandma in her advanced age who was raped. Aha! Now you can feel it! You are so enraged now just imagining about it and screaming ‘I’m gonna …him’. Right? It has been reported that all sides involved in the conflict were part in the commission of these barbaric crimes. Human bodies and lives are blessed creations of The Almighty Our Creator. If the government does not start arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators in transparent fashion I call upon the ICC to start issuing arrest warrants for those criminals including those who are suspected of giving orders. Let’s go!!!

  6. They call her MiMi in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Addis Ababa where she was born and raised. Her parents were praying to God to give them a child for a decade and there she was at last. Second child to her mom and first to her soldier dad. According to the legendary Olympian and neighborhood elder, Wamie Biratu, a square meter of land did cost only ten Ethiopian cents when he built a house there. There was the French Embassy nearby and the SEFER was called FERENSAY LEGASIYON in Amharic or Fernesay for short. Birtukan was the most beautiful of all the babies in the world on her birthday according to her parents but again every parent thinks like that.

    Not only was she cute but she also had a good head on her shoulders and made her SEFER proud when she passed ESLCE and went to AAU to study law. Later on she would graduate from Harvard Law School. She was very young to be a judge but she proved to be a very good one. An outspoken retired major called Admasu in her hood became her inspiration to taste the waters of politics but she failed miserably at her first try. When prof Mesfin and Dr Berhanu got arrested for being suspected of political activism and then formed the Rainbow party she was one of the first to join them. Within six months the Rainbow made a big coalition out of two of the oldest parties and another one from the south to make CUD which won all the seats in Addis and hundreds more in most parts of Ethiopia on Citizenship centered ideology. Dr Berhanu became the first elected mayor of Addis Ababa and Birtukan became the deputy chairwoman of KINIJIT while prof Mesfin chose to stay in the background. In YASTESERYAL music video of Teddy Afro Birtukan is seen fiercely arguing her case in political debates. Birtukan became the most respected and loved woman in Ethiopia since Etege Tayitu.

    When KINIJIT split up Judge Birtukan Mideksa chose to go back home and try the ‘peaceful way’ and became chairwoman of the most viable opposition of that time. While in Sweden she said ‘she never apologized to TPLF to get out of jail’ and at home the propaganda machine led by Bereket and Ermias Legesse (now in Ethio 360) started a campaign to scare her into staying in Europe. She was not scared b/c she was telling the truth. Dr Jacob H/Mariam came to her defense when she got arrested and explained she was telling the truth. Dr Yakob was a retired UN judge of some sort and have lectured at Harvard Law and had lived in USA for decades teaching Law at universities of America. He was known to be one of the moderates in KINIJIT and was beaten up and spit upon by TPLF thugs in Addis in an attempt to ‘accept the few seats TPLF has decided KINIJIT deserves in parliament’ but that only made him mad. For some reason TPLF called that guy ‘NEFTEGNA AMHARA’ and Orthodox but he is a Gurage born to Catholic parents in a small town called Indeber before he came to Addis and joined General Wingate boarding school at 9th grade. The state he was living at in USA was putting some pressure on USA gov’t to force TPLF into releasing him from jail b/c the American Ethiopians in the same state won’t let go. And now he was defending his chairwoman judge Birtukan Mideksa as her deputy in the same party. BTW Jack wrote a book on international law on rights to sea outlets to land locked countries which should be read more widely.

    Birtukan went to jail for a second time, leaving her young child in the care of her ailing mom, for a second time. That child was only an infant the first time Birtukan went to jail. Meles Zenawi said in public that Birtukan will never raise her child again. That was very cruel for a PM to say, even for him. Well, she was posed to take his place. And if there was a real election Birtukan might have become the first Ethiopian woman to lead Ethiopia since Queen Zewditu. There is now no doubt PM Birtukan would’ve done a better job. Her letters from jail like QAL and her phrases ‘MENFES AYRETAM’ will be part of Ethiopian history. She had a child she needed to take care of. She had had enough…

    Birtukan became the lowest paid Harvard Law graduate in the entire history of the world. 13 000 eth birr/month amounted to about 160K birr/yr or less and legal exchange was probably 30/a $ in 2019 so less than 6K/yr in USD? That is unheard of but it is the motherland calling. Mimi answered that call. You won’t believe the names of the great giants of Ethiopia that lived in her SEFER and some of them were still alive while she was growing up. They called her MiMi like everybody else. She is now fighting for Ethiopia like they did. She is an institution. Dr Daniel Bekele and Prof Berhanu to some extent shouldn’t get frustrated but use their institutions to fight back for Ethiopia as long as possible. KINIJIT didn’t do any favor to Ethiopia when it refused the unjustly trimmed down parliamentary seats in 2005 and the whole city of Addis Ababa.

    Good luck judge Birtukan Mideksa


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