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Ethiopian People under psychological pressure due to complex and never-ending manufactured agenda  

Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA), one of the major opposition parties in the country, linked the situation to the works of radical political forces in the government structure and outside of it 

Ethiopian People
Berhanu Nega, leader of EZEMA (Photo credit : EZEMA)


EZEMA on Monday said that the Ethiopian People are under immense psychological pressure worrying as to what would happen next due to the works of radical ethnic nationalist forces, including within the government structure, who are constantly manufacturing chaotic agenda. 

Since the advent of what it called “change” (a reference to Abiy Ahmed’s takeover of power with pledges to make reforms in a range of areas), the past five years have been a step forward and two steps backward. Again, the party linked the situation to radical ethnic nationalist forces. It said the country is pushed to the edge because of these forces. 

“We understand that our people are living in a state of anxiety worrying something unknown would happen,” said. 

EZEMA unveiled its intention to be part of the solution and play a leading leadership role to uproot what it called humiliating national realities and steer the country to a better path. 

The party sees the trend of creating a volatile agenda worsened at some point. 

“Since the peace agreement that ended the war in Northern Ethiopia, radical forces within and outside of the government structure have been working in coordination to create chaotic agenda so as to make citizens restless,” it said. 

They have been working, the statement from EZEMA went on saying, relentlessly riding on gullible individuals intoxicated with ethnic politics. The goal was, according to EZEMA, to infuriate people so that they resort to taking to the street creating a condition for a national crisis. 

Regarding the turmoil from within the government, EZEMA said that it understands the repercussions of the inability to end squabbles within the ruling party/government as it could trigger riots among radical forces and lead the country to total chaos.  It also said, to its supporters and members, that it has been cautiously observing the situation, not indifferent and watching as bystanders old and complex problems as well as situations in current affairs. 

At the same time, the party said that the danger we are in as a country needs impartiality and avoidance of emotions, focusing not only on current affairs but also in consideration of the fate of our country. 

The party resolved that it will be playing a leading role to mobilize Ethiopians to overcome the challenges that the country is facing. It also called for the government to fight and eliminate radical forces within its structure. 

Some Ethiopian activists on social media are complimenting EZEMA for what they called an accurate understanding and description of the situation that the country is facing.

The Ethiopian government has not yet remarked on the statement from EZEMA. The leader of the party, Dr. Berhanu Nega, has been leading the Ministry of Education where he has been attempting to introduce a number of reform measures along the line of dealing with the disastrous quality of education. 

More recently, a reform measure was introduced with the aim to make universities autonomous rather than making them tools ( and emblems) of parochialism. 


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  1. My heart-felt admiration for this patriotic man Obbo Berhanu bin Nega. I commend him for talking the badly needed bold steps to rejuvenate the broken education system of that country. I’m sure he agrees with me that the country desperately needs a strong 2nd party because the opposition is so fragmented now that it has not been able to pose a formidable challenge to the seating regime in every election so far. When it was able to be so in the 2005 election the then bigots who were running the country had to switch to their customary heave handedness where they mowed down more than 200 peaceful protectors. I am not rest assured that the current regime will also do the same but things may not be the same as for it to do the same this time around. But it is a 2nd strong opposition party or bust now! I have been saying this all along. The current regime and its security forces both at federal and regional levels seem to be successfully infiltrated by hateful radicals who are acting up recklessly. That is the main reason I believe a 2nd strong alternative party is in order now. I’m also sure that he will totally agree with me that our women are not proportionately represented in every political parties and groups. That is a big vacuum that resulted in the weakness of the opposition parties. Unless that country gets a 2nd strong political party the current quagmire will go on unabated until it is no more.

  2. Why don’t multi-ethnic parties like eZema urge the regime to hold referenda on 5 issues below to unshackle the new generation from Egypt-EPLF-TPLF engineered Ethnicization of Ethiopia? Why waste time on trivia than removing the Perpetual Torches of Conflict?

    1). EPLF-TPLF Constitution for Ethiopia: Should Ethiopia keep it or modify it or scrap it altogether and write a completely new one via step-by-step consultation with the people?

    2). EPLF-TPLF Ethnic Enclave System: Should Ethiopia keep it or go back to the former Provincial Administration System or is there a better option?

    3). Language Issues: Which language(s) should be the Official Working Language(s), Language(s) of Instruction in Educational Institutions, etc.?

    4). Ethiopian Flag Issues: Which flag do Ethiopians want to fly at home, public squares, government institutions and public holidays? The one with the star or the one without?

    5). Urban Land, Real Estate, and Farmland: Ethiopia should have LAW that takes the Present & Future Generations in to account. What I see now is Direct & Proxy land-grab!


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