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Guraghes coming with new political organization 

Gogot _ Ghuraghe

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw (Staff reporter)

ADDIS ABABA – Guraghes are determined to establish their political party named Gogot for Guraghe Unity and Justice.

Ethio-FM 107.8 said, quoting party organizing committee, that the establishment of Gogot Party was made significant to protect the Guraghe people from abuse and threats that are arising from maladministration.

The committee said that it has received a license for party establishment from the Electoral Board of Ethiopia in a bid to fulfill prerequisites that enabled it to become a national party.

Gogot Party, under establishment, will reportedly hold its first founding meeting in Addis Ababa on the coming Sunday, according to information obtained from the organizing committee.

The party which is fully named ‘Gogot for Guraghe Unity and Justice’ will reportedly name Executive Body and Central Committee during the founding meeting.

‘Gogot’ is a Guraghe word that was taken from the name of a special place, which was used as a convening site where Guraghe elderly Fathers got together to make promise to protect themselves from the problem of disintegration occurred in the 18th century. The new party was named after the place ‘Gogot’, with the aim of shielding Guraghes from similar threat of disintegration hovering over them, according to the party organizing committee.  

The Gurage people that raised constitutional rights of regional self-administration have not accepted the cluster program, which has seriously been promoted by the government. Zonal Council rejected the clustering program by majority vote. Following this, various pressures like detention, killings and harassment have been coming from the incumbent government.

People in Wolkite Town have recently faced a serious lack of potable water provision. Six, among the peaceful demonstrators who cried for water, were reportedly shot dead by security forces.

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