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Three-legged light vehicles chased off from Addis

Bajaj ( photo source : SM)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Three-legged transport light vehicles, commonly known as Bajaj, have reportedly been restricted from giving service in Addis Ababa. 

Addis Ababa Transport Bureau disclosed here yesterday that there would be no Bajaj transport services starting from today, March 09/2023 in the capital for an unspecified period. The Transport Bureau said it has been doing amelioration works to enhance the Bajaj transport service provisions in the city. Until the work is finalised and decisions are reached after scrutinizing its significance, the restriction will stay in place in all parts of the capital city for an unspecified period.

Following clashes occurred recently between Bajaj drivers and traffic police officers in the capital, around a place specially known as Garment, Bajajs were sent off from roads in that part of the city. 

Many people are heard commenting that as the majority of Bajaj owners in Addis Ababa are Amharas, the measure taken was deliberately done to clear them off from Addis Ababa. The City Administration has intertwined the issue with politics and used the opportunity to shoo them off. The justification they come up with is the recent meeting the City Administration had in some parts of the Sub-Cities with Bajaj drivers. Those meetings were said to be full of warnings, threats and name-callings like, fanos fotte from the side of the administration, according to bystanders. (They named the Amharas fotte for they are wearing green scarves around their necks.) 

“We will see the officials lifting the restriction for no reason. However, this time they came up with fabricated charges against Amhara Bajaj owners to replace them with their own ethnic group members and political sympathisers, according to comments being heard from bystanders.


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