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Open Letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee

The Nobel Prize
Abiy Ahmed with his Nobel Prize (photo : file/The Nobel Prize)

The Norwegian Nobel Committee
Henrik Ibsens gate 51
0255 Oslo

Dear Excellencies:

Subject: A Third and Final Appeal to Strip Abiy Ahmed Ali of his Undeserved Nobel Peace Prize 

Abiy Ahmed Ali is not a man of peace by any stretch of the imagination, and he does not deserve to continue to hold the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize!!! Abiy Ahmed Ali is the absolute embodiment of lie, deceit, hate, division, intrigue, death, destruction, malice, parochialism, sadism, and evil! The selection and subsequent bestowment on Abiy Ahmed Ali in 2019 of the Nobel Peace Prize will probably be remembered as one of the greatest mistakes in the Nobel Peace Committee’s history. 

Your Excellencies: As an Ethiopian who is disturbed about the various atrocious crimes that have been committed against the people of Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed Ali came to power, I pleaded with you in two open letters that I wrote on May 8, 2021 (1) and June 3, 2022 (2) to strip him of the Nobel Peace Prize; however, the said and other similar clarion calls have fallen on the Committee’s deaf ears for so long. 

As the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali is personally responsible for the ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and genocide that have been committed against the Ethiopian people on his watch. Furthermore, as noted in my previous letters, his ethnocentric government has either been involved directly by supporting militarily, financially, and logistically a terrorist ethnocentric rebel group that calls itself the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and/or condoning and turning a blind eye to the group’s and other similar terrorist groups’ ethnic cleansing and genocidal acts that resulted in the deaths and injuries of thousands and internal displacement of millions of Ethiopians. 

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has been committing ethnic cleansing and genocide against civilians in different parts of Ethiopia in general and in the so-called Oromia Region in particular, merely because they come from the Amhara ethnic group (Christians and Muslims), or are Orthodox Christians (Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Gamos, etc.). The group’s atrocious crimes against civilians have been extremely cruel, violent, and shocking that challenge the human conscience! They mutilated their victims, burned them in fire, and dumped their bodies in mass graves. Thousands of families have been in disarray with their loved ones (fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings, and other relatives) killed by the terrorist group. They also plundered banks and various properties of civilians and turned cities and towns into ashes. Abiy Ahmed Ali’s government direct and/or indirect involvement in such crimes is not a mere allegation, but rather documented by domestic and international human rights organizations. In addition, the OLA spokesperson Odaa Tarbii during his recent interview with the Voice of America Amharic Service confirmed that the OLA conducts its operations in different parts of Ethiopia in collaboration with the Oromo Special Forces, a branch of the Oromia Regional Government. 

Furthermore, Abiy Ahmed Ali and his Oromo Prosperity Party have been attacking everything Ethiopian, including its history, institutions, historic sites, heritage, etc. out of extreme hatred, with the aim of dismantling and erasing the Ethiopian entity and establishing a new Oromia Republic. His party and allied elite groups, who don’t represent the Oromo people in any way, shape, or form, operate based on a concocted false narrative, that is contrary to the Ethiopian history recorded by Ethiopians and foreigners alike, that Ethiopian rulers in years past had oppressed the Oromo people and it’s now their turn to subjugate the rest of the Ethiopian people under their “Oromuma” apartheid rule. Yesterday alone, the Addis Ababa Capital City and Oromia Police Forces under the direction of Abiy Ahmed Ali killed a high-school physics teacher, Mekuanent Wodaje, and injured a large number of residents of the city while they were celebrating the 127th Anniversary of the Battle of Adwa at the heart of the city merely because they acclaimed The Great Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu, who led the war against and defeated Italy in 1896. The residents were simply celebrating the King and the Queen through their songs, artworks, and T-shirts they were wearing on which the King’s and Queen’s pictures were printed. The Police attacked women, men, children, and elderlies brutally with clubs and used tear gas in the compound of the St. George Church (which is by the Emperor Menelik II Square), in which Orthodox Christians were in annual religious holiday celebration, and in other parts of the city as the residents were marching with their peaceful celebration! In the preceding days, several stores that were selling the said T-shirts and the Ethiopian flag in the capital city were forcefully and illegally closed and sealed under the order of the Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe, higher official of the Oromo Prosperity Party and a close ally of Abiy Ahmed Ali. To the Ethiopian people’s bewilderment, the Battle of Adwa, which is considered a Beacon of Freedom for all black people in the world, has become a crime under the ethnocentric, treasonous, and barbaric rule of Abiy Ahmed Ali! 

Abiy Ahmed Ali’s and his Oromo Prosperity Party’s attacks have not spared religious institutions, including the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council, The Majlis, and The Ethiopian Orthodox Church with the aim to control and subjugate the Ethiopian people through them. In his book “Medemer”, which roughly translated means “Synergy”, Abiy Ahmed Ali, contrary to the Ethiopian constitution’s provision on separation of state and religion, states on page 153 – 154, “Controlling religion leads to controlling the people. The Ethiopian people are committed to their religion. Muslims and Christians are devout. Controlling these religions will create a conducive environment to control the people. Controlling these religions will help enforce a [political] party ideology, legal institutions, and control other social bases.” 

Consistent with his totalitarian, fascistic, and ridiculous “philosophy” stated above, Abiy Ahmed Ali orchestrated the expulsion of The Majlis’ (Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council) elderly leader, Haji Mufti Omar Idris, who happens to come from the Amhara ethnic group, much loved and respected by both Ethiopian Muslims and Christians alike, as well as his other Muslim clerics and their replacement with his favored Majlis headed by Haji Ibrahim Tufa, an alleged Wahhabi and ethnic Oromo, that has now resulted in a large protest by the Muslim population. 

And in the case of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abiy Ahmed Ali secretly recruited three popes from the Holy Synod who are ethnically affiliated with his own ethnic group, and through them orchestrated the formation of a new “Oromia, Nations and Nationalities Synod” and ordained 25 popes illegally and secretly, much like a coup d’état, in a remote small town on January 22, 2023, in contravention of the Holy Synod’s doctrine and administrative rules and procedures, without the knowledge of the Holy Synod. The attack on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church resulted in the deaths, injuries, and arrests of thousands of priests, deacons, members of church choirs, and parishioners in different parts of the country, who came out to protect their parish churches from the newly illegally ordained popes, who with the support of government security forces, were breaking in the churches by force and taking them over. Subsequent to this, the Holy Synod asked the government to protect its clergy, followers, and churches throughout the country, hold those responsible to account, and restore order. Furthermore, the Synod declared a three-day fasting and prayer for all Ethiopian Orthodox Christians worldwide (about 60 million in Ethiopia alone) with the aim of pleading with their Creator, Almighty God, to save the Church and the Country. The Synod asked its followers to dress in black on those three days, who heeded the call and dressed in black, and performed mass prayers by millions throughout the world in an unprecedented manner. Following this, in his typical drama and to quell the wrath of the millions of people who stood by the Holy Synod, Abiy Ahmed Ali orchestrated and led a mediation process between the three popes he secretly recruited and the Holy Synod and claimed in a staged television live transmission that he “brought back the lost sheep!” Concurrently, he instructed his ministerial offices, city administrations, and private sector companies (banks, etc.) to suspend and fire civil servants and workers who appeared for work in black clothes during those three days, proving further his involvement in orchestrating the attack against the Church. 

These religious institutions have been in existence in Ethiopia for thousands of years and are considered sacrosanct by their followers; however, Abiy Ahmed Ali, driven by some diabolic spirit, committed the said heinous crimes against them.

Abiy Ahmed Ali and his inner circle (Shimeles Abdissa, the President of the Oromia Region, and Adanech Abebe, the Mayor of Addis Ababa, et al) have continued their barbaric apartheid system of social engineering and ethnic cleansing acts by preventing the Amhara people from entering the capital city Addis Ababa when they travel by road transportation (busses, cars, etc.), as well as evicting non-Oromo citizens (Amharas, Gurages, Gamos, Siltes, Wolaytas, etc.) who live in the surrounding cities and towns of Addis Ababa by bulldozing their legally-owned houses during the night, beating, shooting, and killing those who protested their actions, with the aim of creating a homogenous Oromo capital city for the new republic they dream to establish!

Abiy Ahmed Ali’s and his Oromo Prosperity Party’s schizophrenic ambition to dismember Ethiopia and found an Oromia Republic is dangerously set to spark a full-fledged civil war along ethnic lines, with security implications that could easily destabilize the horn of Africa and other countries in the region. Since Ethiopia is a large country with over 110 million people, some experts have stated that such a war could even have global implications as millions of displaced migrants could flood European countries. Abiy Ahmed Ali’s and his Prosperity Party’s “Oromuma” apartheid rule is a time bomb that is ticking to go off any time soon, unless the international community takes some measures with a sense of urgency to stop their madness!

Your Excellencies: The Holy Scriptures in Psalms 68:31 states, “… Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.” Abiy Ahmed Ali’s apartheid rule is extremely terrifying; however, Ethiopians pray and hope that a Divine Intervention will dispel the dark cloud that hovers over Ethiopia! 

Abiy Ahmed Ali has never been and never will he be a man of peace! I plead with you courteously for a third and final time to strip Abiy Ahmed Ali of his Nobel Peace Prize for all the atrocious crimes that he and his government have committed against the Ethiopian people either directly and/or indirectly!!! The present Statutes of the Nobel Foundation may not have a provision on revoking a Nobel prize once awarded; however, statutes are not immutable so long as any changes to be made are not inconsistent with the values and objectives of the Foundation. I earnestly request you to make history by standing with the thousands of Ethiopians who have perished and sustained injuries, and millions who are internally displaced, through genocide and ethnic cleansing, merely because of their identity, with Abiy Ahmed Ali’s and his government’s direct and/or indirect involvement in those atrocious crimes!!!


Feleke Alemu



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  1. All this long winded word salad to incriminate the Oromo and its leaders is really pathetic. These kind of people are blinded by their own interest and power. They are unable to see the difficulties of the other side. God willing the new generation will solve the countries ailments.

  2. Destruction & genocide in Tigray was celebrated by all Ethiopians – why leave this important info out? It has taken over 1 million lives


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