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Police detain young people wearing T-shirts with images of Menelik

Emperor Menelik Statue in Addis Ababa (Photo source : Wikipedia)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Police rounded up and detained many young people who were said to wear clothes with images of Emperor Minilik and Prince Taitu imprinted. Sources said police detained the young people in Addis Ababa in areas specially known as Ferensai, Menen and Shiro Meda. 

There are also printing houses that were searched by police. T-Shirts, scarfs, banners, leaflets, logos, plain Ethiopian flags and other similar products of the printing houses with images of emperor Minilik and Prince Taitu were confiscated, according to sources. Police have also given strict warnings to those who engaged themselves in the printing business not to produce and sell products that carry images of Emperor Minilik and Prince Taitu. Those who were discovered printing or selling these products reportedly had their shops and printing houses shut down.

In a related development, heavy military vehicles were seen moving in line in the capital, Addis Ababa, last night. Sources said that the heavy military vehicles including general ordnance were having exercise for the big military parade to be held tomorrow at Meskel Square.

The Ministry of Defense announced recently that the 127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa would be celebrated under its supervision. The anniversary is said to be celebrated at Emperor Menelik Square, Adwa Bridge and Meskel Square. First, the wreath laying ceremony will be conducted at Menelik Square. Then local cavalry parade at Adwa Bridge. The last and the big ceremony will reportedly be held at Meskel Square where the Federal Ministry of Defense will,reportedly, hold a big military parade.  

Some people say that they do not like the idea of taking the celebration spot of the anniversary of Victory of Adwa from Menelik Square to Meskel Square.  


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  1. You would think, one who has suffered under TPLF’s brutal punishment & observed how TPLF ended, would use his & her experiences as a big example to learn from and behave accordingly, but what we are seeing here (in the last 4 years) is total “forgetfulness” (numbness) while carrying the “scars” of the abuses they received in the 27 years earlier.
    Yet they are still “oblivious” that both rise and fall of TPLF, and is punishment on them even happened; simply remarkable.

    TPLF harvested all it saw and a lot more.

    Oromo in 4 years is behaving like it is stable enough to “wreak havoc” in such a brutal and animalistic-ways; but at the END it will all comes back a 100-fold.

    Remember, in a “dynamic-universe”, TIME is the only constant.

    Nothing is Permanente!

    In “Duality” if one forces self to one-side, one is “naturally” (electro-magnetically) ENTANGLED with it’s opposite-side, and there is no escaping that FATE.

    Enjoy it now, while the bitter-test is heading way.

    “Every single action — physical, mental, emotional, and energetic — has a consequence.”, SG

    “በሰፈሩት ቁና መሰፈር አይቀርም።”, Our Forefathers, in Heaven.

    Happy 127th Anniversary, of our ADWA Victory !!!

    Be well.

  2. Those gallant ancestors of all of us never had any requirement for their fighters who answered to call of duty to defend their country. They only had to be able bodied and willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in defending their beloved homeland from a bully. They marched together and died together in their thousands living behind a glorious history for their descendants to savor and celebrate. In their deaths and coming home with some parts of their body missing they left a history of effective/productive gallantry for millions of the colored to emulate from Asia to Africa. But their great grandchildren have chosen to walk over the almost impossible feat. That is just very sad. Other black folks outside that country stay very proud of the heroism of those countrymen/women on that historic day while their descendants of the day desecrate it. It just aches my heart.

    • Dear Aba Farda,

      Thank you, I agree with what you said 100%.

      What these few-imbeciles of today’s “Oromo” are saying is, specially in this very monumental , solemn & memorable day not just for children’s of Ethiopia for generations to come, but to all Oppressed & colonized-people of the global-South is, “we deplore the sacrifice your forefathers paid, to defeat the invading “fascist”-Italy-imbeciles whom we would have liked to have occupied us, so that way we would have proudly be speaking ITALIAN today instead of the “Oromo” language that we feel ashamed of & feel inferior-speaking; all because of your forefathers prevented us from achieving it. Therefore, we are going to make your life measurable as long as we are able.”

      And their haltered to the very FLAG that has been a sign of Ethiopia for over 3000 years (time immemorial) and has become synonymous with the symbol “FREEDOM” to all peoples around the world is now in 2023 prohibited from FREELY FLYING on this Victorious LAND that it always done so. It is a shame!!!

      And their ill-conceived & shameless action to prevent the people of Ethiopia from wearing the Likes of Our Glorious Emperor Menelik II and HE Prince Taitu , printed on T-shirts in this day of great-celebration is not only Un-Ethiopian but right out “treasonous”.
      Shame on these imbeciles.

      Here is the kicker, “colonialism” can & may happen again, but what we, the rest of Ethiopians (east, west, south, north) & historians of the future remember from now on is that, we could let these people have-their-way and test how it feels to speak French/Italian/Spanish for generations to come and not even a word of “Oromo” that their ancestors used to speak to this day because of the sacrifices paid in sweats and Blood, in 1896, 1935-41, 1978, and many times before .

      Happy Adwa Day!!!

      Be well.

  3. Shame on denying your balckness just to receive some money from italians and CIA….are these traitors made of the same stuff as the gallant Oromo generals and fighters . I doubt it. These are traitors of the last type shaming the oromo nation.


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