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Shimelis Abdissa continues to make contentious speeches

Shimeles Abdissa with his colleagues (Photo : file/SM)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – President of Oromia Regional State, Shimelis Abdissa, has come back with his contentious speech. The president said in a speech he recently made at a conference held in connection with the establishment of the new City that “though there are people who oppose the establishment of Sheger City, there is no one who restricts us from building it”. 

“People who do not want to see the establishment of Sheger City are the ones who need the Oromo people to be inferior,” Shimelis said at the conference, which was attended by senior Oromo politicians at Sheraton Addis. The President further said, “though the protest has come following the establishment of the City, it is impossible to reverse the Oromo struggle for a second”.

President Shimelis said on the occasion that the establishment of Sheger City has thrilled its own sides and disappointed and shocked those who need the inferiority of Oromo. “People of Oromo used to live in a dispersed manner. What unites them is Sheger City,” Shimelis said.

“Many years back, under the previous regimes, there was hardly any misery left from falling on the people of Oromo. However, the people are in a steady progress,” he said 

Shimelis has expressed gratitude to veteran fighters who enabled the Oromo people to make a reality the possession of their flag and administrative state. “You have brought back the Oromo people to unity and I would take this opportunity to thank you all,” he said.

The president also extended his appreciation to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who reportedly contributed a lot for the establishment of Sheger City. “I would like to thank Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for enabling us to achieve big success,” Shimelis said.


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  1. It is quite common that politicians say or do anything for public consumption and get them ahead of their imaginary or real competition. That is what distinguishes politicians from statesmen. That country has been in desperate want of statesmen since 1974. Current leaders of that country should be watchful of their language. They are watching others, right? Then why not their own? They should stay clear of incendiary remarks. There is plenty of raw emotion out there.


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