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Ethiopian Singer Teddy Afro donated 1 million birr to borena drought 

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Ethiopian Singer Tewodros Kassahun, Teddy Afro, on Monday reportedly donated  1 million Ethiopian to those affected by drought in Borena area of Ethiopia. 

Sources said he made the donation in commemoration of the 127th anniversary Victory of Adwa – which will be celebrated nationwide on March 2. 

Teddy Afro made a similar donation a few years ago to those affected by the Burayu massacre. 

The Borena zone has already lost 3 million livestock and a famine-like situation is hovering in the region. Government authorities this week said over 250,000 people in the region are in need of emergency food aid. 

Ethiopians in the country and in the diaspora are taking initiatives to mobilize support in response to the dire humanitarian crisis in the borena zone of Oromia region.   


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  1. I wonder how starving Oromos would feel about accepting aid from the Oromo-hater and the Amara Supremacy Advocate [ASA] General Asaminew Tsige Clique [አማራ ሸ ኔ]:- ጃል Mesafint, ጃል Zemene, ጃል Negadras Eskinder, ጃል Tewodros , ጃል Christian, etc.

    I remember when ጃል Tewodros offered a million Birr check to Bourayu area victims BUT the organizers returned his check. This time, the Ethiopian Red Cross is collecting the aid and his check could be accepted. I heard that a Mega Aid Concert is in the works.

    I wonder why ኦሮሞ ሸኔs like ጃል Negadras Jawar fell short on help for Borena Oromos and the over 3 million Oromo IDPs scattered all over the Oromo Zone. ጃል Negadras Jawar and ጃል Negadras Eskinder usually team up to add fuel to such smoldering fires!

    Despite the incessant Oromuma Hullabaloo by the ASA, Shimelis Abdissa flew to Bahir-Dar with 100 million Birr: “For our citizens displaced from Wollega by the Savage ኦሮሞ ሸኔ [OLF-OLA-IFLO*, OFC, etc.]…” Why is Shimelis late for Borena & Oromo IDPs?


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