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Continued demolition in Oromia reducing many to homelessness

Aspects of demolition in Oromia region (Photo : SM)


The Oromo regional state of Ethiopia continues to demolish houses in parts of Addis Ababa and towns surrounding the city which were organized as “Sheger City.” 

Ethiopian Human Rights Council said that has been confirmed from residents that extensive demolition of houses in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.  Sebeta, Buraryu, Legetafo, Legedadi, Sululta, Ermojo, and Gelan towns all have seen demolition of houses.

In Addis Ababa, Yeka and Bole areas are affected – based on the report that the Human Rights Council released on Wednesday.

Some of the demolished houses were in place for about 15 and 20 years. 

Some of the demolitions did not observe the legal procedures and security authorities have used excessive forces during the course of the demolition as residents were resisting the forceful action from the Oromia region. 

Legally constructed houses that have been paying property taxes and utilities (water and electricity) were also included in the demolition. The Oromia regional government has been making claims that the settlements are “illegal.” 

 The Human Rights Group is of the view that what the government calls illegal settlement could have been avoided instead of waiting for residents to drain resources only to be demolished.  It is also noted that the government did not make arrangements for temporary shelter and exchange places for those whose houses were affected by the action of the Oromia regional state. 

Families were immediately reduced to homelessness. Children are affected as they are not in a position to continue their education.

Oromia government action caused tension between security forces and residents. There are reported injuries from residents’ side and arrests although the numbers are unspecified. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Council has been following up and investigating rights violations in connection with demolitions in the towns located in the outskirts of Addis Ababa that are under the Oromia regional state administration. In December 2022, four investigators deployed to the above-mentioned area were arrested by Oromia regional state authorities 

In a related development, the rights group said that rights abuse is continuing in the parts of Oromia region where there is a battle between the armed militant group and the government.

It said that the fighting is causing the loss of innocent lives and the destruction of properties. There are also reported kidnappings. The whereabouts of the kidnapped are unknown. 

There are reports from other sources that both the armed group and the government forces practice executions. The armed group executes civilians for supporting government forces and the government in turn executes civilians for supporting the rebels groups.  

The Ethiopian government has been unable to protect the right to life of citizens in the area.  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government legitimacy does appear to be noticeably dwindling. 


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  1. Do they know there is a drought in Oromia???

    “Drought in the Borena Zone of Oromia Regional State threatens lives of over 800,000 people and over 2.3 million livestock have so far perished due to the natural catastrophe, sources said.”


    While they are blindly demolishing homes making many homeless, over there a few hundred kilometers away, people are suffering… Very sad!!!

    “The blind leading the blind.”

    God save Oromia, & all the poor people over there, our brothers.

    Be well.

  2. May God destroy the Crime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Adanch Abebe, Shimeles Abdissa and the enemy of Amhara and Ethiopians homes, and lives!!!

  3. Direct Food supply to Borena , stop exporting wheat and stop pretending generous by sending wheat to Turkey while your people are dying from hunger.Charity begins at home.
    Buildings seized by EOTC and socalled mahibrekidusan should be confiscated by the ethiopian government and given to poor displaced ethiopians.They are receiving high salary more than they deserve and they are stealing millions from the church.Dismantle mahibrekidusan and lock its leaders behind bars.


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