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Over 800,000 facing monstrous famine in borena, Ethiopia

United Nations Agency recommended scaling UP water rationing in the Borena zone and coordinated early intervention from all humanitarian actors 

Borena drought
Drought in the Borena zone is said to have killed over three million cattle (Photo : SM)


The Borena zone in the Oromia region of Ethiopia is facing one of the deadliest droughts the region has not seen for years and over 800,000 residents in the region are facing famine. 

Although not unforeseen, the development has shocked Ethiopians. Many on social media have been sharing heartrending  pictures from the borena zone drought situation. 

People in the region are mostly pastoralists and depend on animals for livelihood. While the region is dependent on rain for water, it has not received one for the past three years. 

FBC, state-owned media, cited authorities from the zone as saying that over 3.3 million livestock died because of the drought.  The report has also confirmed that over 800,000 people are on the verge of facing famine.  It is unclear if the drought has claimed human lives at this point. 

Thousands have already been displaced and sheltered in the Dubluk center. The FBC report said that it has observed the severe conditions of those in the center. Over 600,000 people have been getting aid in connection with the drought situation, state  media claimed. 

As many as 263,136 people need emergency food aid, according to EBC report. 

There have been reports of government efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the region but they are said to be inadequate given the magnitude of the problem. 

If the region is not getting any rain this year, the disaster-like situation is expected to worsen.  

There are predictions that the drought could be far worse than the one that happened in Somalia more than ten years ago which claimed the lives of more than 260,000 people.

Among the recommendations by OCHC services, as published on Relief Web, “Early response and intervention is expected from all humanitarian actors, Disaster Response Management offices (DRM), national and local government to save lives of drought affected older people, people with disability and their families.”

It also recommended continued water rationing and rehabilitating water sources to address the demand for water – among other things. 


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  1. The abiy, shiemeles and adanech years henceforth will be recorded as “The cursed years” in the annals of Ethiopian history. These evil people brought Ethiopia nothing but wars, famine, displacement and death. በክፋት ተወልደው: በክፋትና: ጥላቻ:አድገው: ለኢትዮጲያ: እና: ለምስኪን: ህዝቧ:ርግማን: ያተረፉ: ናቸው::

    Is there any data on what happened to these pastoralists grazing lands? What is the cause of this famine? We’re they forcefully ejected from their grazing lands by Abiy’s and Shumeles’ goons??? The cause of the famine must be investigated and revealed to the public. This government is inundated by oromumma ideologue goons who create chaos, distraction, mass displacement and nationwide strife to force their pipe dream and grandeur of illusion called oromumma on Ethiopia by hook or crook. As such, one should not be surprised at all, if this so called famine is a man-made famine. All government agencies, both at the regional and federal levels, that kept this famine news hidden a secret from the Ethiopian people are complicit in crimes against humanity and must be called out and brought to justice. Will the sleeping state controlled media finally wake up from their deep somnolence and subservience, and finally be true to their original call of profession and be a voice to the people???????????????????

  2. Dear countrymen/women,

    This is where we should be united. We should stand together and help those who are suffering and lost it all for no fault of their own. Mother Nature has once again decided to visit a part of that country with one of her calamities. Let’s help those upright people with the last red cent in our pocket. This is not the time to play a blame game. Human lives are at stake here. You will be blessed!!!

    • Direct Food supply to Borena , stop exporting wheat and stop pretending generous by sending wheat to Turkey while your people are dying from hunger.Charity begins at home.
      Buildings seized by EOTC and socalled mahibrekidusan should be confiscated by the ethiopian government and given to poor displaced ethiopians.They are receiving high salary more than they deserve and they are stealing millions from the church.Dismantle mahibrekidusan and lock its leaders behind bars.

    • You are crying for those affected by drought. I know it is heartbreaking to see elders suffering from such natural calamities. But also, you are supposed to speak up for those Amhara’s civilians (elders, children and …) dying from Shene cruel killing and hunger. Thise who escaped the wild Shenee-OPDO hyenas are dying from famine. I could hear you your concern if you are concerned and be voice of Amhara’s targeted by Oromuma. Justice for Amhara being killed by SHEN-OLA and Shimelis led killers.

  3. I understand that Abiy’s regime has been overstretched due to COVID, WSW*-imposed drastic Birr devaluation, Egypt/WSW-Sponsored Proxy Wars [TPLF/OLA/etc.], WSW’s embargo/sanctions & aid/loan cancellations, wide-spread drought, massive IDPs**, etc.

    Nevertheless, why put Ethiopian lives in the hands of the WSW’s agencies like the UN? All they do is drag their feet to worsen the misery, prolong the tragedy by orchestrating some more disasters, and make a life-time career out of such catastrophe to make money.

    I wonder why they didn’t slaughter their animals, dry the meat [ቋንጣ], and use it instead of letting them perish and wait for their turn to die just like their animals. Isn’t it ironic that this is happening in the Ethiopia where food prices have soared, especially meat?

    Ethiopia should fast-track Trans-Ethiopia Highways, Trans-Ethiopia Railways, Freight Fleet, Water Tanker Truck Fleet, standard mid-size airports [e.g. for Boeing737s], etc. They save lives and connect consumers/businesses with farmers/pastoralists.

    PS: Why wasn’t any airport built after the ‘Ethiopian Airlines [EA]’ took over the Ethiopian Airports Authority BUT Q-400 airplane orders soared? Does EA really serve Ethiopians?

    WSW*: White Supremacist West
    IDP**: Internally Displaced People

  4. US Geoengineering:

    Presentation at the 2006 UN Council Chemtrails… (weather modification)

    Be well..

  5. Help the ravenous people of Borena, strickedn by natural disaster, stop sending wheat or any other agricultural product to abroad, Turkey or etc charity begins at home.The hypocrite Abiy Ahmed must help the people of Borena and other revered people who are suffering from man made disaster.
    The mafias in the Orthodox church of Amhara(EOTC) must be forced to help the people of Borena, and all the displaced and people stricken with manmade hunger.
    Including socalled mahibrekidusan , most bishops and parish church leaders are earning a big sum of money every month in the form of wage . Many are paid this huge money from different places . Could you imagine a man receiving more than 3000.OO ETB from three places, receiving gifts, enjoying a daily meal for free at dejeselam, while the other priest have nothing to feed his children.We have also EOTC followers who are homeless , displaced, living in areas strickedn by the current drought etc . These wicked church leaders continue to exploit the poor, receive bribes , and delude the population to die for their power and prestige.
    All those buildings taken from the poor state , lands confiscated from the poor peasants should be reconfiscated by the state and given to the poor. It is beacause the these buildings and churches are manipulated by robbers,sorcerers and criminals who use religion as a viel .

    The church (EOTC) has billions collected from poor people and should help the poor and displaced. Why it is sinful act for the church to help the displaced and hungry citizens regardles of their ethnic and religious background ????

    For those of you who don’t know, Mulsims help traditional EOTC students both in Gonder, Desse(Wollo) and other cities . And muslims helped in the construction of various churches in Wollo and Addisa ababa(St Raguel church) filling the alms box.
    When someone is in hardship we don’t have to judge his ethnic or religious background.

    Samaritan man gave freely of both his time and his money to help a Jewish man who was not only a stranger, but also was of a different religion, a foreigner and an enemy of his people. Luke 10:25-37

    • I see that your agenda is to attack EOTC pretending to be concerned about the people of Borena..
      How come you didn’t blame the other religions? You and your like are trying to dismantle the
      historical Ethiopia Orthodox Church. Shame on you to come on this page and spread more hate
      and distraction. If the government is interfering with with the religion entities then there is no
      Freedom of Religion.
      The government is the one who is collecting taxes. The Government should be responsible to
      his people that it governs not Churches.
      So you need to shut your nonsense and keep your recist, divisive and immoral comments here
      to your twisted inferior mind.

  6. International aid and state of emergency needed in the country. Climate change causes a devastating effect in sub-Saharan African country. Road map for tackling its effect is highly demanded.

    • “International Aid”,

      UK, needs one… immediately!!!
      US 53 million ppl are getting food from “Food Bank”
      EU perhaps has the same issues…

      Source =

      The whole world needs “Aid”, we cannot ask UFO’s for help , as US is shooting them off the sky.

      In 2024 & 2025 hunger is going to hit climax.

      Grow your own FOOD, do not expect a savior to come , there is none.

      Be well.

  7. Dear all Concerned for the poor people of Borana! Please pray, Pray, Pray and help in whatever way you can. Yes this is a big deal…millions of lives at stake, and it is not unforseen. What is the admistration doing? what are/were they admistering all these years when the cattle are dying and people are loosing everything? Now the people are dying? So what is the Ethiopia they are preaching everyday. May this be to systematically eradicate the people from their land so they can sit on their throne without any issues forever?

  8. I am committed to go there and discussed with those people……Actually Ethiopia is top among the countries vulnerable to natural and man made disaster and has been highly attacked by man made disaster like ethnic based conflict and natural disaster like drought ….we remember the 1970 great famine and s we have been recording the same disaster with increasing trend….no need of politicizing this issue.

  9. The Ethiopian Government is supporting 3.6 million people in Borena and its neighbors today. DON’T USE THE DROUGHT FOR POLITICAL CONSUMTION, PLEASE.

  10. The Ethiopian Government is supporting 3.6 million people in Borena and its neighbors today. FOR HEAVEN SAKE, DON’T USE THE DROUGHT FOR POLITICAL CONSUMTION, PLEASE.

  11. “Unbelievable! 50 Year Old Report Predicted THIS Current Crisis… (What Comes Next Is WORSE)”

    Source =

    The US consumes 60% of the world resources, as population grows unchecked world-wide, it becomes US’s concern, that its 60% share will shrink as time goes by and population record rise, therefore someone (US) has to take action (clandestine or otherwise ) .

    Could this “Drought” be “the tip of the iceberg”?

    It seems, a lot more is yet to come.

    “You can control it or they will control it for you, to the maximum-effect.”.

    Wish every one big family and long life.

    Be well.

    • Comparison of 2 Nation that had the same population in 1800 = 2 million each.

      #1) Population of Ethiopia from 1800 until 2020

      2 million to 120 million


      #2) Population of the Netherlands from 1800 to 2020

      2 million to 17 million


      Food for thought!

      Be well.


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