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Addis Ababa City Admin suspending employees who dressed in black to support Ethiopian church


Citizen reports emerging on social media indicate that Addis Ababa City Administration is suspending employees who were dressed in black in response to a call from the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church about two weeks ago.

The action was called a form of spiritual resistance to government interference in the affairs of the Church by way of supporting a splinter group from the Holy Synod. 

It appears that the administration is now going after employees who were dressed in black. 

A letter purportedly addressed to Beletu Zeleke and dated February 13, 2023 is circulating on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

The letter is written in Amharic and the translation partly reads like “…You have been assigned in the Legal and Technique Affairs Directorate in the ‘support, follow up and complaints’ division. However, you have been involved in an issue outside of the duty and responsibility you have. It is found necessary that you be suspended from your position and salary until the issue is looked at by the discipline committee. Accordingly, you have been suspended from work and salary as of February 13, 2023 based on Addis Ababa City Administration Public Service Act No 56/2010, Section 72 subsection 1. “

Addis Ababa City Administration

The letter is signed by the land administration office head, Khalid Nesredin Ahmed. (See letter that is circulating on social media)  

Video footage of a woman who said that she was barred from her office as she appeared dressed in black for work.  Borkena has learned that the administration does not have a dress code in regard to colors. 

Borkena has reached out, via the city’s website portal and an e-mail (the city contact email address provided on social media is a “Gmail” one, to the city administration requesting a remark on the claims of suspension in connection with dressing in black for religious reasons. 

There are also unconfirmed reports that a member of the Federal Police who released a video criticizing the attack on Orthodox Christians and dressed in black removing his uniform is suspected.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has been under recurring state and non-state actors’ attacks since Abiy Ahmed took office in April 2018. 

The group that announced that it is split from the Holy Synod, on January 22 this year, is now returned after mediation by prominent figures (elders). The Prime Minister himself was involved in the “mediation” and he finally led the “lost sheep,” as he called them, to the patriarchate where they bowed to the His Holiness Abune Mathias only to disappear the next day without a trace in pursuit of the course they announced on June 22. They declared allegiance in less than 48 hours after they disappeared following stern action from the Patriarchate. 

The Ethiopian government has been claiming that it has nothing to do with the division although the majority of Ethiopians, as demonstrated by social media users, tend to believe that the government was involved. 

In fact, some tend to see the actions by Addis Ababa City Administration as the latest example to demonstrate government attack and undue pressure on the Ethiopian Church, one of the oldest churches as recorded in history.  


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  1. Ok the first step is to sue Khalid Nesredin Ahmed. It should not be that difficult to sue. Funds can easily be collected for legal representation of this lady and any other government employee targeted by this administration. These are precedents and must be used as the platform to hold this administration accountable and bring societal to changes that have proved illusory for generations.

    1) violation of article 11 (separation of state and religion) ,sub articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Ethiopian constitution by Abiy Ahmed

    2)article 12 : conduct and accountability of government

    3) article 14: article 15, article 16, article 17, right to life, security of the person and liberty ( Shimeles, Adanech, Abiy all involved)

    4)article 18,19,20,21 , rights against inhuman treatment, rights of those arrested, rights of those accused

    5) article 27: freedom of religion and opinion

    6) articles 29, 30, 31, 32 including rights of opinion, expression, rights of assembly, rights of demonstrations and rights of freedom of movement.

    If Ethiopia were a country of laws, the abiy federal government, the shimeles regional government, and the adanech Addis Ababa city government would be in court by now, and they must be. They are unconstitutional. They are unlawful, they are in contempt of the law of land and the constitution about which they bark day in day ad nauseam.

    The plights of those murdered, displaced, fired, imprisoned, tortured, intimidated and threatened by this mafia group must be internationalized. Neither the USA nor the European Union, and in fact no decent nation in the world, owes Abiy anything. American and European tax payers money should not be used, not a dime, for a wanna be dictator in the 21st century. The world has no stomach to tolerate another hitler or Stalin in the 21st century.

  2. no surprise from an oromo mayor – btw who said that a menopausing fat woman from the satanic marauding city of shashamene should be a mayor of a modern city like AA, who? except the moronic oro politics

  3. Borkena you are deleting our comments and posting only that of neftegna war monger bulshit elites born from aloevera

    Worqu Belayneh , Ittu Aba Farda and zehabesha enock gitcha

    you are posting your hatespeech on Oromo ppl. You bettere leav our sacred land, Oromia.We are feeding more than 30 million Amahara who nothin,g to eat in their region. You are everywhere and can’t support yourself.

    Worqu Belayneh is bloody idiot, illilliterate man from gonder.

    • Dear beloved Ittu Aba Farda
      are you the incarnated devil living in uusaea, kaliforniya ? are you not busy as bee with your job in FBI ?
      Eritreans out of Oromia
      dismantle mahibrekidusan and lock its leaders up in maxium security pens
      Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church(EOTC) commercial buildings in addisa ababa should be confiscated by the state and divided among poor displaced people. Thousands of EOTC bishops and parish church leaders take control of several districts and earn monthly salary from more than 3 parish churches (dioceses), and they amassed more than 30 million in their bank account. State should always intervene in the EOTC in its administrative matter but not in its canonical laws and appointment of clergies or bishops, patriarch etc .


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