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Wolkite Ethiopia : Police shot dead four peaceful protestors

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Residents of Wolkite took to the street for a peaceful demonstration on Thursday to protest the shortage of drinking water.  However, the demonstration met with brutal suppression.

Residents of the city told VOA Amharic that special forces of the Southern Ethiopia region opened fire on the protestors and killed four of them. The regional police claim the number of deaths is three. 

A total of sixteen people have been admitted to Wolkite University Specialized hospital and two of them died within an hour after admission.

The conditions of two of the victims were serious and were sent to Addis Ababa for treatment. 

Police allege that residents who took to the street did have the intention to block the transregional road. Residents, however, say that the peaceful protest was about the shortage of drinking water in the city but the government might have linked it to the demand for regional status.  


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  1. What a sad story! They went out begging for drinking water and ended up dead. Violence against civilians is a never ending story of the old country. Even in Tigray where the guns of the warring factions gone silent a different form of violence is being perpetrated on the civilians of that region. They are now being besieged by former fighters of the TPLF. Robberies, kidnapping and physical assaults of all sorts are said to be daily occurrences in big cities like Mekele. What I heard the reason they are doing that on their own fellow citizens is they have an axe to grind on the civilians. They believe the citizens had stopped supported them during their losing streaks during the days leading to the peace agreement. That is their way of settling scores with the citizens they now think had ‘betrayed’ them. The story will be the same if these gangs of hoodlums now wreaking havoc in the western parts of Oromia. Just look what they have been doing. They have been murdering people they see as their imaginary mortal enemies and those Oromos they suspect as ‘collaborators’. What they do to those collaborators is utter savagery unthinkable. I heard from those who have first hand stories for that area is these brutes butchering the entire members of the ‘collaborators’ including the elderly and even toddlers and nursing mothers. Such savagery is unthinkable in my Oromo culture and values. It is my Oromos who created the system of Gudifachaas, Moggaasas and Ilma-Gosaa of assimilations and these were applied to other ethnic groups. Just imagine what these hoodlums become undisputed rulers of their fantasized ‘republic’. Just imagine that. They will make Idi Amin, Bokassa, Mobutu, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and Attila the Hun look like little angels.

  2. Poisonous Abiy Ahmed will be remembered for bringing chaos, deaths and misery on Ethiopia. Since his coming to power Ethiopians never breath peace. He kept creating war, deaths, and sufferings every part of Ethiopia.

    He is killing innocent Gurage’s because they do not want to fall in his evil ethnic trap.

    Abiy the grew up plotting against Ethiopia and got a job with TPLF after he proved his hate for Amhara and Ethiopia and
    to create death and misery on Ethiopians. Now he has moved against the Great and Oldest religion after messing up with Muslim religion to further his Oromo Apartheid agenda that has no religion but worships money and brutality.


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