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Ethiopia : At least 50 civilians killed in Oromia region 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission finding indicates that Oromo Liberation Army gunmen went house to house targeting ethnic Amhara in pars of Ano town


Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Wednesday said at least 50 civilians are killed in an attack in Seyo district of the East Wollega zone in Oromia region.

The report from EHRC indicates that the armed group that calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army” , OLF-Shane as the government calls it, is behind the attack. 

This time the attack targeted an internally displaced center.  It happened between February 2 -4 2023. 

EHRC said it spoke to eyewitnesses, government authorities in the region and families of the victims to establish the number of casualties from the attack – which is the latest one of an endless attack on civilians at least four years now. 

In the early hours of February 2 starting at 6 a.m., several “Oromo Liberation Army” gunmen dressed in military fatigue entered Ano town from three directions. 

They opened gunfire soon after their entry into the town killing civilians, looting and destroying property.  

According to EHRC, as many as 10,800 people displaced from thirteen kebeles, apparently due to the relentless attack by the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, live in the area. Some of them live in designated shelters in Ano town and some live mingled with residents of the town. 

Among those killed in the latest attack is an unspecified regional government authority along with his driver, a policeman in the town and some militia forces. 

About 42 of the victims are displaced people and people whom the armed group identified as government supporters. Women and children are among the victims; three children and three women were killed. 

Another finding from EHRC investigation is that the Oromo Liberation Army gunmen went house to house in the Segno Gebeya area of the town mainly targeting ethnic Amhara civilians. They were killed because of ethnic identity. 

The attack on the Shelter targeted men who were on the premises of the shelter and were unable to escape.  Some of the bodies were burned. 

Residents of the town buried some of the bodies on the same day and the day after the massacre. 

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia branches in the town, private stores and public offices have been looted. 

A spokesperson of the militant Oromo nationalist group told VOA Amharic that the forces carried out the attack but made claims that the targets were “Amhara forces who were in military training, not civilians.” 

The EHRCO report indicated that government forces based in the town attempted to halt the attack but the militant group outnumbered them. 

Defense Force members posted in the Nekemte area arrived in the town after 12 P.M., – which is seen as an indication that the attack was planned ahead of time. 

Eight people who have reportedly collaborated with the militant group are killed after the defense force entered the town. 


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  1. Those wicked pastors of amhara origin who were encouraging the believers to engage in conflict with police are from mahjibrekidusan, and mihretab & amhara bishops in unholy synod also played a key role in the chaos.
    THese wicked people need to be brought to, justice and should be locked up . Poor innocent civilians died in vain, incontrsat to fake propaganda of being martyr, to protect bishops’ seat and financial interest.
    የተወገዙ ዎችን አናስገባም ብለው ተሰው ተባለ ለግለሰብ ጥቅም ሰውን ማስጨፍጨፍ ከቴም ሰማዕትነት

    Amhara bishops are going t consecrate abiy amhed and shimelis to be archbishop of PP and honor him as liqenegestat

  2. For a well armed group to go in a shelter and shooting unarmed and defenseless refugees is nothing but savagery. It does not define strength in anyone. What I take away from such massacres is that it does not come as a surprise or is not given widespread coverage in international media. Just look around. That includes media outlets of our own Diaspora. It has become like ‘50 unarmed refugees shot to death: so what?’ I have discussed this with some friends and what one of them told had registered with me as something that has some truth in it. He told me that such numbness started during the days of the bloodthirsty Mengistu when he was throwing tortured bodies of his opponents in the streets which included those as young as 10 year olds. It was a daily part of life to see dead bodies with eyes gouged out and mangled beyond apprehension. Such culture of being oblivious started in those days of atrocities so shocking that the entire generation was left numb. You were not even allowed to mourn their loved ones and if you did pincers and dental drills awaited you. That is why such savagery has become just normal story for many. 50 people killed, so what? 100 peopled killed, so what? 1,000 people killed, so what? 600,000 young people lost their Allah created lives in senseless war, so what? This is something I can’t put my arms around. I will never understand it. Those of you among our Diaspora who go beyond numbness and glorify such band murderous vagabonds, you must be ashamed of yourselves. This is not freedom fighting but rather savagery from the dark ages. You must be ashamed of yourselves!!!

  3. ………for the sake of agreeing…….let’s say you are right about the intentions of these Amhara pastors. But tell me who is more wicked? these rag head so called OLF fighters who go to village to village and slaughter defenseless poor women and children in the most unhuman horrific way ? or Pastors, who as you say, incite violence to protect their wealth…..?. If you consider yourself a human being, it should be clear who is the most wicked here.
    I mean I saw a video where these so called Shenne burned villages down in one case while the poor family where inside screaming a live. I mean this is beyond evil. …….And yes it’s OLF fighters because it’s clear video…rag heads with full military gear, laughing and clapping in afan oromo while burning people alive……Only I thing one can say is may god give what they deserve..


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