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Ethiopian PM wants “Ethiopians to focus on peace, Prosperity…”

There are clear indications that PM Abiy Ahmed is resorting to heavy handed policy – despite failure to protect the security of Ethiopians in the Oromia region – as he is losing credibility but he makes it appear that Ethiopians are losing focus on prosperity

Ethiopian PM _ Wheat export _ peace
Abiy Ahmed (file)


On the day the Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed announced that Ethiopia is exporting wheat for the first time in history, followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the capital Addis Ababa were restricted, for the first time in history, from attending church service on alleged grounds of security forces drill ahead of the African Union submit. 

Wheat production dominated state-owned media outlets’ news headlines for over well over a year now. Today, most of them reported that Ethiopia “started exporting wheat.”  

The Ethiopian Prime Minister was in Bale to witness the export. And he made an election campaign-style speech making claims about the productivity of his party to ensure “prosperity” in Ethiopia. 

“Exporting wheat process we saw in Bale is the little success that we [apparently he is making a reference to his party] have to achieve for Ethiopia, ”  he is quoted as saying. He expressed how proud he is to disprove those who said “you can not export wheat.”  His administration has given a production target to different regions in connection with wheat production. 

The destination of the first batch of “wheat export” is unspecified by state media reports. However, it is stated that Ethiopia has signed an agreement with six countries to export 3 million quintals of wheat. Sudan and Kenya are cited in name but the remaining four countries are unspecified.  

Critics say the food insecurity in the country including in Afar, Amhara and the arid parts of the Oromo region of Ethiopia is still unresolved and the government is preparing to export food. 

Abiy Ahmed seized the occasion of his presence in Bale to talk about politics. 

 “The Ethiopian People should focus on peace, development and prosperity…,” he said.  He appeared to be making a reference, without naming names, to the tension last week in connection with what is said to be a government-manufactured problem within the Orthodox church. 

Millions of Ethiopians were getting ready to take to the street to oppose what they think is government interference in the Orthodox Tewahedo Church.  Three members of the Holy Synod broke away from the Ethiopian church to establish an ethnic Oromo Synod.  Abiy Ahmed’s remark on it ( which he made during a meeting with his cabinet ministers) was one that provided a political cover to the group that the Holy Synod excommunicated as an illegal one. 

The group was forcefully seizing churches in the Oromo region with support from the government (Oromia region security). Peaceful resistance to it was quelled down by brute force – which the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission called “excessive force,”  in places like Shashemene. At least 13 Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers were killed. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, it seems, has attempted to make it appear like the problem is created due to “emotional response.” 

He said, during his visit to Bale today, we have to overcome problems we face through consultation in a spirit of brotherhood rather than emotions. 

His credibility has plummeted at least since over a year ago due to his government’s failure to enforce law and order. His government’s interference in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church affairs, to weaken it as many tend to believe, has worsened his problem of political legitimacy to rule the country so much so that this focus has turned out to be further strengthening the security apparatuses. 

When his government restricted access to Church in the capital Addis Ababa today, the pretext that was given was a drill for security forces ahead of the upcoming African Union leaders summit. But that does not seem to convince many Ethiopians. The problem in connection with the Orthodox Church is yet unresolved although he pledged to address all the demands from the legitimate Holy Synod  in what now appears to be a bid to make the planned massive demonstration ( which was to take place on Sunday) be cancelled. 


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  1. You can guess the next intrigue of PP – arrest other party activists and business rivals, entrench oromia until OLA takes over many regions, threaten with article 39, blubber about the amhara bid for power, go on to dominate Addis Ababa and then create another conflict between this and that…the guy has still some blood to collect….

  2. “Ethiopian PM wants “Ethiopians to focus on peace, Prosperity…”


    Nobody, no one with even half a brain in Ethiopia is ever going to believe this duplicitous, double talking from both sides of his mouth, ideologue and oromumma fanatic as capable of being a leader for all Ethiopians, a statesman dedicated to justice, equality and liberty. አምስት አመት ሊሆን እኮ ነው:: በአፉ እስኪያንገሸግሽ ድረስ እረ በቃ ቱልትላህ አደነቆረን እስኪባል ድረስ: የሚያወራው ሌላ: ተግባሩ: ትዕቢቱ: ጥራዝ ነጠቅነቱ: አጭበርባሪነቱ:ጭካኔው: ርህራሄ ቢስነቱ: አስመሳይነቱ: ሌላ!!!!!! ይሄንን ሰውዬ የኢትዮጵያ ቅን መሪ ብሎ ከአሁን ወድያ የሚያስብ ካለ ከማሞ ቂሎም የባሰ ቂል ነው::


  3. Abbey Ahmed is trying to destroy the Orthodox church and our history . The fabricated story of by Abbey Ahmed that Orthodox is dominated by Amhara which is far from the reality. Orthodox is one of the oldest church in the world and the largest religion as of 70% the country. He is splitting the church to organize by ethnic religion to create division between the people of Ethiopia Now the church is under attack, burning churches, killing members and priests by the government.

  4. The Rich says, “That is not bad”, but will not buy it (keeps his $$$).
    The Middle class says, “That is a good”, may or may not buy it (depending on cash flow).
    The Poor says, “That is awesome”, will buy it instantly if and when possible…

    Governance follows the same patterns:

    Experienced leadership: gives leeway to help the public to learn & follow the law & how to behave much more in civil manner, as to keep the peace across the region /nation.

    Inexperienced leadership with some observed knowhow (military): employs, a bit of force and a bit of convincing, with no clear-cut rules and guidelines that are consistent …

    Accidental leadership: employs “Brute force”, it is short lived, as the public will tolerate for a bit longer but sooner or later it is a time –bomb –waiting to explode.

    In Ethiopian history, all 3 types have been expressed and the longevity of each has been recorded in the history books.

    The first lasting the test of time for thousands of years, and only to end due to a blunt force that has been put forward.

    The second and third have lasted as far as they could and collapsed under their own wait in the last 50 years. Looking at what occurred during the “red-terror” of the late 70’s – 80s, the TPLF brutal-rule since the 90’s, its continuation till the current week of uncontrolled Oromo regional “Police/ militia” live –fire killings of women, children, and elderly (37 at the last count), biting unarmed civilians with sticks and a “butt of a gun” on the face on women, children & the elderly alike, is a sad seen to hear , read, & watch; let alone being on the other tide of these unspeakable violence by the very authorities that are sworn-in & are trusted to protect the very public that pays their salary.

    We all watch a video where 2 priests stopped to show their paper-pass (it seems) only to be slapped by the military-man that stopped them, and instructed the priest he slapped to go follow another armed militia to somewhere (I suspect a prison) and getting slapped from behind by the militia man with a Kalashnikov on one hand…

    Link = Ethiopian Priest Slapped by Check Point Officer. Justice for #EOTC

    Very very SAD!!! Heart breaking!!!

    History tells us 6 million Jews were gassed some 80 years ago in Ukraine & Poland, just because of their beliefs… I palatine the Jews are doing unbelievable cruelty, yet i did not expect to see it in my Ethiopia!!!
    What shame.

    I have never ever seen a priest-slapped ever; it can only happen in lawless-region of Ethiopia. It is very SAD. I have gone through the “red-terror” era, lost a lot of innocent-none political-friends, a few arrests under my belt, including in the dungeon-of 4kilo palace (miss-Identity) (which I used to visit as a kid, my God-father who I now know (via his name) happen to be Oromo, a High-ranking official in the palace Admin office at the time). Even during Derg, I have not heard of or seen a priest-slapped for just being a priest.

    I understand, the PM is trying to bring-about or introduce a “democratic” law & order practice the country has not seen in the last 50 years… but there needs to be limit to these live-&- learn “experiment” he is has going; somewhat uncontrolled in Oromo region in particular.
    Shimels Abdissa seems to be working against the PM, by not enforcing Law & order in the very region he is responsible for, as a president of Oromo. History, maybe even the Law will one day, will have him answer for his role in this crimes, as an enabler.

    For the PM:

    As the PM may have realized by now, the support he enjoyed for the last 4 years plus, is eroding at a faster rate inside the country, and abroad (the Diaspora with no voting power). So, he needs to take the kid-gloves off as far as Oromo-violence goes.

    If some in Oromo, might think what they are doing is necessary “pay-back” for the fiction they made up of 150 years ago, but the people they are killing & abusing today WERE-NOT-THERE; they are not responsible for the PAST. This new generation does not know, has np part in it, or Condon such actions if they ever took place. (2) There is a saying, “what goes around comes around”, you may be in the “power-position” today with gun in you hands, to do whatever you fancy, but remember, if not you your children may-suffer just the same for what you are doing now, because “pay-back” can also be carried out by the next ‘Power”, whoever it is, not necessarily by your victims or their allies, but a complete different group.
    *** God has mysterious ways to make one pay!

    Both Hitler and Stalin were found dead on the floor (soiled pants), following an agonizing pain that made them fall off bed “alone” in their respective rooms… with no one around to help. KARMA.
    *** Everyone faces his/her own demons; in waiting.

    “Be kind to your selves-first, so that you become kinder to your surroundings…, the world, to all God’s creations”

    Wheat Export:

    3 million quintals of wheat export plan:

    The total amount is roughly 2.3 kg per person for 120 million Ethiopians at home (if my math is correct).

    At the present time there are low-farm-outputs worldwide, due to various factors:

    a) Ukraine war (food shortage)
    b) Russian Fertilizer had been taken hostage in EU ports…
    c) Netherlands “farmers” prevented to farm due to WEF’s execs “Nitrogen” in the soil, theater.
    d) Low farm output both in the US & Canada in the last few years (used to be top exporters).
    e) “Climate-change “mantra assisted by HARRP (this week’s earth quake 35k dead) war-fare.
    f) UN 2030, WHO health- quarantine plan… (Where allegedly all countries have signed over their independence over to WHO-rule (includes the US for some twisted reason).
    g) A possible WWIII, any time now, as US lost its proxy-war in Ukraine concludes with Russia on top, & the China-Taiwan (US) war in hopes of submitting China to the US-rule.
    h) The Recent UFO –WAR in US & Canada (most dubbed it as a “Ukraine diversion” …
    i) Sept 26th, NS1 & NS2 bombing, news blowout by a US investigative journalist.
    j) Bill Gates (vaccine god, “population –control”, eugenics-family-tree) is in Kenya… today.
    k) Etc. etc. etc. …

    Keeping some “emergency-food-security” at home would be a wise move, at this critical time.

    Be well!!!


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