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TPLF denies leadership changes amid talks about end of Debretsion Era

Opposition parties in the Tigray region say they do not expect anything new from TPLF


Internal turmoil is not something unusual within the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). However, there are indications that it has intensified since the death of what most TPLF and supporters believe a “visionary leader” – Meles Zenawi. 

The radical ethnic-centric supremacist agenda that was enveloped in a “revolutionary democracy” brand eventually led to a full-fledged war against Ethiopia and the Federal government claiming nearly one million – as sources who were involved in the mediation process between TPLF and the Federal government hinted a few months back. 

One of the terms of the Pretoria Peace Agreement between the TPLF and the Federal government was for the former to cease to exist as the “government of Tigray” and agree to a transitional administration arrangement in the region. 

The organization has been undertaking a meeting for about six days now as voices are heard for a political paradigm shift and reform. What exactly happened in the meeting is not yet public.

Amid rumors that Debretsion Gebremichael is to be removed as chair of the organization, Getachew Reda, spokesperson, said in a Twitter message that there is no removal or new appointment within the organization. 

Unconfirmed social media sources say the organization has reached an agreement to establish a regional transitional administration and that opposition party leaders in the region are included in it.  

Opposition parties operating in Tigray accuse the TPLF of not having the determination to form a transitional government, according to a report by DW Amharic. 

They say no single opposition party is invited to the meeting that the TPLF has been having for the last six days. The organization’s political and military leaders are said to be part of the meeting which is said to determine the future of the Tigray region. 

Amdom Gebreselassie is the public relation head of Arena Tigray Party. DW Amharic quoted him as saying “The TPLF is having its own meeting. Military leaders are said to be part of it. This is their own issue. Had it been about the transitional government, legally registered parties should have been part of it. If they are going to form a transitional government, the Pretoria agreement says that it will be a participatory one. But the TPLF is meeting behind closed doors and it will not have a meaning.”  

Aregawi Mebrahtom, the coordinator for the Geneva-based Agazian Habesha Unity, says from the get-go that TPLF is an organization that does not respect laws or believe in dialogue. It is an entity that wants a monopoly of power and it is a family enterprise, he added. 


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  1. Getachew is fanning rumors as a distraction. Why mention it in the first place? Abiy has been in office for almost five years now, something is about to happen. I’m anxious just thinking about it. Farmers are being killed, the EOTC is under attack, and our people have become victims of Western terrorist agendas such as Pan-Africa and BLM.

    Media coverage needs a complete overhaul. We are focusing on the wrong issues. The children need us now more than ever. We must give support for the schools and EDUCATION has to be a priority!!! The future is in danger.


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