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TPLF violating terms of the peace agreement, says Ethiopian gov’t 

Ethiopian News _ TPLF breaching agreement
Legesse Tulu, Minister For Government Communication Services (Photo : Screenshot from EBC video)


The Ethiopian Government this week accused “some members of TPLF” leadership of violating the terms of the peace agreement. 

In a briefing to the media this week, Government Communications Services Minister, Legesse Tulu, said his government has demonstrated committeemen in implementing the peace agreement in different areas including the distribution of humanitarian aid and resumption of services that were interrupted during the war including banking, telecom and electric power. 

However, there has been, based on his remark, a breach of the terms of peace agreement as far as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is concerned. 

Refraining from disseminating negative information about the other side is part of the agreement but it has been violated by some TPLF leaders – according to Legesse Tulu. 

( watch between 10:00 minute and 11:47 minutes ) 

He said the government has been strictly observing it and monitoring all state owned media outlets. The result is, based on his brief, that there has been no violation of the terms of the agreement. 

For the peace agreement to yield the intended result, he said, all parts of the agreement need to be observed and implemented. He said some members of the TPLF leaders have been violating that and painting regional forces in a negative light as perpetrators of persecutions in the Tigray region.  

He also said that those TPLF leaders engaged in disseminating negative information have been covering up the crimes committed by TPLF forces in the Tigray region. 

According to him, relevant TPLF authorities are contacted about it and requested to address the problem. 

The TPLF leaders have not remarked about it. 

 Reports of schism within the TPLF leadership 

Meanwhile, there are reports of schism within the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

According to sources, the central committee has been undertaking an evaluation and election and that Debretsion Gebremicael does not seem to continue as leader to the organization for he, reportedly, did not get enough votes from the central committee. 

The division within the organization seems to be over reform and staying the course. Debretsion Gebremicael and Getachew Assefa are said to be with the reformists. 

The balance of power between the reformist and the radical groups is unknown at this point.

The TPLF started the deadly war that lasted for two years when it attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020. 

Nearly one million people are said to be killed in the war in the region. The war came to an end when the peace agreement was signed between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF in November 2022. 

Eritrean forces and regional forces from Amhara region have reportedly withdrawn from the Tigray region early this week. 


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  1. Ya.right! It is predictable that TPLF hoodlums would bend and twist the agreement every turn and opportunity including the fancy notio that would disarmed voluntarily itself. It is deeply ingrained in the TPLF’s political culture and modus operandi over decades. I ridiculous to expect now the likes of Gethavhaw Assefa would be peace envoy and become respectable gentleman after all those crime he has done again citizens for decades..

  2. Eritreans are coming! Eritreans are coming!! Eritreans are coming!!!
    Hey Ittu, they are not coming. They are reported leaving when there were no reliable sources that saw them in the first place.
    I don’t care what you say. Eritreans are coming!
    Who told you that, Ittu? Was that Af-Mishar!
    Yes he did.
    He lies to establish himself as a policy ‘expert’. How do you believe him?
    No it was not only Af-Mishar. I saw them myself.
    How is that, Ittu.
    When I was scanning the northern area using my custom made telescope I saw men in military uniforms.
    They could have been soldiers of the ENDF.
    I don’t care. They must be them Eritreans.
    Well Ittu. Whether they were there or not they kicked some ass. Didn’t they? If they are not the ones who did it but someone did!
    Boy they did that bigly! Somebody ended up with sore behind! Ouch that hurts!!!
    I hope that is a lesson to others. You just don’t shoot at neighbors who are minding their own business. Kenyans could have done the same thing. Every EU member country could have done the same thing.
    Okay. Please don’t tell them to come back to my grocery shop.
    No they will not come back to your grocery store unless they hear you talking to someone about them behind their back.
    Okay. I won’t say anything about them. Mums is the word!!!
    Now you can go to bed in perpetual peace!!!

  3. Humble Opinion
    What doese TIGRAY want? My answer is simpleton: I DON’T KNOW, because we are not addressing the aim of Tigray as an ancient part of Ethiopia.

    What does seem to be happening is that the interest of certain INDIVIDUALS is a paramount factor, much more than the interest of the millions of the People of Tigray!!!

    Please do not make the present problem on Tigray more difficult than what it is >>> ask the ghost of Atse Yohannes and come to your senses. YES, Tigray deserves the equality of Life in Ethiopia — no more, nor less — consequently, firmly denying the ambitious few to disturb the famous, peaceful stable African State >>> ETHIOPIA. Surely, the honourable history of the people of Tigray requires farsightedness and memory of the glorious past history of Ethiopia. And, in general, does Ethiopia deserves less than that? Ask your honest consciousness. THE END


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