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Ketera – Epiphany celebrated across Ethiopia. Watch Janmeda celebration


The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is celebrating Epiphany – a three day open air festival marked with religious procession, rituals and baptism – to commemorate the Baptism of Lord Jesus Christ in the River Jordan in the hands of John the Baptist.

The first day of celebration is called Ketera. Replicas of the Ark of the Covenant are carried to the places of baptism in a holy religious procession. 

All the churches and dioceses will do the procession and meet in designated celebration places.

In Addis Ababa Ketera is celebrated in Janmeda – it is also where the day of Epiphany will be celebrated. It is however celebrated across the country. Apart from the religious aspects of the holiday, Ethiopians from different cultural backgrounds display their attire and music cultures. Timkat celebration attracts tens of thousands of tourists to Ethiopia.

Watch the EOTC TV coverage of the celebration from the video below.

Video : embedded from EOTC TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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