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Sheger City council formed, 1 million new houses planned 

The new Sheger city Administration plans to build over 1 million houses over the next seven years 

Sheger city
Sheger City Council taking oath ( Photo : public domain /resized)


Last month, the Oromia regional state announced that it has established a mega city that is composed of six cities that surround Addis Ababa. Today, the city administration took an oath and it is now officially Sheger City administration. 

Teshome Adugna and Golo Gelgelo are named Mayor and Deputy mayors respectively. Kabeto Albe is named as speaker of the city council. 

The city administration is directly accountable to Shimeles Abdisa, president of the Oromia regional state. The regional council, Chafee, has not approved the establishment of the new city. However, the Mayor argues that the Oromia regional administration has a right to organize the regional administration without the need for approval from the Mayor – according to the DW Amharic report. 

Sebeta, Burayu, Legetafo, Legedadi, Sululta, and Gelan towns were under the Oromia region Finfine special zone for a long time. The new city is over 160,000 hectares.  The source also reported that the city plans to build over one million houses over the next seven years. 

Why was Sheger city needed?

Teshome Agugna told DW Amharic the development plan under the Oromia region Finfine special zone did not go as intended. It brought about “illegal construction” and problems related to government service delivery. 

He said Sheger City is established as an alternative to overcome the challenges. 

However, two town administrations, Sendafa and Chancho, that were under the “Oromia region Finfine Special Zone” are excluded from the new arrangement. Residents opposed to the new Sheger City arrangement did away with the former special zone arrangement.  

The matter has caused disenchantment among the residents of the two cities. They point out that they have to travel to zone-level administration to get government services. 

Remarking on why the two towns were excluded from Sheger City, Teshome Adugna said the new city is too big and it will be a challenge to add the two towns. 

“As things stand now, the city does not have neither the capacity nor the will to include the towns in Sheger City,” he is cited as saying.  However, he said that it will be considered in the future. 

Skepticism about the new project 

The Sheger city has in fact generated a great deal of skepticism from the residents of Addis Ababa and other Ethiopians outside of the capital.

For many, based on remarks from activists, the Prime Minister’s Party Power-based – Prosperity Party Oromia – is exercising power privilege in a way to impose domination and Oromization on the rest of Ethiopia. 

Government authorities say that it is not right to see Sheger City formation outside of the context within which it was established. The region is presented as a matter of administrative efficiency in terms of addressing economic, social and political issues – as Kabeto Albe said. 


When the TPLF lost domination of power over the federal government following a prevalent protest across the country and the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization emerged as a dominant force, rebranding itself as Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), in what was to become Prosperity Party, it claimed exclusive ownership right over Addis Ababa City.

As ODP transitions to become Prosperity Party Oromia chapter, while maintaining dominance under the leadership of Prime MInister Abiy Ahmed and his colleague Shimeles Abdissa, now president of Oromia region, ownership claim over Addis Ababa was apparently shelved.

The focus rather became holding tight control over Addis Ababa City Administration. First, PM Abiy named Takele Uma, now Minister of Mining, as Mayor. Takele was accused of changing the demographic composition of the city through mass issuance of city identification cards to citizens who are not residents of Addis Ababa and through massive distribution of condominium housing units. 

Prime Minister Abiy later replaced him with Adanch Abibie who was presented as a moderate, as opposed to radical ethnic Oromo nationalist,  but that did not comfort residents of Addis Ababa. Many of the problems under Takele Uma remained persistent albeit subtle. The latest effort to introduce the Oromia region flag and anthem in schools across Addis Ababa brought about resistance. However, the city administration managed to silence it simply by throwing hundreds of students and teachers into jail. 


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  1. ተስፋ የሰነቀ የዚ ሁሉ ዘመድ እየመጣልን ነው የእኛ አቢይ አህመድ ብለው ያንጎራጎሩለት ኢትዮጵያውያን ዛሬ ላይ ራሳቸው ባመጡት ሰቆቃና ለቅሶ ሲረግሙት ና ውረድ ተሰቀል ሲሉት ይስተዋላሉ፥፥ይቅርታ መጠየቅ ያለበት እነርሱ ወይስ ሌላው ግለሰብ

    ተስፋ የሰነቀ የዚ ሁሉ ዘመድ እየመጣልን ነው የእኛ አቢይ አህመድ ብለው ያንጎራጎሩለት ኢትዮጵያውያን ዛሬ ላይ ራሳቸው ባመጡት ሰቆቃና ለቅሶ ሲረግሙት ና ውረድ ተሰቀል ሲሉት ይስተዋላሉ፥፥ይቅርታ መጠየቅ ያለበት እነርሱ ወይስ ሌላው ግለሰብ

    በውጭ የሚኖሩ የቲፒኤሌፍን አሽቃባጮች ፥የቅንጅት ደጋፊዎችና የኤርትራ ሠራዊት ደጋፊዎች ነፍጠኞቹ ይቅርታ መጠየቅ ይገባቸዋል

  2. I am all for urban development and growth in every corner of the country but this one-sided developmental scheme for particular group and parcular site is unconvincing at best. Why OPP /OPDO is obsessed with this Sheger things and where this Sheger or transition / transformation is going and at what cost for Abebab residents and the resource of the nation as whole? What’s call is urban amalgamation and expansion policies occurs in many countries. Good example is 1990s of Greater Toronto amalgamation in Canadsa . It had one overing purpose and that is expanding public services such as health care,, public transportation,etc education to surrounding poorer towns while the main urban benefits less but at least gets, in return , land development access and expansion to the outscart areas.. This policy is done by known that both the big city residents and surrounding population have same desire and not having eschewed social engineering. I mean political, developmental or ethnicity preference issues.

    • In other words, it would mean sucking out of the scarce resources /services from Addis Ababans and the rest of the country while sharing benefits with or returning nothing back

  3. I am at a complete loss about why the PM is silent about this matter that is upsetting a lot of people, and also about the continuing mismanagement of the Oromo region. I have been an ardent supporter of the PM all along, but am beginning to have my doubts although have now yet ‘thrown the towel’. The trend does not seem bode well to the Prosperity Party, which may lose a chunk of constituents in the coming election, including probability of total loss in Addis Abeba and environs.

    It is time Abiye answer on camera to unscripted questions, without requiring questions be submitted to his office before hand. Democracy demands that. Well rehearsed and studied monologue, no matter how eloquently delivered, has lost its steam. In fact it is beginning to be counterproductive.

    • ነፍጠኛው ወርቁ በላይነህ ቻለው አታቅራራ፥፥ጊዜው የናንተ አይደለም፥፥
      Being an ardent supporter of the PM Abiy Ahmed mean that you were and are supporter of genocide in Tigray and Oromia.
      Go to hell

      • I was (and is) supporter of the counter offensive against the terrorist TPLF and its human and material infrastructure. Leave your (and like yours) joke about ‘genocide in Tigre’; it was a very successful counter offensive to prevent ongoing genocide against non-Tigres, and eventually eliminate the cancer of Ethiopia that was eating her alive for a long time.

        The tribe of TPLF & cohorts designed and implemented the divisive constitution and kilil system , while keeping its base intact, for the sole purpose of dominating the central government and exploiting the country dry for 100 years, as those tribes proudly bragged. I am hoping for profound revision of the constitution and regional boundaries that would promote cohesion, stability, peace, and sustained economic development throughout the country, including Tigrai which I believe has the least potential. Get over the fiction of being “superior race (lol), foundation for 3000 years Ethiopian civilization (I call it 3000 years of shame), being held back by successive Ethiopian governments (instead of being leeches on the rest of Ethiopia for basic survival), etc “.

        • ዘመዶችህ ቦላሌ የሚገዛላቸው አጥተው ከመንደራቸው መውጣት አልቻሉም፤፤ቁምጣቸውን የሚቀይሩበት ገንዘብ ላክላቸው ኦሮሞን ለመጨፍጨፍ ፋኖን ከምታስታትቅ ፥፥ድጋይ ጠርባቹ ሀዉልት ስታቆሙ ፥ጫማና ልብስ ለብሔር ብሔረሰቦች ስታለብሱ እንዴት ናንተ ወትና ህፃናት ጫማ ለአንድ ግር እንኳ አጡ፥፥የውሸት ታሪክ ነበር እንዴ ያወረሳችሁት ፤፤አንተ የመሰሉ ያማሪካ አሽከሮች ናቹሁ

          An amharan historians have left a fabricated story to their descendants and their children are ashamed of them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree-ነገሥታቶቻሁ ና ምንዝላቶቻቹ ነፍሰ ገዳዮች ነበሩ እናንተ ደግሞ ሱማሌንና የ የአብ አገራት መሣያ ግቹ ታዝላቹ ገብታቹ ሕዝበ ክርስቲያኑና ቀውስቱን አረዳቹቸው፤፤ዉሉዳድ ጋንንት

  4. 1). Bottom Line: The 1990s TPLF-EPLF-crafted ‘Constitution & Ethnic State’ are the root causes of most problems. So, scrap them or fix them to solve such divisive issues.

    2). Sheger City: Addis Ababans refuse to share their resources with the peripheral small Oromo towns. So, can these towns develop without putting their resources together?

    NB: Addis gets water/food/livestock/poultry from these Oromos: Geferssa, Legedadi, etc.

    3). Addis Ababa [AA] & Shewa Oromos: Shewa Oromos form a large ring around AA since the dawn of time. AA kept expanding at the expense of displacing/evicting them.

    NB: TPLF evicted these Oromos with empty promises of compensation, jobs, lodging, etc. When some of those Oromos got lodgings years later, that was called ‘Oromization.’

    4). AA City Limits: AA never had any. That brought “The Negadras Jawar & Negadras Eskinder Show”: They both wore their Ethnic Activist Hats and plunged AA in to chaos.


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