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Understanding the minds of Abiy Ahmed

Abiy Ahmed _ Ethiopia _ Rasselas
Ethiopian Prime Minister serving low income individuals on the occasion of Ethiopian Christmas on January 7,2023 (Photo : Public Domain)

Rasselas I weldemariam (PhD)

In my last reflection, I wrote about “Saving Abiy from Dr. Abiy Ahmed” to show how he started cutting the tree branch he is sitting on. Now Abiy has become even more desperate to demand that the tree too should be cut down without realizing that it will hurtle him toward ruin.

Some of my friends didn’t fully understand what I wrote and many keep asking me what I mean in my article.  

Particularly over the Christmas holiday, I have to meet old friends and relatives.  I was hoping to have family warmth in the bitter cold and I wasn’t in the mood to bring Abiy to Christmas dinner. But whenever we gather the Ethiopian political discussion keeps showing itself uninvited to turn the holiday mood into better argument.  I am sure you share my experience.

Many people asked me why Abiy is destroying himself. Why is he doing that?  Why is he busy turning his supporters into his enemies?  Why does he insist on waging war on the people who loved and supported him and so on?  I don’t have a definitive answer but the following is a thought put in by a doctor friend of mine two years ago.

About two years ago while I was in love with Abiy, a physician friend of mine said Abiy Ahmed may suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) but I was dismissive of his suggestion. Two years fast forward, I am convinced my doctor friend is probably right.

NPD is a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance.  People with this disorder may lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others. They have inflated egos, lack empathy, and need attention.They are manipulative and think that they can go away with anything.

Two of the keywords like “manipulative” and “lack of empathy” kept coming to my mind, particularly exactly last year ago when he release Sibehat Nega and disband #Nomore supporters who came from far to  march on Meskel Square on Christmas day in support of Abiy Ahmed.

Abiy thinks he is smarter than all of us combined and he thinks he can manipulate everyone with a click of his fingers.  We made ourselves believe that he is different when he stabbed the TPLF and apologized for their wrongdoing while he ended up becoming worse than Getachew Asefa.  

We cried, when he said we are Ethiopians when we live and become Ethiopia when we die. Now when kids and mothers are slaughtered he says nothing but turns the table to accuse us as Oromo haters.

Everyone asks himself, “How did they love this guy?  My answer is we have to admit his personality disorder has made him the master of manipulation, lying, and deception.

He is not honest with anyone and when he wants something like all Narcissist boy friends do, he can give you a big hug and shower you with love.   When he is done, you become a non-person.  Ato Lemma Megersa is a good example.  

People close to Lemma retell the drama of the day Abiy Ahmed fell on the feet of Lemma Megersa to give him a chance just for 2 years.  Lemma, feeling embarrassed, agreed to give him the leadership position just for 2 years till the election. But after the election, Abiy portrayed Lemma as anti-Ethiopian and finally destroyed him. Lemma cannot talk because he knows he was foolish to be manipulated. He remained silent like all the victims of fraudsters.

Gedu Andargachew was also popular because he stood against the brutality of TPLF. Gedu stopped TPLF from abusing Col. Demeke of Welkayet at great risk.  Gedu too was manipulated to back the election of Abiy Ahmed but now no one knows where Gedu is. He is a nameless & faceless official cut off from his power base.

Abiy manipulates and throws people like a disposable cap because of his Narcissistic personality and is made to manipulate Narcissistic people who have no regret of emptiness.

Now Abiy thinks Gen Tadesse Worede & Deberetsion are his secret weapons [with which he is ]hoping to intimidate.  He wants to bring Gen. Tadesse Werede and Debertsion [against ]the Amhara, the Ethiopian Army, Eritrea and the Citizens of Addis Ababa. TPLF is a dead man walking and it only brings its stink to push everyone from the stinking body. But Abiy is Narcissistic and he believe he can still manipulate.

He also thinks the TPLF will fight for Welkayet. The TPLF too think smart and they want the Ethiopian army and the people in Welkayit. What they didn’t know is that the army will not be part of TPLF work.

But Abiy thinks he can make Orthodox Christians killing each other from his Coliseum to enjoy the brutality like the Roman emperors

Abiy manipulated Issayas Afworke, the Amhara Fanno, the Ethiopian Diaspora, and the Ethiopian defense force saying TPLF is a danger to the Ethiopian national security and we have to fight. He brutalized everyone who proposed to solve the problem through other means.  There was no guarantee it would succeed but demonizing everyone who tried to sing peace was a manipulation to destroy the Orthodox Christians in Tigray. 

Now Birhanu Julla confessed no-one from the other side had a desire to start the war. Though I don’t believe him, what he gave is incriminating evidence against Abiy Ahemd.

Looking from the hindsight, he has fed so many lives to become an unchallenged person in  Arat Kilo. Once again from hindsight, I have accepted my friend’s explanation two years ago. Abiy has three goals:-

First, to become undisputed kings he has to keep the Northern Ethiopians Amhara and Tigray to fight each other into oblivion.

His second hidden aim is he wants his prosperity gospel to become the dominant religion in Ethiopia, where everyone paints his house white, thinks only positively, and says let a million birr be in my account and to make it happen. Though Abiy was born a Muslim he attributes his success to his prosperity gospel.  He said he will become a PM and he became a PM and this prophecy made him believe in magic.   For prosperity gospel to be dominant,  Abiy believes the Orthodox Christians in Amhara, Tigray, and Eritrea region have to kill each other into irrelevance.   

The third ambition of Abiy is to create an Oromo dominated Ethiopia. To achieve that the Northern contenders Amhara and Tigray have to destroy each other into irrelevant.  That is why Abiy avoided a decisive victory over the TPLF twice.  Last year on Christmas day he stopped the war, released Sebehat Nega, and wanted TPLF to regroup and come back.

Once again the Ethiopian joint forces of ENDF, Amhara Special Force, Fano, and the Eritrean forces paid with lives and blood to repel the TPLF offensive and push TPLF to its Mekele.  But as soon as it became clear that TPLF couldn’t stand the assault, Abiy went to South Africa to sign everything that TPLF demanded, including Northern Gonder and Northern Wello. Now the Ethiopian army, the Eritrean Army, the Amhara Fano and militia feel manipulated to lose faith in Abiy.

Abiy thinks he is too smart to Issayas Afeworke, Amhara Fano, Diaspora and the Ethiopian army. He thinks the Amhara and Tigres are foolish and they will fight for the next hundred years over a plot of land while he is cleansing non-Oromos from Oromia and Addis Ababa.

Abiy knows Welekayit is an emotive issue and TPLF cannot subdue Welkayet and Tsegede.  So he left a bone for Amhara Orthodox and Tigray Orthodox to fight each other. The biggest question we need to ask is will they remain foolish to be manipulated by Abiy to destroy each other or wake up to see the puppet master to stand against him.

My fear is that after the death of Meles TPLF has remained a collection of idiots and they can be manipulated. At the same time TPLF has also collected, trained and deployed idiots like Agenegu Teshager to manipulate and extend the conflict between the two Orthodox communities.

What is the solution?

1.The solution is to find a solution behind Abiy Ahmed. Currently TPLF, The Amhara, Tigray and Eritreans need to discuss without Abiy to find an amicable solution. Of course, TPLF leaders are stirred to come back and collect rent from their multi-million birr properties while fighting the Abiy’s war on Amhara and Eritrea. But out of these groups there are groups emerging out of the ashes of the TPLF. Particularly the group called Agazian is bringing the Amhara’s Tigers and Eritreans together to discuss their differences without intervention of Abiy’s OPDO.

A private discussion organized by independent scholars of Eritrea, Tigray and Amhara in DC is also a good start.

2. The Amhara and Tigres do not need the Berlin Wall or borders, what they need to create is a country without borders. We all are Ethiopians and all Ethiopia is ours. There shouldn’t be a territory that is inaccessible to other Ethiopians like the old good days.

3. The Ethiopian army needs to refuse Abiy’s divide and destroy. The army needs to show its sympathy and support to save lives not destroy. The Ethiopia army loyalty must be to the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia not to a person. Conscientious objection or dissent is a Democratic right of soldiers. Soldiers who take order to commit crime because they are ordered does not stop them from being persecuted in law of Court

3. About ten million political cadres of PP need to.assert their rights and power. They joined the party to serve an emperor. Hence, they need to stop [being]an instrument of operation and ethnic cleansing. PP members they need to elect and be elected in the political party. They need to elect their leaders from bottom up to the top position with competent individuals who want to serve their people and country.  A party member that has no courage to have a say in the party need to disassociate himself from the crime. Abiy is exhaustion all his tricks and very soon he will see his departure. He will be remembered but not missed.

4. The Amhara and Tigres do not need the Berlin wall or borders, what they need to create is a country without borders.

Hence, Ethiopia must start searching for a solution out of the influence of EPRDF that has been ruling the country for 32 years and it will succeed.

Amhara and Tigres have to come closer to abolish the border and defend a country ready for takeover by OPDO’s Shene. 


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  1. you are a complete indiot, so much so that you convinced yourself that Abiy — not the TPLF — was responsible for this confilcit. Go back and see what the TPLF said and did then re-assess your stupidly reasoned “article”

  2. A pseudo intellectual and cheaply deceptive article sponsored by the abhored decaying organization which is on hospice. Please dont be lazy, try to put more effort next time. Dont insult the intelligence of readers.

  3. when the truth comes to the surface, so-called oromo intellects (ola/olf/ofc/shane/confused) start fretting – they are afraid that the real history of this region will be understood by everyone – and they will lost the fictitious oromia. what a farce

  4. You picked a few true events to construct totally wildly imagined allegations. One may agree that Abiy is not the perfect leader, but he is not as devilish as you tried to paint him.

  5. You & Co. send your relatives back home a few cents for survival! What’s wrong with offering meals to those who have no one to send them cents and starve even on holidays?

    Unlike You & Co., Abiy went beyond friends and relatives! The Christmas Meal-Sharing was also held at all the 13 Addis Ababa Feeding Centres. Why does that bother you and turn you in to a ‘Sigmund Freud’? Isn’t that a mediocre level of thinking for a PhD?

    However much negative-spin you want to give this act of kindness, all Abiy did was feed the elderly, the homeless, the handicapped, the needy… Does that deserve negative-spin?

    Didn’t former regimes make Ethiopia synonymous with FAMINE and “World’s Poster Child of Poverty”? Aren’t most ‘Ethiopians’ abroad like you loyalists and beneficiaries of former regimes? Abiy shared his own meal; he didn’t take it from you or your family!

    • Abiy the fake kind person, on Camera fed 4 elders, while imprisoned 80 years Old innocent journalist Tantu for speaking about Oromo culture he doesn’t want the youth to know.
      Fed few elders while arming and sending Shene Savages to massacre thousands of children, women, elders and innocent Amharas

  6. It is apparent, those who created Liberation Fronts are from Eritrea and Tigray. The idiots opened the door, Ethiopia or Amara and Oromos who love Ethiopia only need to regroup and oust Aby. Yes, his plan is to make political party , Prosperity to be worshipped by all. He is building Tplf- like Prosperity Party. The killings of Orthodox and Amaras by Olf is evident enough he is not affected by this continuing killing. The fact that there is now more activity in Wellega and Addis is prove that there is creation of Oromiya independent state. His silence means, he approves the killing. Don’t forget the top military donation for Ethiopia is by Russia, who has the same faith as Ethiopian Orthodox. What Aby, pp, Oromiiya region doing kill Orthodox Christians . This must be announced by Ethiopians. My dear, the creators of current government and olf are Eritreans, Eplf, who are you kidding. Eritrea is no longer believer if Orthodox is communist and illuminati. Tplf is the same. The Orthodox they claim is so that they get support from Russia weapons. The true Orthodox who adhered to Orthodox are Ethiopians who are being killed now. The so called Ethiopia sayers are being manipulated by Aby government. He is abandoning Ethiopia project, is focusing on building his base and that is Oromiya and Islam that way he can get protection both from Arab countries and West.

  7. You must be in a day dream. Blaming for everything evil happen in the country on TPLF will not take you anywhere. I don’t think that Tigrayans will partner with the tyrant Abiy Ahmed, Amhara forces or Eritrean forces. No way. If you want Tigrayans to collaborate with Amhara first and for most you need to denounce the genocidal crimes of the Amhara Fano and Eritrean mercenaries committed upon Tigrayans for the last two years. on the second place you need to request the withdraw of Fano and Eritrean Mercenaries from Tigray. Agree to allow access for UN led independent investigation of the genocide on Tigray.

  8. You picked selected seemingly true events to try to convince us your wild imaginations are real. Come on, you better go back to your initial opinion about the PM. Not saying you shouldn’t be critical of him. He is not the perfect leader, has actually, in my view committed lots of mistakes including some of those you stated. Else do not expect us to believe you that the PM has a mental problem. may be you do.

  9. The writer, who continuously recycles ‘what I wrote before, discussed before, predicted before, was accomplished senior manager at world renowned financial institution, etc, etc’, under different pseudo names, perfectly fits textbook description of people who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He/she always tries to bamboozle unsuspecting people with circular, disjointed, and seemingly bombastic description of very simple ideas to give the impression of being smart, thoughtful, and impressive; he/she is none of those. The real person, as well as the true capabilities of people who hid behind the façade of narcissistic personality disorder, come out eventually at which time they would be discarded like any trash. And it seems that is exactly what happened to him/her (LOL).


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