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Ethiopian church gets apology from other faith groups 

One protestant church head called Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church – “Enat Betekrestian”  translates to “Mother Church” 

Ethiopian Church _ apology
Three protestant Church leaders are seen with Abune Abraham and Abune Gogrogios at the Ethiopian Patriarchiate earlier this week. (Photo : screenshot from EOTC video)


Leaders from the Inter-religious council of Ethiopia this week visited the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church patriarchate. 

The purpose was to ask the Ethiopian Church for an apology for a recent slur by Yonathan Akililu, a protestant pastor whom the Ethiopian Prime Minister in the past hailed as a role model. 

The pastor spoke to a protestant crowd insulting the theology of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.  

The religious leaders are from Islamic Affairs, Ethiopian Catholic Church and Protestant Churches – a total of six leaders from six religious groups. 

The Ethiopian Church was questioning the relevance of remaining a member of Ethiopia’s Inter-Religious Council when members were silent about the insult to one of the oldest churches on earth. 

Days after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s hero pastor insulted the Ethiopian church, Archbishop Abune Abraham, head of the patriarchate office, and Abune Petros made a statement saying the church is sad and it is questioning whether it should continue to be a member of the religions council. 

Before the leaders asked for an apology, there was a meeting in the Ethiopian Orthodox patriarchate. It discussed current affairs as it relates to the problems the church faced. 

The Ethiopian Orthodox church has been on the receiving end of administrative, political, economic and social attacks since Abiy Ahmed took office as Prime Minister although he is credited with uniting the Holy Synod that was split due to the TPLF leadership intervention in the church affairs about three decades ago. 

In southern Ethiopia, there have been repeated cases where the church was denied the right to celebrate religious processions and holidays in the open spaces as in the traditions of the church. Zone level authorities were reportedly involved in the decision.

There have also been multiple cases where churches were burned, and priests and deacons killed. In parts of Oromo region of Ethiopia, Ethiopian church followers were targeted and killed in 2020. 

Some Ethiopian government officials have been saying that they have nothing against the Ethiopian Church. 

Ethiopian church leaders and the laity on the other hand have been manifesting sentiments of grievance for being for the attack. 

Some Inter-Religious Council leaders say religious conflict would be far more dangerous than ethnic-based conflict, and they called for respect for one another.

 His Holiness Abune Mathias expressed gratitude for the religious leaders who visited the Patriarchate to ask for an apology. 


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  1. EOTC shouldn’t be part of this useless group. They are all lackies. I heard what the Muslim guy had to say… what a pretentious liar and hypocrite. He usurped his position because he is an Oromo from Haji Mufti our respected father.


  2. It is Yonathan Akililu who opened his fitly, ignorant cursed mouth that must be held responsible. He will pay for his sin one way or another. He is cursed by every Orthodox Christians around the world. No amount of apology will teach any riffraff to speak ill about the first Christian religion of the world.

    Ignorant evil Yonathan Akililu must go to JAIL!!!

  3. The Orthodox Church that is being established in the Oromia region is not a religion, but a hatred of the ethnic groups in the region. As a result, the killing, displacing, and looting of their property continues unabated. All human beings were created by God on the earth he created for himself. This group IS the killer, genocide inciter, dismantle, slaughter non Oromo ethnic Ethiopians. There is no one who created the earth and was born. Therefore, this is to kindly request your esteemed office for its ceasing from its establishment.

    Best regards,


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