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Unconfirmed: Debretsion Gebremichael poised to be Deputy Prime Minister 

Several other TPLF leaders are reportedly returning to Ethiopian Federal Institutions including the Defense Force 

Debretsion Gebremichael _ TPLF _ Deputy PM
Graphics credit : Terara Media Network


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been consistent in making unexpected and unpopular decisions for some time now.

Emerging news from Ethiopian sources says that he is now poised to make Debretsion Gebremichal, leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Deputy Prime Minister. 

Tamerat Negera, Journalist and founder of Terrara network, shared on his social media that the  PM is reshuffling his  cabinet. From the report, it seems the case that what appears to be political expediency is necessitated due to the peace agreement between PM Abiy Ahmed’s government and the TPLF.  

Some other notable TPLF leaders, including military commanders, are said to be returning to the Federal government structure and to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

No other sources, however, reported about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s new inclusion policy towards the TPLF leaders.

The Ethiopian government did not give a clue about it to expect legislation in the Ethiopian parliament as it relates to the TPLF. 

This week, Redwan Hussien, security advisor to the PM, said, based on The Reporter- a local Amharic newspaper, that the government is planning to remove TPLF from the list of terrorist organizations. 

It was the Ethiopian Parliament that designated the organization as a terrorist group in May 2021 – following the TPLF venture by TPLF forces into the Afar and Amhara regions where they carried out extensive destruction and the killings of thousands of civilians. 

It is to be recalled that political differences between Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who crafted what became Prosperity Party from the now defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), and the TPLF, a party that ruled the country ruthlessly for 27 years with what it calls revolutionary democracy ideology, evolved into a military confrontation and total war between the two forces.

Abiy Ahmed’s government has given two cabinet positions ( Ministry of Education and Ministry of Technology and Science) to two opposition parties.  

Well before Pretoria talks that led to the peace agreement in November 2022, there had been rumors of direct talks between Abiy Ahmed and TPLF leaders first in Nigeria and then in Seychelles and Djibouti with the United States being the broker under the cover of using African Union Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa. 

The War is said to have claimed close to one million lives and destruction of properties worth hundreds of billions of birr. 


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  1. As we speak, the TPLF is a designated Terrorist Group. To serve as government official, one should be elected. To be elected, one should belong to a legally operating party.

    TPLF leaders and their Dogs are Hard Core Criminals with over 50 years of Crime Spree Rap Sheet. Hard Core Criminals should rot in Max Security Prisons – like Guantanamo.

    TPLF and its Dogs should stand trial in an Ethiopian Court for Crimes against Humanity: Genocide/Massacre, Gang Rape, Looting, Property/Infrastructure Destruction, etc.

    Their assets should be seized, sold, and pay for the money/property looted from Ethiopia over their 27-year reign, compensate for their 2-year colossal destruction rampage, etc.

    NB: TPLF’s transport is CIA’s plane. Germany and France are sending FMs. USA has assigned a black-African ambassador to Ethiopia. Its Missouri Army National Guard’s 294th Engineer Company is on its way to the Horn ‘to conduct vertical and horizontal construction projects’. It has also deployed a massive army unit to the Horn just last year.

    • If that is to happen, the West will slaughter Amara to oblivion just like what they did to Yugoslavia and now to the Christian Serbia. The Illuminati West is now anti Christian and is danger to Christians to all over the world. I am surprised though, most immigrants to U. S that are Ethiopian Orthodox ñpopes are establishing well in U. S and buying assets.

  2. The views you shared about white supermacists move is pretty sharp. This particular comment pieces together impending absolute control over Ethiopia.

    Re : TPLF – it is now official that Ethiopian gov’t is scraping it of its designation as a terroirst organization. So much is going on right now – thanks to the idiotic Abiy and the nature of the opposition groups. The kind of slavery Ethiopia has emerssed in through the agency of TPLF and Abiy will be hard to be free from.

  3. The blood of innocent Afar and Amhara people raped, maimed, insulted, killed, destroyed, pauperized, traumatized, animalized, tarmpled……who is going to account for this, I ask. It looks like the hatred for Amhara by Abiy and tplf has not lost its strength and will go on…maybe until the last blood is split?

  4. One million young people who had the whole world ahead of them had perished in this stupid war incited and carried out by stupid individuals. It was launched and embellished with stinging name calling. Many among us were fanning and tolling the bells of war from our safe and comfy homes. We were seen embarrassing ourselves jumping and rumbling around to the tunes of zerraafs, gerersaas and laloyes. It was like(still going on with some warlike careless rabble rousers among us) inciting two well muscled up bulls to a deadly fight with no one capable of separating them. When the dust settled at least a million of future shakers and movers of the country are dead and gone. Therefore no young man/woman should be marched into awaiting infernos ever again just to advance the interests of power hungry connivers and brutes. Not one! Enough is enough!!!

    • Million useless youths half of which might have been HIV positive sacrifices their lives for resuscitation of Ethiopia. This Aby guy is Jagna walaahi

    • So as Abiy Ahmed who called out the Fannos 9 times to join the fight. What about Abiy’s theatrical rhetoric’s saying disgraced TPLF had been blown away in the air like flour “duket” that could never be be reconstituted.

      Yet today he is hugging and kissing with reconstituted TPLF that pulled him to the corner and forced him to swallow his words and put his foot in his mouth.

      Even the worse betraying every Ethiopian that believed him, died for their country call, mutilated, raped, looted, displaced, suffered, orphaned, impoverished, sickened, and so on!!! What can address or speak enough for such disgraceful, cold blooded and ugly nature called Abiy Ahmed???

  5. Amhara should not worry about TPLF, 1- Abey Ahmed can not afford to lose his dear friend Asaias Afiwark he was the one who save him and Ethiopia from TPLF, 2- Eritrea wil not accept TPLF to get top positions in Ethiopia government, so I would like to say to Amhara people TPLF are no longer threat.

  6. Hopefully this won’t be the case but if it is true or even something remotely close is enteranied by Abiy’s regime, it is outrageous and downright dangerous undertaking. Peace-making deals for the sake of peace and recon making, scrapping them terrorist list from them and so on is one thing . It is tolerable even if they are retired unceremoniously into obscure existence or given non political status public roles as regional elders and has-beens, for the the price paid to atranquility and reconciling efforts with each other. But resurrecting failed political, military and business careers and public persona of certain people such as Getachew Reda, Debresion, Tadesse Worade et al. is another thing. In any case, it is inconceivable given the transgression , pain and damage they have done to the public over the years , including their former Tigrain constituents. It means accountability, ethics and rational thinking were left at the alter of the power to be and
    political Makeviallism mongering and public manipulation.

  7. If the PM is willing to go that distance, meaning to provide safe passage to TPLF war mongers back to power, then he will be losing not only the majority of the Ethiopian people, but his hard core supporters both in and out of Ethiopia. I hope this is only an unfounded rumor. But if it is true, Ethiopia will return, sooner than later, to war.

  8. @ i_Mognu & Ittu Aba Farda
    Merry Christmas
    I have said it be fore and I’m going to say it again:- Happy New Year! Hahahaaa!

    Aba Mela [Melaw begira]

    • አባ ‘ክልል’ መላ – እንደምን አሉ! እንኳን አደረሶት! የደስታ ዓመት – እንዲሆንሎት እመኝሎታለሁ!

      PS: ‘Mamitu’ of Nazret moved to Idaho to reduce her potato chips production cost – – for her ‘Chips Store Chain’.

      Have a great day! Take care!

  9. If this unlikely RUMOR turn out to be true, it is a betrayal of the Ethiopian people, and an insult & disrespect to those who sacrificed their life ( made their children orphans ) in defending their motherland from a home (CIA/MI6) grown “terrorist group” TPLF. Which is already declared a “terrorist group” by the Ethiopian parliament.

    One of the requirement by the TPLF, stated under the SA (AU) peace agreement is, the group to disarm and disbanded, and a new temp-administration was set to run Tigray region until the next election.
    To reverse parliament decision and the overwrite the key-term in the AU agreement and to promote these cowards & mass murderers in to the federal government not as regular member but as deputy PM is a betrayal of immense proportion.

    Shame to the PM, for letting the CIA not only sit at the AU peace-talks, but to let it broker its way back into the top level of Ethiopia Government decision making body.
    What next, topple the PM from within (with the other “LF”s that are hovering around, in Addis as “opposition” and those in caves & forests elsewhere ) ?

    This setts a precedence, for all future wannabe “LF”s, the-way to grab power and position in government, only if they use rootless-violence.
    This Abiy’s “Love-fest” experiment, (releasing criminals from prison, & bringing back “terroirs groups” back to share power at the highest level of gov.) could end up destroying the very fabric of our country as we know it., and that has been CIA/MI6 dream all along since the 1974 overthrow of the Crown, which they attempted several times before including in 1960’s and failed.

    ** This move is an equivalent to the US gov. bringing the “January 6 rebellion” groups to the West-wing” in the WH.
    I hope this is just a CIA “false flag” release, to gather public opinion.

    መልካም የልደት በዓል!
    Be well.

  10. I’ve opted to wait and hear from the horse’s mouth if this story is going to hold any water. If that happens and translates into lasting perpetual peace, so be it. My eyes are forever fixated at the grand prize, peace!!! If we are really uptight for the good of those Allah Blessed people we should ask the cardinal question: How many citizens have lost their lives since 1974 for the lack of peace? The estimate runs between 7.5 and 10 million. Mengistu just by himself had gobbled up young citizens to the tune of 1 million. Right? Then think about the other millions who died of starvation, disease and wars. I can say with all confidence that those demised citizens would not have died if there was peace. Or at least the number could have been at least 90% off. How is that? You may ask. A nation at peace with itself will be at peace with the world teeming with helping hands. With prevalent peace those 1.5-2 million citizens who died of starvation in 1983-85, most of them(90%) would have been spared from their agonizing deaths. But that was not to happen. Mengistu and his commie allies and commies in the opposition took possession of that blessed country put together by The Almighty Our Creator and ran it to the ground. They used their demonic scripture to divide the country into two camps: The oppressed and the oppressor cut right in the middle. They worked around the clock to shatter the social fabrics that held the country together for centuries and for the most part they succeeded. That country has never been the same since then. Once you are deemed an enemy you will never be given the chance to redeem yourself. You are only good as dead. Compromise and accommodate are evil words to the commies and their latest variants. Once I start talking about this lethal misgiving I am quickly reminded to what took place in earlier part of the history of that country.

    I read stories and even listened radio news from the 2nd World War that told a story when the late emperor gave a green light to more than 250,000 Italian POW’s to their request to stay in the country in 1941. He gave his green light to that because his country was at peace with itself and they can contribute to its rehab and progress. He had a scheme more than that. His permission for them to stay has positive ramification on the war that was raging in North Africa between the Allied and Axis forces. His permission had tied up more than 250,000 young Italian soldiers in his country. Just think about it. The theater in North Africa could have gone in a different direction if they have joined their comrades there. This was attested by various American reporters then. You can listen to them yourself if you can find one. I am not saying he was perfect but lately I’m more and more admiring the wisdom of the late emperor. If some of you do not like that, go and jump in the lake and don’t even try to come up forever.

  11. Abiy and his PP juvenile cohorts are sorry for my French “stupid enough” to entertain, propose and even implement such an asinine brain fart. Look at the summary from Berhanu Julla’s Interview. Berhanu Julla appears to claim that Debre Tsion was not of the pro war group. Ironically, video clips from none other than Debre Tsion in 2018 and there after show him beating the drums of war prior to TPLF’s attack of the Northern Command in November 2020. Debre Tsion was the one who said in his own words with his own mouth that “this will be a peoples to peoples war.

    With Debre Tsion as Deputy PM, and with “reintegrated” TPLF top Military insurrectionists, plotters and saboteurs, It will be “NONE OTHER THAN ABIY’S NECK ON FOCUS”. Let Abiy and his juvenile PP together with their TPLF mentors swim in this quagmire of filth, betrayal, back stabbing, self – patting, self promotion and demotion. THIS IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE THE AGENDA OF ETHIOPIANS AND FRIENDS OF ETHIOPIANS.

    Abiy came to power in 2018 with hitherto unprecedented support and goodwill of hundreds of millions in Ethiopia and millions in the diaspora. The expectations for him was to bring positive changes to Ethiopia:

    1) to reform the corrupt ethnic apartheid justice system
    2) to stabilize the cost of living for all Ethiopians and improve the economy
    3) to restore some semblance of ethics, accountability and responsibility in government and its officials
    4) to secure the peace, freedom and right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of ALL ETHIOPIANS
    5) to curb bribery, embezzlement of meager public resources and looting by party cadres and lackeys
    6) to start the pathway for constitutional reform, establishment of a true federalist governance
    7) to uphold the rule of law

    What Abiy ended up doing has been:
    1) encourage more looting, embezzlement and out right theft of public and private properties and resources
    2)change Tigrean hegemony with Oromo hegemony
    3)bring mass displacement of tens of millions of Ethiopians
    4)attempt demographics change and disenfranchisement of millions of Ethiopians
    5) currency devaluation north of -150%
    6) uncontrollable inflation nearing 40%
    7) a war that focused on distraction of Afar and Amhara communities
    8) massive attacks and massacres of Orthodox Christians
    9) war that killed over 500, 000 (greater than all who died in the 1930s Fascist Italy’s war against Ethiopia + Ethio-Somalian war of 1970s + Ethio Eritrean war of 1970s to 1990 + Ethio Eritrean war of 2000 s combined)
    10) Oromumma fracturing of Ethiopia by language
    11) oromumma religious wars
    12) Wollega massacre
    13) the forceful oromization and destruction of the metropolitan, cosmopolitan, international city and African hub of Addis Ababa and much more.


    Abiy’s legacy is
    1) millions displaced
    2) thousands massacred and executed without justice and due procee
    3) hunger
    4) war
    5) misery, tears and blood.


    • Aren’t most ‘Ethiopians’ abroad loyalists and beneficiaries of former regimes? Didn’t the former regimes make Ethiopia synonymous with FAMINE and “World’s Poster Child of Poverty”? Why do you guys whine so much as though you give a damn about Ethiopia?

      75% of Ethiopians are under 45! Let them chart their future and Ethiopia’s destiny. Abiy did his best despite this: youtu.be/Pg3WuF1eXww?t=6 What about You & Co.?

      Apart from your Abiy Hullabaloo, did you try to work with him to alleviate any of your grievances? How does opening another war front on Ethiopia using Abiy as pretext help Ethiopia? Ethiopia is not Abiy’s private property however hard you try to portray it so.

    • Aren’t most ‘Ethiopians’ abroad loyalists and beneficiaries of former regimes? Didn’t the former regimes make Ethiopia synonymous with FAMINE and “World’s Poster Child of Poverty”? Why do you guys whine so much as though you give a damn about Ethiopia?

      75% of Ethiopians are under 45! Let them chart their future and Ethiopia’s destiny. Abiy did his best despite this: youtu.be/Pg3WuF1eXww?t=6 What about You & Co.?

      Apart from your Abiy Hullabaloo, did you try to work with him to alleviate any of your grievances? How does opening another war front on Ethiopia using Abiy as pretext help Ethiopia? Ethiopia is not Abiy’s private property however hard you try to portray it so.

  12. We already know TPLF is a foreign-Agent, and all we need to do is handle them as such:
    (1) restrict their access to vital-information
    (2) tighten-the-noose around all the “LF”s in the country.

    “The Elephant in the Room” is the Neocons and their international “Economic-Hit-Men”, World Bank & IMF.
    Don’t ever forget that.

    If the gov Ethiopia manage its “Debt” and reduction “Western-Debt”, what WB & IMF are doing to our neighbor Sudan is going to happen here.

    Neocolonial debt trap: 80% of the debt Sudan owes to former colonizer Britain is from interest.

    It also has debt with the US-controlled IMF, which forced Sudan to impose austerity measures, reduce public spending, slash subsidies, and devalue its currency.

    Link= theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/28/four-fifths-of-sudans-861m-debt-to-uk-is-interest

    We know the Neocons had their eyes on Ethiopian Airlines, GERD, & our water resources for a long time… and sooner or later an economic slow-down in the West or world -wide will create the condition for these 2 “undertakers” (WB & IMF) to come knocking.
    It is vital the gov do its best to Reduce its Debt exposure as much as possible, there is an “Economic slow down”
    as well as the debilitating inflation worldwide could trigger “Market-Crash” some time in 2023.

    Read how they (WB & IMF) forced Chile to privatize its water-resources (rivers, lakes…) and all Chile water resource are owned by a private Co. and the citizens of Chile are left practically waterless…

    Link= theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/sep/15/chile-santiago-water-supply-drought-climate-change-privatisation-neoliberalism-human-right

    N.B. Chile water privatization (“neoliberal reform”) was introduced by “US appointed ” General Pinochet 1981.

    If we are not careful, it could happen to us, (Imagine citizen-financed GERD forced sold to Egypt???)
    Neoliberal reform, maneuvered & got TPLF to join Abiy’s gov. No other proof is needed.

    • Ethiopia even until Tolf refused the international bankers control of Ethiopia’s money. The international bankers as of now have control of every country in the world except 3, Iran, Russia and china l think. This means you are enslaved and can’t sell and buy without their approval especially when digital currency is approved. It seems that the ease of Ethiopian banks indicate currently, they already accepted this. Know that Ethiopians who want the comfort of making profit and advice Ethiopian government since Tplf, are part and parcel of the problem ready to impoverish Ethiopian society as long as they profit and few profit, they and the few in Ethiopia want to live Western- like life impoverishing milliions and that does not benefit Ethiopia, rather will make her under the control of international bankers. This is worrisome. Aby seems to take model of Arabs, which they have turned their societies into terrorists, lazy, they do not allow the builders of their nation that migrants are building their nations. Rich foreigners in Arab countries live as first class citizens. I hope Aby is not turning Ethiopia to that direction. Yes he may have narcissistic nature, as leader, must allow other talented to participate in projects, but it looks like he wants to be seen only participating in minor projects, etc and most projects he is building is not priority,. His recent speech he was romanticizing and drooling over the richness of untapped resource Ethiopia has, he said PP party will not implement projects to make Ethiopia prosper ( why is party only participate in projects? Could it be trying to turn pp another wealthy party like Told against Ethiopians? Why so obsession with pp when instead he should focus on strengthening civil society and make them participate in projects. Look at what is happening in U.S the divisiveness of negative completion is leading to election fraud, tearing the country apart because such focus on party affiliations. Aby’ s emphasis on pp party is what it is, to make Prosperity party prosper so that it can control Ethiopia like tplf at its will. Therefore he said, political market is preventing pp party from establishing wealthy project. So, since he took power, he has then putting the cart before the horse, that means he quickly set up building Addis and surrounding as his obsession while there is war and people being killed discriminately and continued and he never once mentioned about the killings, nor brought solution and yet he is focusing jus in developing Addis. Recently, he was focusing on building parking lots, really not priority. This means his focus is for Addis seems to welcome for foreigners while Ethiopians are at war, impoverished. His priority is done where.

  13. Ethiopians say NO, NO, Never to EPRDF!!!!!

    Those power hungry EPRDF=OLF +TPLF took the country’s infrastructure and the economy of Amhara and Afar back to 40 years ago. Pulled the country backward by creating hate, destruction, lootings and savagery into the 1530.

    When such important issue must got the approval of Ethiopians even before any discussion started with TPLF and must have been handled in a very transparent way, the whole thing is decided by One incapable Abiy Ahmed with absolute corrupted power over the whole Ethiopia affair.
    This man, who doesn’t even have the ability to rule a village keeps messing up and destroying people’s live, economy, stability, relationships, social fabrics, peace and country’s future.

    Under Abiy absolute ruthless power and ignorant rule Ethiopians today are suffering and crying out for New Government totally clean from OLF and TPLF!!!!

    Ethiopians must cut their loses and say enough to Abiy the ruthless dictator!!! Do not stop the Protest and keep the momentum because Abiy, Shimelis and Adanech want to give you the impression that things are calm and going to be good but they are buying time until the secret preparation in Oromia is completed.

  14. This would be surprising news only if there was a difference between TPLF and PP. Alas they are the same, except as the step child of TPLF, PP is more brutal, inhumane, corrupt and unmatched in its hate against that ever reliable boogeyman – the Amara … and by extension Ethiopia. How long are people going to fall for Abiy’s deranged and erratic deceptions? A toddler can figure him out by now. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice . . . and in this case for the umpteenth time.

    • Sengayo,

      Since you mentioned the word “Intelligence” in your anti-Abiy rant, where would these questions categorize your ‘intelligence’?

      1). Abiy was the OLF/OLA/TPLF’s very first assassination target at Mesqel Square. So, if Abiy were any of what you painted him, why did they attempt to kill him?

      2). If what you claimed about Abiy has an iota of truth in it, why did TPLF & Co. do all this youtu.be/Pg3WuF1eXww?t=5 to Abiy?

      3). TPLF & Co. bragged about 2 decades of double-digit economic growth. Then, TPLF packed for Mekelle leaving Ethiopia bone-dry. Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat with USD 1 billion deposited in Ethiopia’s account by UAE’s Prince MBZ. Hence, where were you ‘Intelligent Ethiopians’ when Ethiopia was fighting for its life?

  15. By the way, those of you in the US. EU, UK(The collective West) keep your cash at home (buy gold & silver coins, to maintain value & or improve it ), or else your bank account might get a “hair-cut” (as bank bail-in)… in the next 6 months, as inflation rise.
    BRICS gold-backed currency might devalue FIAT $ (USD/Euro/Pound) (many possibilities, political instability, Deep State secret-dump… etc. )

    In a recent posting I suggested, a “One-party solution” based on “Merit” ((1) Qualifications (2) community service). NoMore “Self-appointing”, only Nomination by the community where they live and “serve”. (No service, no nomination, & and no vote.).
    But at the beginning, bring everyone (registered “politicians” with good legal standing) in and give them a voice, and let them participate in the “5 year agendas” formulation, discussion, prioritization (based on the economic needs of the NATION, not “tribe”) and voted on and passed by all participants (“politicians” including the foreign-agents)). Future Party members Recruited from our-school systems (High school, under grad, post grad) “TOP of the class” GPA score invited every year; and cultivated in various committee of government-services, economics, agriculture, manufacturing, industries, engineering, science & technology… foreign policy, law… etc.
    (the Chinese format already in place in China can be used to structure and build the basic foundation.)

    Guess what: big changes are coming in the USA. in the very near future (2023-2025) the USA will abolish the 2 party system and go with ONE party system. Some States might even secede altogether (80% Texas, Ca, WA…) have their own governance model (One party, as well).

    New era is bringing new possibilist.
    Link = youtube.com/watch?v=B0NLfBQHw-8

    Be well !

  16. It is ridiculously funny and at the same time painful to see the ignorance and stupidity of the Abiy cult and his juvenile PP cohorts. For every corruption, for every embezzlement, for every looting, for every massacre and displacement of millions in Ethiopia, these buffoons point their fingers to the West, after removing their kleptocratic hands out of the cookie jars of Ethiopians.

    Lest you forget, (most probably you do not even know), the USA, through the great leadership and diplomatic skills of the beloved and talented public servant of Ethiopia, the late PM Aklilu Habetewold, was the friend of Ethiopia which made it possible for the establishment of Ethiopian Airlines, after the Second World War.

    North, South, West and East, the footprints of the US support for Ethiopia, during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie still stand tall, even 50 years past the so called revolution. The greatest agricultural education center then,Alemayehu/ Haramaya Univeristy, was the result of Emperor Haile Selassie’s June 18, 1954 visit after direct request for help and advice ,from Henry G. Bennett (President at Oklahoma A&M College who served from 1928 to 1950) and his team.

    The Empress Zewditu Memorial Hospital, which was one of the top hospitals in Addis Ababa till the mid 1970s was under the administration of the 7th Day Adventist American medical team of doctors, nurses and other heath care team.

    The Gonder Medical college was established in 1954 based on the agreement between the Ethiopian ministry of health and the USA back in April 1954.

    A great number of the beloved and dedicated public servants of par excellence in Ethiopia at that time were also educated and trained in the USA, including Professor Minase Haile, Mayor of Addis Ababa, Dr Haile Giorgis Workeneh ( a US registered civil engineer) – whose post is now occupied by the “honorable Adanech Abebe”……..
    Etc. etc.

    Just because oromumma cadres and their tplf mentors continually fail to excel at diplomacy because of lack of training , education and experience, and just because the standard biddings for loans for public projects demand accountability and responsibility that do not allow kleptomaniacs to steal and embezzle at will, do not blame the West for every miserable and lousy incompetence that have plagued Ethiopia since the derg military junta era, followed by the tplf goons and now by the even worse oromumma goons.


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