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Four Intelligence department officials transferred to prison facilities 

The Intelligence officials have denied Ethiopian government allegation that they made money from unauthorized purchase of cement

Ethiopian Intelligence _ corruption


Four  National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS)  officials who have been detained in a police station over alleged corruption are reportedly transferred to prison facilities, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate reported on Monday.

They reportedly appeared at the third Bench of Lededa court in the capital Addis Ababa.  It was the Federal court in Ledeta that passed the decision to transfer the suspects to Addis Ababa Prison. 

The suspects have asked the court permission to stay at the Aba Samuel temporary prison on the grounds of health and security concerns. The court has rejected it saying that the bench will have to confirm, with evidence, that they have health issues. 

The Ethiopian government claims that they have used over thirty million birr for their own personal use. 

It is alleged that the official made procurement of over 29,000 quintals of cement from two factories without authorization from the management and sold it to individuals. 

The names of the factories that are said to have sold the above-mentioned cement to the suspects are unspecified and it is unclear if the factories had knowledge of the alleged corrupt practices. 

They are said to have raised over thirty million birr that way they allegedly used the funds for their own personal use. 

According to the Ethiopian government, and based on a report from EBC, the incident happened in 2021 and 2022. 

Tesfaye Deme (Deputy Director of Construction and logistics within NISS), Tesfaye Ashenafi (Head of Procurement within the Construction and Logistics Division of NISS), Tujiba Kelbessa ( procurement officer) and Mustafa Musa (whose role is unspecified) are the suspects who have been in police custody and transferred to the prison facilities. 

The suspects deny that they committed the alleged corruption allegation. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Administration said last month that it has launched campaign against corruption only to appease those who have accumulated wealth that way by offering them to consider opening a bakery or a factory with the ill-gotten money.


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  1. There have been allegations of corruption where commodities with very high demand are being pilfered and sold through ‘chitlin’ circuits. Cement and edible oils are said to be on the menu of corrupt officials for years. There have been complaints by legitimate merchants about such evil malfeasance by officials and a connected few for quite some time now. This can be just the tip of an iceberg.

  2. Who is NOT a corrupt OLF/PP member that has the guts to come out and claim clean of theft,
    killings, stealing money and land from innocents, bribing corrupt government officials,
    to have gone to school and learned?
    Who carries real Doctorate degree without cheating and buying?
    Who really studied real education universities with real academic courses?

    If there is ONE that is clean within Abiy Ahmed and his Orommuma OLF gangs , let that son…..b come out!!!!!


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