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Ethiopian Rapper released after a day in police station

Addis Ababa authorities released Ethiopian rapper Teddy Yo whose arrest was unexplained. It is believed that the arrest is politically motivated

Teddy Yo
Ethiopian Rapper Teddy Yo ( screenshot from his latest single – Wonberesh)


Teddy Yo, Ethiopian Rapper based in Addis Ababa, is released on Saturday. He was arrested on Saturday over his latest single he released.

According to a citizen’s report, he was taken from his residence in Gergi, Addis Ababa, and taken to the third police division. 

“Wonberesh,” his latest single, is highly critical of the current government, and its ideological orientation.

He also highlighted the woes of Addis Ababa due to the ethnic based policy that the current government is pursuing.

(Music video below is Teddy Yo’s latest single)

He released a short video message on Sunday to express gratitude for Ethiopians , in the country and abroad, who  opposed his arrest. 

“Greetings Dear Ethiopians, those of you who live abroad and in the country, the Children of Sheger [that is another name for Addis Ababa]!

Thank you for being a voice for me. I am in my home safely because of your voice. Thank you and I love you. Long Live Ethiopia!,” he said in the video he released. 

The powerful political force within the ruling “Prosperity Party” are believed to be radical ethnic Oromo nationalists – including those fielded in Addis Ababa Administration. 

Immediately before the official announcement of the party as a single entity, the Oromo Democratic Party, whose chairman was Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, made claims about exclusive ownership of  Addis Ababa. 

The distribution of Condominium units in the capital were said to be corrupt with the aim to alter the demography of Addis Ababa in favor of ethnic Oromos. 

This month the city administration attempted to impose Oromia region flag and anthem on schools across Addis Ababa and hundreds were arrested in the ensuing resistance to it. The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has confirmed that the action on the part of the city administration has caused the problem.

Resistance has been simmering in Addis Ababa over Abiy Ahmed’s handling of the issues in Addis Ababa. 

Now singer’s like Teddy Yo are speaking out against it openly. The government is trying to silence voices by arresting those who are opposing it. 


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  1. I hope this is the bottom of the lowest point.SHEGER!! ye hulu Ager!! The dubious ethnic based constitution is to blame for the chaos. Many groups are losing, whereas one group is maximizing its foolish gains. A penny wise an pound fool group!. The way the trend is, Sheger will lose its zest and culture as an African Capital. The ball is in the prime monister’s court. Either make Addis Ababa its own Kilil, or a non-state seat of the Federal govt. the likes of Washington DC. How about starting from purging the demented officials in Addis mayor’ office.

  2. Abiy Ahmed is not the most hated person in Ethiopia. His undemocratic, ruthless iron fist approach by one Orommuma ethnic group that controlled the military, economics, politics, judicial or courts, police, real estate/the whole country land is now being challenged.

    People now have come to realize that Ethiopia land belongs to all Ethiopians as long as it is done legally. It does not belong to the ONE ethnic thugs not trying to add former EPRDF/TPLF to use it to fulfil their greedy and irrational childhood wishes and ambitions at the expense of Ethiopians.


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