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Ethiopia establish Rehabilitation Commission to help integrate disarmed TPLF fighters

Ethiopian government is yet to reveal the kind of support it is providing to disarming TPLF fighters 

TPLF fighters _ rehabilitation
TPLF fighters (photo source : Sudan Tribune)


The Ethiopian government on Saturday has announced that it has established a National Rehabilitation Commission focused on disarmed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters. 

It is said that the commission aims to help disarming TPLF fighters, in accordance with the Pretoria Agreement, transition to civilian lives and integration to the society. 

The Ethiopian News Agency cited Benalf Andualem, Minister for Peace,  as saying that the government is making preparations to help disarming TPLF fighters to help themselves. 

The number of TPLF that are disarming is unspecified. Whether the government is planning to make financial support or skills training programs, it is unspecified.

When the TPLF launched an attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in November, it was believed to have well over 500,000 fighters in the form of special and militia forces.

A modest estimate from authorities who were involved in the peace negotiation between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF put the number of losses to about one million – both in the combat zone and outside of it. 

Apart from the new rehabilitation program, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has restored social services in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

A day after he sent delegates, led by the speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament,  to the Tigray region,  Ethiopian Airlines resumed flights, the telephone line was reconnected and electric power was restored. 

Distribution of humanitarian aid to the region was one of the key parts of the agreement. Benalf Andualem this week said that the government has provided over 106 thousand metric  tons of humanitarian aid after the Pretoria agreement. 

Olusegun Obasanjo, African Union Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa and the key figure in brokering the peace, and former Kenyan President  Uhuru Kenyatta have visited Mekelle this week to assess the state of implementation of the Pretoria agreement. 

Mr. Obassanjo has said that he has confirmed the distribution of humanitarian aid in the region.  

A monitoring and evaluation team was established this week. It is drawn from the African Union and IGAD. The TPLF has reportedly disarmed heavy weaponry this week in the presence of the African Union Monitoring team. 


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  1. Keep pouring such good news on our waterhole! Now those glorious people in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions can sleep well undisturbed by the sounds of deadly guns. They don’t have to worry about being unfortunate collateral caught up between warring factions. They can look at the skies without wondering if that flying object up there is a bird or a drone on a prowl. The air they breath has been purified from gun smoke and stenches of rotting bodies. Now they are seeing their loved separated from them for two years and can mourn their dead. Now they see their surviving children coming out of the war in stead going into another war. My brothers and sisters in the war ravaged areas of Tigray, Amhara and Afar! Savor this moment. Peace has arrived at your hoods in earnest. Nourish it and perpetuate it! Don’t let others in your midst abuse it! Wars in the name of liberation never brought democracy and lasting peace anywhere. What such wars achieved has been creating and propping up dictators with the exception of the American War of Independence of the 1770’s. If you doubt my claim, just look around. You, yourself are the victims of such tragedy: sacrifice everything for a costly loss! Blessings to you and your loved ones! Peace forever! Insha’Allah!!!!

    • ማን ይናገር የቀበር አሉ የኤርትራ ውለታ የዘላለም ሸክም ነው የስሜን ዕዝ የተቀበሉልን ባለ ውለታችን ናቸው በዘመኔ ለትንሽ ደቂቃ መረሳት የማልችለው ነገር ቢኖር እዬን ነገር ነው አንረሳም መቼም መቼም ዘላለም እናመሰግናለን ሁላቸውም ኤርትራውያን
      እኔ ምለው ለኤርትራዎያኖች ከአጤ ሚኒሊክ አጠገብ ሀውልት አንሰራላቸውም ለእኛ ሲሉ ለተሰዉት ማለቴ እንደሆነ አትስቱትም፥፥
      ኤርትራዎያኖች ባያግዙን ኑሮ አልቀን ነበር ፥፥ We need to erect a statue for eryryaans died for Ethiopia.

  2. I just got graced with the very good news today. I went to a local grocery store and noticed those Eritrean were not there standing at the front door just to harass me. There are gone. I looked at the moon using a telescope I expertly built to see if the Eritreans are still there but I noticed they have left the moon also. Then I checked on Mars, there isn’t a single Eritrean soldier on Mars either. I did not catch any Eritrean in Tigray too. But I caught them killing 45 million citizens in my Oromia just an hour ago. They are killing Gambelas, Sidamas and everyone in the south. I discovered they are being transported on a supersonic human cargo plane no one else except them has it. That is why they have been very hard to track. Them rascals!!!!

  3. There was news on this website some days ago recently that tells how those hawk eyed bankers caught some of you here among laundering money in and out of that country with your habitual sticky hands. How faceless and shameless you are! You are heartless when you steal money from the mouths of starving and homeless people. Some of you may have the nerve to travel there to smooth out your laundering schemes and to check on your loot. I tell you what? The new sheriff in town will be on the beat waiting for you to haul your sorry asses to jail. Good Ole USA will not come to your rescue because stealing is a crime here too. Hats off to those bankers who uncovered this repugnant grand larceny. Thieves! Thieves! Thieves!!!!!!

  4. Who is rehabilitant who? OLF/Shene/PP rehabilitating TPLF? LoL!!!
    The who is going to rehabilitate OLF/Shene/PP that is slaughtering innocent Amhara farmers and families?
    While Shene Abiy doesn’t even has the capacity to acknowledge or shows sorrow for Amhara massacre what moral ground gave him this status? The rehabilitator?

    EPRDF=TPLF+OLF are not redeemable. They will never be rehabilitated and become Ethiopians or normal human beings? They are hungry for human blood and power and 31 years has proven that.


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