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Understanding Oromo Politics is Critical to Save Ethiopia 

Editor’s note : Views expressed in article reflect that of the writer’s, not the views of


Ethiopia _ Oromo politics
Abiy Ahmed speaks as Shimeles Abdissa (Oromia region president) listens from the back. (Photo : file / Public Domain)

Koki Abesolome, PhD 
Updated on December 24, 12:55 A.M. Toronto Time

There are three different views about Oromo politics driven by: (1) An Anti-Oromo Orthodoxy Group that often manifests itself in the form of unitary-Ethiopian or pro-Amhara dogma; (2) An  Anti-Finfinnee Group that sees PP-Oromo as OLF-Shene lite; and (3) Pro-Abiy, but Anti PP Oromo Group. The difference between these three is not only in nuances, but also in political beliefs and the very conception of Ethiopia. 

The Anti-Oromo Orthodoxy Group  

This group sees no difference between PP-Oromo and OLF-Shene. They believe any conflict between the two is caused by differences in how to carry out the Oromummaa plan to establish Greater Oromia or a calculated political trickery to confuse non-Oromo Ethiopians. This group consists of dogmatic  unitary-Ethiopianist and extremist-Amhara forces who see organized Oromo politics as an existential threat to Ethiopia’s existence. For them, PP-Oromo is a united  force with a monolithic political view that mirrors OLF-Shene’s anti-Ethiopia agenda. 

During the Ethiopia-TPLF war, OLF-Shene was fighting alongside TPLF because it sees PP-Oromo as its  primary enemy that undermines  the  Greater  Oromia  theology  and wants to resurrect  Menilik’s Ethiopia. Nonetheless, dogmatic unitary-Ethiopianist and extremist-Amhara forces still insist that PP-Oromo and OLF-Shene are the same. Their agenda revolves around two issues.  

First  is  the  Greater  Oromia  doctrine  that  represents  an  existential  threat  to  the  integrity  and  survival of Ethiopia as a nation. Their second concern emanates from the old Oromo tradition of  moggaasa – an  Oromo  term  for “forced  Oromoization  of  non-Oromo  tribes”.  The  tradition  represented  brutally  annexing  non-Oromo  lands through  an  expansionary  war  and  forcing the  conquered  people to  abandon  their  names, languages, traditions,  cultures  and  even  ancestorial  heritages and adopt an Oromo identity. 

When it comes to a ruthless assimilation practice, Oromo has no parallel in Ethiopia, perhaps not  even  in  the  world.  The  moggaasa tradition  involved  a special  blood  mixing  ceremony  called  meedhicca that is akin to modern day blood transfusion or cloning. Sacrificial bulls were used as  part of this ceremony to symbolize the rebirth of concurred tribes. The process did not end there.  The concurred tribes were forced to severe all previous ties with their original identity, tradition,  culture, and history, including their genealogical memory. Those who refused to become Oromo  and willfully erase their original tribe’s memory and glory were savagely dealt with.

Some  of today’s Oromo  people  are  originally  people  of Hadiya  and  Sidama  heritage who  were  converted by the moggaasa sword. Judged by today’s standard, what the Oromo did to other tribes  is considered genocide. But we cannot judge what happened centuries back by today’s standard.  

The unitary  Ethiopianist  and  extremist  Amhara  group are  rallying  against  what  they  call  an  Oromummaa (Oromoization)  policies  of  PP-Oromo  and  OLF-Shene.  But  they  lack strategy to advance their agenda be it mitigating the existential threat the supposedly united PP-Oromo and OLF-Shene poses to Ethiopia or creating a democratic and peaceful nation. 

Over two years ago, a group led by Shaleka Dawit collected $405,000 to file an Orthodox Amhara genocide lawsuit against PP-Oromo and OLF-Shene. One of their members, revealed just recently in public that $396,000 of the money (98%) is still in the bank two years and two months after it was raised through the Go-Fund-Me platform. 

What explains their failure to use the money to bring their claims to the international public, hiring international lawyers  and/or  public  relations  firms? Peddling grievance against Oromo politics is their trademark, without political direction or strategy. Even worse  their moronic  desire to lump up Ethiopianist, moderate and extremist Oromo forces serves the most extremist  Oromo agenda. To put it in the vernacular, if the likes of Shaleka Dawit, Meskerem Aberra and the  hermitized souls running Vision Ethiopia did not exist OLF-Shene would have created them. 

The Anti-Finfinnee Group  

This group sees PP-Oromo and OLF-Shene as adversarial  forces,  if  not  arch enemies, with different political agendas. They believe OLF-Shene is anti-Ethiopia with a long-standing agenda to build Greater Oromia on the ashes of Ethiopia. They see PP-Oromo as an OLF-Shene lite anchored in Finfinnee politics – a whitewashed version of the “greater Oromia” doctrine.  

Finfinnee politics was embraced by the likes of Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba to differentiate  themselves  from OLF-Shene’s extremist agenda.  It is  to be remembered  that  Jawar was publicly  calling not only for  the arrest of  Jaal Marroo, OLF-Shene’s strong man, but also  for  the arrest of  Dawud Ibsaa, the head of OLF. 

The Anti-Finfinnee Group sees the likes of Shimeles Abdissa and Adanech Abebe as leaders of Finfinnee politics. The two may not be fully in tune in views and allegiances to the tenets of PP Oromo. They may even be rivalry forces locked in power struggle within PP-Oromo, but they share similar political outlooks. They see Abiy’s reforms as the antithesis of the hegemonic Oromo  

tribal federation. Simply put, they have more common political interests that tie them than power  conflicts that rival them. Adanech has areas she aligns with Abiy and areas where she winks with  Shimeles.

It is, therefore, in the best interest of the Shimeles-Adanech due to position itself between Abiy and  OLF-Shene. That is why they see it fit to throw a red meat to their tribal base to prove they have not fully abandoned the 50-year struggle of the Oromo. The Oromo flag and anthem fiasco in  Addis Ababa reflects this. 

The Anti-Finfinnee Group has both legal and political standing to fight against Finfinnee politics.  The  question  is: How  can  they  scale  up  their  struggle  against  Finfinnee  politics  without  being  sucked into the useful idiocy of Dawit-Meskerem-Vision Ethiopia blackhole that produces noise and  heat, without power or light.  

Pro-Abiy, but Anti PP-Oromo Group  

In a broad sense, PP-Oromo consists of three groups. The first is the Abiy group that aspires to build a unified Ethiopia, tilting the political scale away from tribal politics. The second group consists of the Shimeles-Adanech duo with one foot in Jaal Marroo land and another in Abiy’s Menilik Palace. As I have noted in an earlier article, their trademark is their unpredictable tribalist sentiment that appears and disappears like herpes. The third group consists of OLF Shene moles who are officially part of PP-Oromo but work for OLF-Shene. 

Which group emerges as the ultimate winner of the three determines not only the path Oromo politics will take but also the fate, the failure, or the possibility for Ethiopia’s rise. Unfortunately,  in the short-term, the current momentum favors the Shimeles-Adanech duo clan. If this materializes, it will be a short-term victory. The power of tribal entropy will stifle the best and the brightest and bring to the fore the primitive and degenerative tribal forces. This dynamic  favors OLF-Shene. 

As I have said many a time, the PM is a visionary and a strategic thinker. Sadly, he is his own worst enemy. Because of his utterly poor management his reign is increasingly weakened. True,  he is  building many  high-profile  projects  that are essential  for  Ethiopia.  In  the meantime,  he is  killing the bureaucracy with subpar appointees who lack competence to run critical institutions.  He  is  increasingly  losing  support  outside  of  Oromia  and  undermined  by  high-level  PP-Oromo  officials. 

Months ago, he characterized the Shimeles-Adanech duo’s effort to institutionalize the Oromo flag and anthem in Addis as “የብሽሽቅ ፖለቲካ” and instructed them to stop it. The duo ignored him and continued to push the Oromo flag and anthem shenanigan. It does not stop there. His lack of  control  of  PP-Oromo  officials  has  allowed independent  power  center  to  emerge with impunity.  Mafia-type kleptocracy units have become part of  the PP-Oromo shadow government. Abiy was  strong enough to win against Lemma Megers and create ODP. Today, he is a weakened soul seeing  the Shimeles-Adanech duo helplessly as they defy him in a major political issue.

Whether we like  him  or  not, Abiy is  a  better  deal  for  Ethiopia  than  the Shimeles-Adanech duo  and/or OLF-Shene. But Ethiopia is cursed with useful idiots who insist on weakening the PM and  thereby strengthen the Shimeles-Adanech duo and OLF-Shene all in the name of saving Ethiopia  from Oromo extremism. Hate, like love, makes you blind and dumb like a utility pole.  

The Struggle Between Abiy, Shimeles-Adanech and OLF-Shene 

The Oromo political dynamics raises many questions. The first question is what led to the rise of  OLF-Shene? The second question is: Will the Shimeles-Adanech duo close ranks with Abiy to defeat  OLF-Shene or continue to facilitate its rise and for how long? 

There are three factors that allowed OLF-Shene to emerge as a formidable force.  

First is the PM who failed it to nip it in the bud. He had the opportunity and power to eradicate it  before  it  took  traction  and  inertia.  The  PM’s  utterly  poor  management  can  be  explained  by  a  firefighting management strategy. Rather  than keeping his radar up to detect crisis signals and  avert them before they happen or deal with them as soon as they materialize, the PM waits until  political problems grow to a full-blown crisis. He is running the country like his pet project,  making decisions from parking lots and parks to leading the military at the warfront. All problems  must be solved by him to make himself the sole savior of Ethiopia, while the nation is burning  waiting for his attention. This is nowhere clearer than in the way he handled OLF-Shene. He is  killing the action in a slow motion. 

Second,  the  PM  failure to  act  in  time  allowed OLF-Shene  reach  a  critical  mass  and  become  an  insurance policy for the Shimeles-Adanech anti-reform clan to keep PM Abiy’s reform on a leash.  Part of PP-Oromo became a fifth column that supports and protects OLF-Shene.   

Third, the unexpected collapse of Team Jawar released part of the extremist Qerro establishment to join OLF-Shene. Similarly, the collapse of TPLF meant a new urgency to find a powerbase for federalist forces to counter PM Abiy’s Ethiopianist reform. Once again, the beneficiary is OLF Shene. 

Jawar who has been calling for the arrest of Jaal Marroo is now calling for a negotiated settlement. At bottom, OLF-Shene has become the last hope for all tribalist forces, including the Shimeles-Adanech fifth column establishment, to put a break on Abiy’s planned reforms. Their hope is to find a negotiated settlement outside of the 11-member National Dialogue Commission whom they see as an anti- Ethnic Federalist Commission. Poor Abiy, the Oromo tribalists accuse him of being Menilik’s protégé and the anti-Oromo orthodoxy clowns call him the custodian of  OLF-Shene’s agenda. Ingenuity has limits. Stupidity knows no boundary. 

Will the Continued Rise of OLF-Shene Threaten the Shimeles-Adanech Duo?  

Abiy may militarily defeat OLF-Shene, but he will not eradicate it from Oromo politics until he deals  with the tribalist fifth column within PP-Oromo. The conundrum resides in the Shimeles-Adanech  duo. Two matters complicate the problem. From the political perspective, the duo clan sees both  utility and threat in OLF-Shene. From an economic point of view the shadow Oromo government  that the Shimeles-Adanech run is a deep-rooted corruption network that percolates from Shimeles’ 

Oromo Palace and Adanech’s posh Municipal Office to Oromo political cadres the two have put in  different layers of government offices.  

The question is how far will the duo continue to facilitate the rise of OLF-Shene? Put differently,  when will they close ranks with Abiy to defeat OLF-Shene? For an in-depth answer read my articles titled: “Who is More Stupid: Amhara or Oromo Tribal Intellectuals” (January 2021); “The Solution  to Ethiopia’s Crisis Resides in PM Abiy and the Amhara Tribal Land” (April 2022); and “The Oromo  Land of Blood and Gore Only PM Abiy and the Silent Majority Amhara Can Stop It” (June 2022). 



  1. Hey Dr Yonas your analysis is devoid of reality and continues to try and distract from the real issue. Oromo politics is incoherent lacks any true ideas and is based on a mountain of historical lies. Oromo politics needs to be sidelined until they mature to the level of other Ethiopians.
    Unfortunately through the weakness of other political parties they have captured power and have been creating chaos after chaos. OLF = OPP= OFECO from a grand strategy perspective.
    In the early 1990s Paul B Henze of the Rand Corporation and former NSC member, after extensive travel and research of the Oromo nationalists concluded the following

    “Don’t let the OLF pretend to represent the interests of the Oromo people. Discredit it for what it really is a bunch of irresponsible adventurers and shallow political leaders seeking advantage for themselves without a clear vision of the future. They will make Ethiopia impossible to govern.”

    • “Rand Corporation” , all the countless “think tanks”, NGOs, are hired guns for State dept. and all 3 letter agencies in the west (US Europe)and the WEF (world economic forum), so, they may be right in their assessments probably for the majority of “parties” in the country, but do not put too much wait in it to form your conclusions. Here is why: hired-guns are just that hired-guns they will formulate a thesis to satisfy the “funder” (they also try to be correct in their assessments) but in reality, if you look deep in to these “think thanks” formation, usually there are some university profs, or former PM, UN ambassadors, retired Generals (in Eu and NATO case). The rest of the “staff” are “wannabees” senior students in major universities (US, EU) that latch to this opportunities (selected/targeted) to peruse this field…so that they become a “right-hand” when needed in their respective (nations).

      The man responsible for the idea of creating ‘think thanks” (may not be the fires) is Hennery A. Kissinger, mentor of Klaus Schwab head of WEF some 50 years ago, as Hennery already have WEF created & organized way before that.
      You can google and find ample inform about WEF and what it stands for (along with “Agenda 21” and “UN 2030″ , etc.)

      Here are some quotes from Kissinger from 1970’s:

      1) ” The elderly are useless eaters.” , HK. (he is 99 now).

      2) ” Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”, HK.

      David Attenborough: (BBC “Blue planet” and many others…, narrator/presenter)

      “What are all these famines in Ethiopia, what are they about? They are about too many people for too little land. That is what its about. And we are blinding ourselves. We say, get the UN to send them bags of flour. That is barmy.”

      (if he said this in 1969 Ethiopian pulsation = 27 million , if in 1983 =38 million, we are now over 4 times 1969 #s, over 3 times the 1983 #3… we ask what would they say now???)

      According to Hennery Kissinger’s 2nd quote :
      1) Libya was the 1st to go for its Oil & Gold deposit they accumulated.

      “Needed minerals from 3rd world”

      Is pointing to us the rest of Africa. Now Russia one of the source of raw material and Oil & gas, is closing its doors to the West, meaning Africa is the “target” in the very near future. until now China’s presence in Africa was for the most part was ignored or unstoppable, but now even the “US- Africa” summit indicates the rush to ransack-Africa before the Chinese do is becoming top priority…

      Yet our “educated -class / “élite”” are squabbling about what happened 150 years ago, while the world (the West) elite are ready to “cull” us all for the minerals under our feet.

      looking at their past history & recent trend of the colonialist west, (as in Libya), as Russia leaning East to Asia, Africa is in a very vulnerable position in the geo politics skirmish for resources (free if possible) unless we STOP this rubbish’s talk of “village politics” and organize our selves in joining the none-western world organization such as the BRICS alliance, or we are doomed.

      Watch the attached video, every quotes I showed above are all this video.

      Wake up!!!

      Be well.

      • Yeah thanks I know about all the soft power tools used by the empire. But by the same token looking at the Oromo politics the analysis is spot on. Plus the west prefers us to be in a state of weakness by supporting one tribe (as they refer to us) against the others.
        Hence they never have supported Amharas because they know eventually where our heart is and that we cannot be manipulated like the Tigres or Oromos.

        Sooooooo Oromo politics if not dealt with will destroy our beloved country.
        Giving authority and power to the Oromo politicians It’s like giving an infant a glass of milk…. I wonder who said that ……. Sad very sad but true.
        Until the Amhara decide enough is enough things will continue out of hand. And Yes Amharas need to rally the rest of Ethiopia. Else welcome to assimilation people.

        If you don’t like the truth stay home under the bed.

  2. Based on this analysis and the reality on the ground suggests, the PM without directly focusing on previously “strong men” mentioned above that used to occupy the national discourse full speed, have eventually reached their diminishing point on their own (run out of gas).

    The Shimeles-Ananech duo could easily be shuffled by the PM to a new appointment where their influence on OLF-Shene eventually diminish, and “time” will play its part on Shene to eventually run out of gas (as shown with Qerro and Jawar, case)…

    As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough the tough gets going”, The PM still has ample time to make his “vision and strategy” to take shape… His political instinct is very sharp (he might appear to lose some support in the short term for one thing or another, but he has the ability to win more back,) and he seems to play his card well, in the long run.

    Thanks for your insight!
    ጤና ይስጥልኝ።

    • The Shabian Abeselome writer is another proof the goal of Shabia and Tplf has always been destroying Ethiopia. After controlling Tigray and pitting Tigrayans and Ethiopians/ Amaras against eachother and destroying Tigray, Shabia as a leader of Liberation Fronts against Ethiopia and Amara works along colonists now against Ethiopia and Amara by pitting Oromo against Ethiopia and Amara. The government they set up is just another Tplf-style, to continue the destruction of Amara and Ethiopia. One sign is the the shameless Eritreans/ Shabians who believe they come from Middle East, will continue the demise of Ethiopia. Eritreans now control the entire Ethiopia via Old, and are fully controlling Tigray while fooling and snoozing Amara, they are now friend of Amara while Shabian/ Olf Dawud Ibsa in Wellega is spilling Amara blood. This is why fake government Aby/ pp is installed to cooperate with Olf and Shabia to continue killing Amara and destroy Ethiopia. Now that pp government for five years have ripened Oromo region radicalization against Ethiopia and Amara, it is already unleashing civil war against Ethiopia with help of Shabia. Eritreans are fully living in comfort in Ethiopia today while Ethiopians are living in insecurity. They are already in Oromo region pitting Oromos to start war with Amara. Destroying Amara means to give Nile to Eritrea’s Middle East particularly to Egypt that is the goal and at the same time, colonize Ethiopia. You Ethiopians are responsible with your alliance with Eritrea/ Shabia who is always been mercinary for foreigners. It would not have started war against Ethiopia 60 years ago if it had good intentions with Ethiopia. Wake up!

      The inclusion of Eritrea back to it’s mother Ethiopia perhaps without assessing who are Eritreans under colonization, should have been done, now they know the weakness and strength of Ethiopia ( like the author ) that they are unleashing wars among Ethiopians. For 30 years, it has been training, hosting Oromos against Ethiopia now the chickens have come to roost. The killings of Amaras and Ethiopians will not stop by Shabian Olf.

      Is it not Dawud Ibsa from Eritrea as leader of Olf or Shene? Who created pp, bis it not Aby government? Who is Aby government but work for Shabia as is Olf. Ethiopians are being duped over and over again the treachery playing with lives of Ethiopians. The killing is because the making of Oromia as a nation demand, the government who is part of it will not lift a finger to stop it. Ethiopia is check mated by Colonists and Middle East and Eritrea/ Shabia has always been the organizer who are we kidding? swallow the bitter pill

      • Think again, to assume Eretria with 3.m million people would be able control 114 million is out of proportion. Second, the Eretria people are Ethiopian but the unfortunate European-colonization effort has left a dark-blemish between our peoples. With time and real assessment of the past-colonial history that interfered to separate us, and the future geopolitical Challenge awaiting both our people (in Eretria & the rest of the people in the South) would be able to “overcome” and be whole again, so that to increase the probability of our combined effort to defend our nation and make it stronger together, for the next generation to be able live in peace and strength.
        Eritreans cultural, traditional, well being and long-term “security” is intertwined with the rest of Ethiopia, and the rest of Ethiopia is stronger with Eretria within it.

        The “tribalism” being blown up, & exaugurated by a few misguided-profiteers (Oromia’s) is sooner or later will be exposed by their own elders who very well know the “truth” has been held captive by these “profiteers” and needs to be eradicated.
        The current PM is trying his best to do just that (expose these profiteers, if not history will show us his motives) and they know it, their case has no merit, but are busy milking it till there is no more.

        “It is the Economy stupid” , said Bill Clinton in 1992 Presidential campaign, to defeat G. Bush senior.

        Ethiopian Problem never has been anything else but the Economy.
        In Ethiopia Amhara is Tigray is Oromo is Eritrean is Gurage is Welamo is Dorze is Sidama….and all the other 80+ tribes in Ethiopia.
        Intermarried and living together as one people for thousands of years except the recent rise of the “profiteers”, but their time will run out soon enough and will be sitting around one table again in time.

        So, lets calm down and talk about what binds us together, the blood & sweat of our ancestors that left us all our many languages, out traditions, cultures untouched. Every one in Ethiopia is still speaking the language his/her great grand father spoke, the food our ancestors ate, the songs they sang, the very ground they walked.
        Not a single country (very few) in the world can say that; not in Africa where the majority is speaking the language of their colonizers not a word of their ancestral language. Their history, culture, traditions all destroyed and replaced by the enemy’s.
        We are truly blessed, we have it all in our hands, the recent argument is that the Amhara (“Neftegna”) nationalism-aspiration used aggression to collect us all together under one umbrella; lets assume that was true, what would have been the alternative???
        Speak French or English like the rest of Africa?
        That was the only alternative, for those in the rest of Africa.

        To put this in perspective here are some examples of colonialism in Africa:
        Kenya =
        Congo =

        West Africa:
        all colonies of France (still France prints their Currency).

        Namibia = 80% the Land is still owned by German citizens.

        South Africa = You all know “apartheid rule”…


        India =

        China =

        Just a few, to make the point Amhara was not and is not the oppressor some ‘profiteers” would like to sale it as, but their propaganda is not working to the extent they wanted it to, and soon everyone in Ethiopia will see the truth.

        If you want to separate people using minor-differences, no family will stay together within a household, let alone a Notion.

        Bed well.

  3. Various and sundry informations are coming on the scene authenticating the fact that eritrean spies deployed by Higdef( PFDJ) and residing in Addis Ababa are controlling the Dollar Import And Export business . Besides, they are engaged in daylight robbery in dollar or euro exchange deal. They are also reportedly plundering jewelry stores owned by Tigrayans.
    Eritrean troops and its spies out of Tigray
    Bring the genocide, and robbery of PFDJ to an end!!

    PFDJ is sending ethiopian riches to Dubai and pushing Ethiopians towards extreme poverty and bloody endless chaos !!For amhara elites, saftey and security of their people is unimportant as long as they destroy TPLF and PFDJ promised them the port as long as they cooperate with shabiya and destroy ethiopia!

    Shabiya is plundering Ethiopia and sending its riches to Dubai . Ethiopia, lan,d is now controlled by 5 million eritreans !!

    • Less convincing idea. Is this nonsensical blubbering a is pure frustration that has befallen on Woyane cadres a of late? For one thing PFDJ, doesn’t rule Ehiopia so how they export something there? Besides, speaking of looting resources and exporting things, illegally, did you forget what your group has been exporting and looting all over Ethiopissf in the last 27 years under watch of whole Ethiopian people? A burglar pointing fingers at someone and blaming for the same crime he committed himself is bright.

  4. Yonas Biru, PhD, is now Koki Abesolome, PhD. Very interesting. Well, he/she has been busy making himself/herself irrelevant. Here s/he argues that “moggaasa” is “forced Oromoization of non-Oromo tribes (the Hadiya and Sidama) and… constitutes a genocide. because they were “converted by the moggaasa sword.” A tall tale indeed, if there ever was one. Remember this is the same guy/gal who was on ደጅ ጥናት hoping s/he would get some important appointment by Abiy. S/he even suggested for her/himself (or had someone suggest) ambassadorship to Washington, D.C. Abiy had early on included her/him in an Econ Advisory role with 14 other experts. What do you know? Yonas (now Koki) wanted to have the last word on the way every meeting and reporting was conducted and not long thereafter was given a di calcio. S/he started spreading rumors about individuals and Abiy (very unprofessional, I might add). Now he has come out in-full-force showing his true color as a peddler of hate. Hence, his use of Koki (instead of his professional/true name Yonas). I would suggest that one carefully read his previous articles (well written and convincing for most part). One idea that run through all of them is that Ethiopia should align itself with American extreme right party and chuck out its relations with China (sound familiar?)! Anyone remotely objecting to Koki’s (sorry Yonas’s) prescription is outright labelled “qorqoro” “hermit” and the likes. In the present article, watch how he erected an Oromo straw that he could knock down with his pinky! This in no way is to disregard his critiquing Abiy and wrong-headed and unproductive Olf groups. The problem is that Koki (Yonas) is not mentioning acts of savagery that Menelik and his forces exacted on Tekle Haimanot of Gojjam, Tona, Aba Jiffar and any who stood in the way of subduing those regions. Koki (Yonas) would not mention Tewodros and Yohannes de-limbing, gouging out eyes, and cutting out tongues of captives and insurrectionists. In other words, ሁሉም ቤት እሳት አለ።

  5. I am oromo but this fiction didn’t make any sense as far as what oromos want. Oromos simply wanted real equality and recognition of past injustices toward them, Not even compensation. They are very gentle and humble people, but others think being gentle and humble is being coward. I disagree. Oromos want the best for all Ethiopians but that should not be at the expense of the already severely oppressed.

  6. Who said politics in Ethiopia is one and the same? How did we miss that? I will break it down for you as follows and make sure you memorize it.
    Oromo politics is indigo in color, Amhara politics is yellow, Tigre politics is all magenta, Afar orange, Somali blue, Gurage dark green and that is it. It is very visible out there. Why you missed that is beyond me. Now you know. Go back to work.

  7. The only solution what I think
    1. prohibiting /avoiding Ethnics and religion politics by Law .
    2. Restructuring the regions as before geographical location and other factors.
    3. Establish one national language working all over the country to make the peoples easy communicated as English helps the world to communicate and many regional language as the people demand

  8. The only solution also adds abolishing ethnic based Constitution, ethnic zones and utilizing the language that already the majority are speaking and understanding instead of reinventing the wheel that will bring more chaos, war and outrage. Let there be respect, equality, freedom and preservation of language, culture and heritage to every ethnic group.

    Koki Abesolome, PhD you need to leave philosophy to philosophers. Try to find something that concerns you and better fit for your ability and leave Ethiopian affair to Ethiopians.

    Freelance blogger does not qualify you to throw cheap, unfounded, unresearched, and unvetted article about the huge, complex, and deep culture and political views of Ethiopians. Besides your assertions are totally wrong and it is beyond your capacity and knowledge to comprehend it.


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