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Ethiopian PM met with Addis Ababa city Administration; his position on recent crisis not public

Ethiopian Prime Minister’s position on the recent repressive move on students and teachers who resisted imposition of Oromia region flag is unknown to the public


Ethiopian PM _ Addis Ababa issue
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed during the meeting with Addis Ababa City administration on December 20,2022 (Photo : public domain)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday met with Addis Ababa City Administration in his office. However, his meeting does not seem to be over the crisis that the city has been facing for the past few weeks as the administration is attempting to impose the Oromia region flag and anthem on schools (elementary and secondary) across the city. 

According to a report by EBC, state media, the meeting was rather about city administration performance evaluation for 2014 Ethiopian fiscal and for the first quarter of this fiscal year (2015 E.C.) 

When he had the last evaluation in 2022, the PM criticized the administration over corrupt practices, sentiments of ethnic nationalism and parochialism.  

Much of the details from today’s meeting do not seem to be released to the public. 

The prime minister “gave direction for development projects in the city to be expanded and problems resolved,” said EBC, citing the office of the PM as a source. 

State media also cited Adanech Abiebie, the Mayor, as saying that performance in the past five months, including in project management, is encouraging. 

Her administration is making claims that projects that focus on easing the cost of living, job creation and mega projects are encouraging. 

Oromia region encroachment on Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa City Administration’s repressive move to impose Oromia region flag and anthem on schools has been dominating local news outlets for weeks now. 

The Mayor claimed that she had “fruitful” discussions with residents over what she described as the right of children to study in their own language when the matter that caused tension was the imposition of the region’s flag on the residents of Addis Ababa. 

On Monday, Wazema Radio reported that Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has ordered the imposition to be halted. However, none of the state-owned media outlets covered the story. 

The Prime Minister did not make any public statement about the incident either.  Borkena was unable to verify whether the PM did indeed order Adanech Abiebie’s administration to halt the process. 

Wazema reported that there were members of the ruling Prosperity Party who demanded that the move , which can be described as a forceful Oromization of school children in Addis Ababa, be stopped. 

Police, last week, disclosed that it has arrested over 97 students and children in connection with “violence” in schools. It is the peaceful resistance of students and teachers that was projected as “violence.”

There have been reports of attempts to alter the ethnic demographic composition of Addis Ababa in favor of ethnic Oromo since the aftermath of Abiy Ahmed’s take over of power as Prime Minister. There was even an open claim of exclusive ownership of the city by ethnic Oromo. 

Adanech Abeibie was sworn in as Mayor of Addis Ababa sometime in September 2021. Her predecessor, Takele Uma who is now a Federal Minister for the Mining Ministry, faced resistance to his Oromization scheme, as many seem to believe, of the city that manifested itself from massive issuance of city I.D. for non-residents and the distribution of condominium units in Addis Ababa to those whose name was on the waiting list. 

There were also reports of corruption in connection with land distribution. 

Opposition political parties, human rights groups and the Ethiopian Ombudsman have condemned the latest attempt to impose a flag and anthem on schools. 


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  1. expecting positive action from OR offficals of any shade is a waste of time – this is a thug of power which has been going on over the last 500 years, and no OR is going to let go of the advantage gained now. So….back to square one!

  2. I am from Addis Ababa AA] and what I read about AA & Oromos is unfair! Isn’t this approach like trying to fit the wrong size shoes than finding shoes which fit the feet?

    Ethiopia & TPLF’s Constitution: All Ethiopia’s problems point to the Constitution. Why shouldn’t it be scrapped or fixed to suit Ethiopia? The ‘Ethnic State’ crap is not working! Isn’t it high time that we fixed it before even neighbours turn against each other?

    AA & ‘Oromia Flag’: Shewa Oromos form a ring all around AA. AA doubled in size by annexing Shewa Oromo farmland – which was under ‘Oromia’. So, Oromo Schools and Oromo students were ‘annexed’! That brought a Catch-22! Why blame victim Oromos?

    ‘AA Oromization’: I always read about ‘Oromization of AA’. Why hasn’t anybody ever talked about the ‘Amarization of AA’? Isn’t it Amaras from as far away as Gojjam, Gonder, etc. who flooded AA? Where should evicted Shewa Oromo farmers go? Gojjam?

  3. This man is not a PM material. He is a tyrant and ethnic cleansing, Genocide, looting, crimes and chaos instigator.

    No respect for the oldest over 2000 years old Christian religion, over 700 years old Muslim religion, God’s creature, humans life, humans right, democracy, and security.

    For four years he has done nothing positive and productive. His hands are stained and soaked in innocent Amhara, Oromo, Southern, Tigres and other genuine Ethiopians blood. Every speech he disseminates carries loads of sinister and lies.
    People should never expect peace to come without resistance and sacrifice and as long as Abiy is in power. The alternative is just to sit and wait for turns only to be slaughtered like chicken because blood shedding unarmed people regardless of age, gender and economical status is believed by Abiy and the Orommuma to bring wealth and happiness by Lake Hora Ireecha god.

    That is why they are targeting to slaughter and loot Amharas. That is why Abiy never mince a word about justice for Amhara Genocide and looting victims, That by itself speaks for his involvement.

  4. The Over ambitious greedy Orommumas who never lived in and knew Addis Ababa before they came to AA like Abiy Ahmed, Adanech Abebae think it is doable just to take Addis Ababa by force, Guns and threats.

    Those greedy Orommuma PP buffoons knew nothing about the chemistry, respect and peaceful coexistence of Addis Ababans for centuries and are imposing the jungle justice by force they grew up in against the civilized Addis Abeba the Capital city of Ethiopia for all Ethiopians.

    When the Orommuma Rascals have the worse reputation to rule they should not expand violence, chaos and violence in Addis Ababa. Before doing anything the first priority is to bring to justice Oromia zone Special Forces and the Radical Oromo Extremist Amhara murderers .

    Keep the OROMMUMA VIOLENCE OUT OF ADDIS ABABA. First and foremost stop the violence in Oromia Zone, Shewa, Gurage, Harar, Benishangul and other areas disturbed and disgusted by Orommuma jungle rule.

  5. PM Abiy Ahmed is the mastermind of all the ethnic cleansing, Massacre, Genocide, Murderers, and Violence in Ethiopia. Although Adanach Abebae and Shimles Abdissia are accomplices to this big crime and are the product of hate for Amhara life and success unless Abiy tells them to do it they cannot do it.

    If they step out of Abiy order Abiy is well capable to take them out on stretches without no one knowing. Abiy is well known for such kind of heinous crimes.

    Abiy in camouflage holding Amhara media Speaker in his hand in Amhara Zone right after assassinating Amhara President and his aids still reminds us his capability to murder and coming out looking as an innocent bystander.

    The time for Amhara and all Addis Ababans is crucial, no relaxation, no contemplating anymore. Abiy and the Oromia will not stop going violent and aggressive unless they are rudely stopped and shocked by united unstoppable force.


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