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Oromia region’s new Sheger city  encase Addis Ababa

The six town administrations in the outskirts of Addis Ababa that are now organized as a single administration under Sheger city has its administration in the Ethiopian capital

Sheger city _ Addis Ababa _ Oromia
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The Oromia region organized six cities on the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, as Sheger City.   The administration for the new city will be in Addis Ababa, Saris area. 

Teshome Adugna is named Mayor for the new city administration. 

Sebeta, Burayu, Legatafo, Lededadi, Sululta, and Gelan towns, which surround Addis Ababa from all directions, are now clustered as a single city under a single mayoral administration. And the administration is operational already. 

According to Ethiopian Reporter, the local news provider, Gugsa Dejene, cited as deputy mayor of the new Sheger city has confirmed that the six towns are now under Sheger city administration. 

It has 12 sub-cities, 36 districts and 40 rural kebeles ( these are now county administrations in Ethiopia). 

Sluggish development of cities and “displacement of farming communities due to expansion of cities” are cited as raison d’etre for the establishment of the Sheger city.

Ato Gugsa Dejene is also cited as saying that there has been a disparity in the development of the towns albeit they were interlinked through infrastructure and economic and social affairs. The explanation for it, according to Gugsa, was that the towns were existing as separate administrations. 

They lacked a “shared center for development”, according to the deputy mayor. 

In his explanation of why the administration for the cities became in Addis Ababa (Saris area), he said that the site was selected for administration because of its equidistant location to the towns. 

There have been allegations of an attempt to change the ethnic demographic composition of Addis Ababa through the distribution of tens of thousands of condominium units and massive issuance of Addis Ababa City Identification cards to those who are not known to be residents in Addis Ababa ( and even appointing to sub-city level administration)  – among other things. 

Recently, Addis Ababa City Administration openly targeted Schools in the capital Addis Ababa ( both primary and secondary schools) by introducing Oromia region flag and anthem. In the ensuing resistance to it, students and teachers across many schools in Addis Ababa protested. 

Last week, Addis Ababa Police suppressed the movement forcefully. In fact, it announced that it has arrested over 97 students and teachers in the capital Addis Ababa but explained the arrest with a “move to make Addis Ababa a center of violence.” 

Oromia region’s move to change Addis Ababa city ethnic composition fundamentally, with coordination from what are believed to be radical elements in Addis Ababa City Administration and the Federal government, met with fierce resistance to the point the Federal government has reportedly ordered that the practice of introducing Oromia flags and anthem to schools be stopped.  What is unclear is whether the Federal government’s decision is temporary , intended to defuse tension or a lasting one. 


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  1. Addis Ababa is too complex for naive gedda shepherds who only know how to sit around trees drink milk and spin fake stories of this and that injustice when in fact they massacre innocent children, burn cities and go scot free – what type of existence is expected with such atheists who are creating fables out of the air?

    • I share your concern. Those gadda shepherds grown and lived talking to goats and cows in small villages, never seen AA before now suddenly find themselves overwhelmed and out of place. Absence of knowledge has resorted them to the only thing they knew. Violence, irrational fake stories and using force but AA is not like Wellega Oromia. They are faced with unpredictable and immense protest the Orommuma does not have the capacity handle.

  2. I find nothing alarming on this move by the authorities. Living surrounded by this or that ethnic group is not new to that country or the world at large for that matter. There have been minorities in Oromia for centuries. There were minorities in Amhara region for centuries. So what is new? Addis/Finfine has been surrounded by millions of Oromos since its founding. It has never been located in Gondar or Tigray. We should stop making a big deal to what amounts to much ado about nothing. But being a majority comes with responsibilities. One of which is making sure the rights and safety of minorities are fiercely protected by the majority. What we should observe is that even though there have been terrible wars, disease and famine that killed millions, the population has been exploding during the last 4 decades. They have been multiplying like worms over there. Given such unchecked multiplying there will be alterations in demographics. Demographics are created to change. Just look around. That country is heading to be the 9th most populated nation by year 2050 with about 220 million mouths to feed. It is ranked 12th now. We better learn how to adapt, accept and live in peace now.

    • This is Oromia Regional State’s internal matter. No body cares if Amhara Regional State or Tigray Regional State adjusts its local administrations as it feels right. It is as simple as that. So what is a problem?

  3. I may also want to have the following to add on. Asking the singing of an anthem could be taken as singing just another song. Addis/Finfine has been singing the national anthem of every African country and waving their flags since 1963. It even has been singing Egypt’s national anthem for decades and nobody sings belady, belady better than those in Addis/Finfine. In doing so does not mean asking for a change in one’s religion or heritage. After the singing the anthem and raising the flag are done every Gurage resident will still remain just as he/she was before, a gurage. A Tigrayan is still a Tigrayan, an Amhara is still an Amhara and all others will remain the same as before the singing and waving. We are just being so silly on something much ado about nothing. What I advise the parents of those students is urge them to learn Oromifaa, Somali, Afar, Tigre, Amharic, Arabic, Sidama and every language nearby. These are all drop dead beautiful languages and are all our own. Let’s not make a stink out of this. I will be holding those who spew around inflammatory narratives and those who fired their guns for every youth killed or maimed following this request. Hey Adanech and Abdisa! There is this noble alternative called persuasion to imposition. Learn it and live it!!!!!!

    • Attu I agree 100% learn and live it! I am not Oromo nor Amhara but I love to learn languages and cultures. Learning other languages will increase your knowledge.

      • Then you need to go to Oromo language school or move to Oromia zone. You will not learn language by singing the same Oromia Zone song. Or you are free to sing by yourself without disturbing and abusing School students who do not want to sing your song. That is why Protest burst out in Addis Ababa because they do not want to sing the hate filled Oromia zone song in their schools.

    • Attu you think Oromia is a country like African countries waving their flags since 1963 in AA and not violent ridden an Oromo Ethnic Zone formed by TPLF 30 years ago?
      You sound just like Abiy Ahmed and Adanech Abebae who do not know the difference between a sovereign countries represented by African Union and the Oromia ethnic regional zone located in a country Called Ethiopia.

  4. The failed attempt to force Addis Abeba school students, teachers and families to sing the Orommuma Apartheid treasonous song has received an out burst of Outraged Protest and unrest all over out Addis Ababa.

    Singing national anthem is not a school to learn language. Those who are trying to mix learning language with singing regional song must seek phycological examination or brain surgery.

    Just because few Orommuma likes that song does not mean Ethiopians and Addis Abebans should be forced to like it. The Orommuma can keep it for themselves but not force or expect others to sing it. Other Ethiopians have their own song they like and keep to sing.

    Addis Ababa is not a piece of meat to be thorn apart by few greedy Orommuma hyenas. One National anthem for all Ethiopians and regional anthem for each zones.

  5. Today Oromia zone is known as the epicenter of Amhara Genocide, theft, corruption, chaos and violence.
    With this worse reputation it is very difficult for Abiy Ahmed and his Orommuma gangs to convince or confuse Addis Ababans to think otherwise other than knowing the Orommuma is trying to expand the same violence, theft and crime in Addis Ababa.

    Those who want to learn Oromo language should go to Oromo schools and that has nothing to do with bring Oromia Zone song to Addis Ababa and abusing, forcing and disturbing the peace of Addis Ababas

    Forcing, lying and imposing the dangerous Oromomuma offending beyond endurance political views and Oromo Regional Song against Ethiopians/Addis Abebans is a drumbeat calling for uncontrollable huge Protest , unrest and change of Prime Minister and Government in Ethiopia.

  6. First i would like to thank you very much for the information I just want to aske you if you have any information
    I ask you this question Not as a person who is interested by politics it’s because we work in that area as NGO
    is sheger city administration under Oromia or they stablish there administration as city administration like Addis or Dredawa ?

  7. hello, Wass your question amazing! any ways sheger city is not like ADDIS OR DREDAWA, it is under oromia!!!!!!!!!

  8. For those concerned body, Please when you prepare the Sheger city master plan with considering mobility plan. b/c as you know most of Oromia cities have faced a problem with comprehensive planning and disturbed for a long period of time. To make a Smart city have a smart and intellectual mind expert.


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