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Messi Face Swapping with 19th-century emperor 

Ethiopia _ world cup 2022 _ Messi
Lionel Messi (Source : Muktarovich Facebook page)


Gianni Infantino, President of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), hailed the FIFA 2022 World Cup which the small gulf country of Qatar hosted as “The Best Ever.” 

Indeed, soccer lovers the world over who have been watching the games will have an excellent memory of this World Cup years to come.  

Argentina and France displayed the most entertaining game packed with intense moments in the final match. The game was exceptionally good in a number of ways. 

Argentina prevailed to claim the World Cup for the third time in its history. 

When Argentina won its second world cup in 1986, it was Maradona, one of the great players in history, who was said to be behind Argentina’s success.

Lionel Andrés Messi, whom many soccer lovers tend to see as a god of soccer or king of soccer,  was not even born at that time.  This year, Argentina won its third world cup because of  Messi.

New graphic works and photoshops are emerging that glorify the soccer genius, undisputedly,  Messi. 

The one we are sharing is crafted in Ethiopia. Messi is seen in the image of Emperor Menelik, one of Ethiopia’s most popular emperors, despite radical views about him in at least two of the radical ethnic nationalist quarters,  who led Ethiopia to victory at the battle of Adwa – an event that sealed Ethiopia’s freedom and independence at a time when Africa and much of the rest of the world was under the yoke of colonialism. 

The 36 years old Argentinian star Face Swapping picture with emperor Menelik rather looks authentic. 

The image was circulating on social media among Ethiopians. 


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  1. How about Mbappe? 3 goals in the match! How do you top that? I don’t get all this hoopla about Messi. Did he score 2 goals just 2 minutes apart in a stunning comeback? No! For me Pele is cloned in Mbappe. But this face swapping Messi with that of Menelik, I find that ironic. Messi is an Argentine with an Italian heritage on both sides of his parents, right? Baratieri all that, you know. I wish he finds out about it and I will be curious how reacts to it knowing what happened to Baratieri.
    Mbappe – 3 Goals with 2 of them just 2 minutes apart. Let’s call him the Equalizer!!!
    Messi – 2 Goals where one of them was a lucky punt of a penalty kick.
    Mbappe – 8 Goals total in the tournament. Only 2 came as penalty kicks.
    Messi – 7 Goals. 4 of them lucky penalty kicks.
    Don’t even think about comparing Messi with Diego Maradona. Stop comparing apples to oranges.

    My hero Mbappe goes home with a golden boot!!!

  2. Now just look at how the Argentina team is behaving. No class!!! The goal keeper was awarded the golden glove but did you see what he did with it? The team is a disgrace to the sports itself. Giving them the trophy has turned out to be putting silk on a pig. We know sometimes luck plays part in victories by teams but this Argentine team is the luckiest ever.

  3. No doubt Massie is one to be recon with. Every Argentinians are happy and stood with him. He united Argentinians. Although there is huge difference for the cause of unity and sacrifices paid by the late Emperor Menelik and his people, Massie reminders us all the importance of unity for peace and happiness. Sadly Ethiopia has taken many huge steps into darkness and backwardness getting worse with each latest in power.

    Menelik brought Ethiopia out of backwardness, and into civilization and after many years of peace and productivity up until Emperor Hailesellasie, what it calls itself a government today has gone back to jungle tribalism rule, ethnic cleansing and massacre innocent Amharas by thousands everyday.


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