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Ethiopian gov’t confirms new security crisis in Mekelle 

The Ethiopian government is portraying the situation in Mekelle as “organized crime” while the TPLF is not making any official statement about it.  

Ethiopia _ Mekelle _ organized crime
Mekelle City ( Photo credit : Tigray Online /file)


The Ethiopian government on Saturday disclosed that the parts of Tigray region of Ethiopia that are not under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Force are facing a new form of security problem. 

The Ministry for government communication services said “…evidence is coming out that organized crimes are being committed in areas that the National Defense Forces have not yet reached.” 

Mekelle is one of the areas in the Tigray region where the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) claims to have, as stated by the spokesperson Getachew Reda during his latest interview with BBC hard talk, a “firm control.”  

The Ethiopian Defense Force was to enter Mekelle, according to the Pretoria agreement that was signed in early November, “expeditiously” and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was to disarm fully within a month after the agreement was signed. None of it happened. 

It has not happened. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been avoiding discussing failures on the part of the TPLF to implement the terms Pretoria agreement, which was signed on November 2,2022. 

One of the conditions for the end of hostilities between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF was that the latter’s forces were to fully disarm within a month after the agreement was signed, and for the Ethiopian Defense Force to enter Mekelle and be in charge of guarding, among other things, Federal government structures including the airport. 

Disclosure from the Ethiopian government indicated that armed robbery has become rampant in Mekelle. It said, “Especially in Mekelle, there are persistent reports that organized robbery is being committed with the accompaniment of armed patrols.” 

Based on the information from the government reports about the security situation in Mekelle and other areas that are still under TPLF forces was gathered from residents who reportedly make phone calls, among other methods, to federal government authorities to report about the situation. 

What are the forces behind organized crimes in the region? The Ethiopian government made claims that “forces that used to benefit from the conflict are behind such crimes.”  And it is vowing that it will hold them accountable. 

There have been reports about “division” within the TPLF rebel groups after the Pretoria agreement was signed. Not much is known as to the identities of TPLF leaders who are said to have opposed the agreement. 

What is the TPLF saying about it?

The TPLF did not deny reports about the security problems in Mekelle and other parts of the region.  It indirectly confirmed the problem when it bluffed the Ethiopian government’s ultimatum about holding armed groups accountable. 

Getachew Reda, the spokesperson, says one else can resolve the problem. 

He tweeted “Whatever security threat we cannot address, what our people cannot address, no one else can, no one else will. Just saying!” 

He did so in a direct remark to the statement released by the Ethiopian government. 

Whether the security situation is a manufactured one to not implement the peace agreement or real problem that emanated from an alleged group that is said to have drifted from the TPLF remains to be seen. 


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  1. Most People confirm security crisis in cities outside Mekelle but not in Mekelle.

    Thousands got massacered and such genocide and atrocities continue to unfold in areas occupied by eritrean troops and amhara fanos . The press release made by Ethiopian commmunication bureau or by the ethiopian governing body is utterly false. It doesn’t make a sense for Tigrayan leaders to stabilise the peace and security of their own people and they don’t have to use patrolls and trucks to snatch riches of their own people. They are much loved and honored by their own people as they displyed themselves as patriotic leaders by fighting against genocidal regime along with their own people.

    “Everlasting Peace between Amhara, Tigray and Eritrea
    Amhara, Tigray and Eritrea have so much rich history, value and culture they share. Stop the stupidity and mend your relationship. People will not live forever but country is. Therefore leave everlasting peace, good, strong relationship and respect for your children, grand children and great, great, great grand children starting from NOW.

    You better use someother agenda to implement your interest and saturate your insatiable motives.

    The current lawless, mafia and inhuman situation is very disadvantageous and dangerous for these very people survivals.”

  2. I had said this before when and even before the peace agreement was reached that considering the huge number of combatants it will be extremely difficult to absorb every one of them into the society. I had said some of them will keep their weapons and turn on their own citizens. Mugging, robbery, rape and kidnapping for ransom will be the next ordeal those upright citizens of Tigray will endure. I had made reference to the Central American countries. The same goes for other parts of the country especially Oromia where it is already happening. BeniShangul has minted new entrepreneurs who are busy hauling away gold with their deep pocketed commie business partners from Beijing. I have read stories of kidnapping for ransom and robberies in Amhara region. Only Somalia and Afar regions are faring well in this regards for now. In all regions all these crimes are being committed by battle hardened combatants. For them human blood is like a red budding rose flower. They are like some of these drug junkie criminals who commit horrible crimes here in The West. That old country has a work cut out for it. It will have ferocious monsters cut loose out there robbing and pillaging. The ordeal will not be over soon. Sad but true.

  3. Disarmament due date is gone! TPLF should never get another chance to attack Ethiopia!

    TPLF’s patrons [Egypt & Egypt’s White Supremacist West (WSW) Masters] resuscitated TPLF, gave it a second lease on life, and are preparing it for a more robust round of war. While TPLF is stockpiling supplies, Ethiopia is under the WSW’s embargo & sanctions.

    Since when do TPLF, Egypt & Egypt’s WSW masters want peace in Ethiopia? More than 4000 tractor trailer truck loads of food have entered Tigray! Why didn’t the people get any? Why hasn’t the UN asked for the return of the over 1500 trucks taken by TPLF?

    Amara Activists & TPLF-OLF/OLA Agents got embargo & sanctions imposed. AGOA was cancelled, industrial parks closed, and thousands lost their jobs. Now, Ilhan Omar, Brad Sherman, Nema Elbagir, etc. are pushing for sanctions against Ethiopian Airlines.

    • If what you say is true, then Abiy has no chance of surviving this time. He wants to be both the savior of Ethiopia and Tplf at the same time. He has cost the nation a great deal in terms of lives and resources.

    • Alem,

      Here is what I know regardless of my issues with Abiy & Ethiopian Airlines [Ethiopian]:

      Abiy’s alternative is more of a Doomsday Cocktail made in Kenya. It is the US-Egypt pre-approved Government-in-Waiting made up of 9 Pro-TPLF opposition Ethnic Parties.

      Aid: Even TPLF is praising the speedy delivery of aid! The way I see it, the ‘Peace Deal’ in South Africa was a “Damned if you do & damned if you don’t!” double-edged dagger.

      Ethiopian and the US EXIM Bank have age-old ‘loan guarantee’ ties. It hit a snug when TPLF fled to Tigray. Obama & Boeing felt powerless since it is under the US Congress. TPLF’s Agents ARE collecting petition while Omar & Sherman are helping in Congress.

      Elbagir uses Amy Goodman [PBS], CNN, etc. as platform to campaign for TPLF. She always pushes for sanctions against Ethiopian as best means to end ‘Tigray Genocide’. Fortunately, I read that the CEO of Ethiopian shot back like: “We have other options!”

      PS: Wolloyés blow me away whenever they get to “አለም አለምዬ” chorus of their songs!

  4. Dear Editors,

    My family and I were watching news this evening and found out that there was a mass shooting in your neck of woods. For us here in the USA it is not uncommon to hear such senseless killings. We try to learn how to live with it. But we hardly hear such shootings from Canada. The worry is that such mass murders create copy cats. May The Almighty Our Creator protect you and your family from such demonic acts and May The Good Lord look after us all!!!


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