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EZEMA opposes government move to Oromize Addis Ababa

For one of the largest non-ethnic-based opposition political parties in Ethiopia, EZEMA, the move to impose Oromia flag and anthem on residents of Addis Ababa is something that does violate the constitution that was crafted to impose the interests of a particular group 

EZEMA Addis Ababa response
Yohannes Mekonnen, EZEMA Deputy leader ( Photo credit : EZEMA)


“The move to repress the interests and rights of the people of Addis Ababa should stop immediately!” Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA) said in a statement it released on Thursday.

It came days after video footage of police brutality on a high school student who happened to be from a school that refused to sing an anthem believed to be invented to nurture ethnic Oromo nationalism across schools in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

It has been about a year now since Oromia regional state, with apparent tacit support from the Federal government and Addis Ababa city administration, has been attempting to impose a regional flag and anthem on elementary, junior and secondary schools in many parts of Addis Ababa. 

The statement from EZEMA said that there are signs that unnecessary tension and conflict across many elementary and secondary schools in Addis Ababa which started in December 2021 and continued until yesterday, is worsening. Classes have been disrupted and violence has been caused. 

Having elaborated on the meaning of the flag and national anthem their demonstrated significance in the struggle to maintain Ethiopia’s independence and how Ethiopian long-distance athletes used it in Olympic events, EZEMA said the attempt to impose a single region’s flag and anthem ( on parity with Ethiopian flag and national anthem)  in schools across Addis Ababa a practice that demonstrates that about plans to entrench violence and conflict. 

The party said it has gathered information from different sources about what it called illegal action has been observed in different schools in Addis Ababa. 

There has been violence in connection with attempts to hoist Oromia region flag and impose the regional anthems. Apart from that, students and teachers who opposed the move have been arrested. 

The party is questioning if the ruling elites are purposely creating a chaotic situation so as to stay in power. 

“What is confusing to EZEMA is that senior Addis Ababa City Administration and Federal Government official’s understanding of the issue is unsound and when we look into the problems they are creating on the ground seems like they think they can not stay in power unless a problem is created,” it said. 

The party argues schools in Addis Ababa are under Addis Ababa City  Administration or the Federal government.   It is the Addis Ababa City electorate that voted for the city administration, not people in the Oromia region. And the Federal government is elected by all Ethiopians. 

EZEMA said the imposition does not have any legal ground and asked Addis Ababa administration education bureau to make clear to the residents of Addis Ababa if there are any administrative instructions given to schools in Addis Ababa. 

The party also expressed “deep sadness” to parents whose children were attacked in connection with the violence. 

The message for law enforcement bodies is that they have a duty to protect students and should not resort to forceful measures. “We like to remind them that they are protectors of the people, not the system.” 

EZEMA called for the government to release all students and teachers who are arrested as a result of the violence that the government triggered.   

Addis Ababa Police has announced that it has arrested 97 individuals in connection with what it calls violence. It is apparent that what it was was rather an attack on students for resisting what was imposed on them. 

Adanech Abibie, Addis Ababa City Mayor, this week made claims that the security situation is created by foreign powers and radical groups.  

She did not deny or confirm if security forces were attacking students. The issue has become a talking point among Ethiopians in social media. Many are criticizing government authorities exploitation of city and federal government structures to Oromoize Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. 

A year or so after Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister, the Oromo Democratic Party that was crafted from Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO)  took exclusive ownership over Addis Ababa.

There were also leaked videos from party meetings whereby leaders of the party gave assurances to the party assembly saying that they are winning the gambles and will continue to work for more. 


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  1. Which oromo culture will stick onto Addis Ababa residents is hard to fathom. Meanwhile we may have thousands of oromo thieves millionaires in the mayhem created. why should one deny that the promo came into this place after Gragn’s intrusion?

  2. EZEMA party, Professor Berhanu Nega and Abiy’s servant parties now suddenly woke up and started to make noise as if they care for Amhara Genocide and sufferings after embedded in deep sleep for 4 years with Abiy Ahmed .

    The Genocide of millions of Amharas, 3000 AMHARA SLAUGHTER in ONE DAY and being looted by OROMO ZONE Administration and GOVERNMENT SPONCORED GENOCIDE against AMHARA PEOPLE didn’t faze them.

    It is the same stale old Orommuma game always entangled in chaos and lie to distruct Amharas. EZEMA and Berhanu Nega are servants and messengers of the trapped in lie and greed Abiy Ahmed who can not fool Amharas any more. Abiy want to sell Amhara land to get Foreign Money while putting millions of Amharas for more Genocide by TPLF in the north while Oromo Liberation Army supported by his PP govermnet in Wellega, Addis Ababa, Nazret (Adama) and everywhere in Ethiopia.

    Abiy the Lair is now salivating to get Foreign Aid money by selling, blindsiding and putting Amhara people for more Genocide which Amharas are well aware and will never allow it to happen ever again.

    Yeshitila’s the filthy mouth’s mother in Amhara Zone Admin. is Tigrea, He has no loyalty and commitment to serve Amhara people but Abiy likes him because Amhara people do not like him.

    When Oromia is riddled in crime and soaked by Genocide against Amhara people blood, Abiy kept murderer Shimeles Abdissa in power for 4 years without any complains. Yet he is quick to mess up Amhara Zone, abuse and kill Amhara leaders, journalist, Fannos who saved him from fleeing to Abu Dabi ( Oh no, Abu Dabi will not welcome him once he lost power actually will have to return the bribe Palace money) I meant no where to go because by then no one wants to host a stanch Tyrant and Genocider..

  3. Addis Ababa is for Addis Ababans and Oromo Zone should stay out of it.
    Oromo Zone already encroaching on other ethnic zone issue must be peacefully resolved before trying to swallow Addis Ababa and to massacre Addis Ababans.

    Ethiopians have ONE Flag, the Green, Yellow and Red, Centuries Old, famously and Internationally known for Freedom, Unity and Bravery, and simulated by many African countries and Blacks around the world.

    The unti-Ethiopia/ns Oromo flag manufactured in bushes by radical and extemist Oromos that represents, violence, hate, false narrative of Ethiopian history, ignorance and that is racist to Ethiopians shoAuld be scrapped even from Oromo Zone for its backward ignorance and barbarisms. Stop forcing and violating Addis Ababa school teachers and children by introducing this hate filled and violent flag that represent Amhara Genocide and non-Oromo abuse and massacre.

  4. All educational institutions in Ethiopia should be under the Ministry of Education and TPLF’s Constitution/TPLF’s Ethnic States/etc. should be buried along with the TPLF.

    Addis Ababa [AA] is a State. It is Ethiopia’s & Africa’s capital. Therefore, AA should fly its flag, the Ethiopian flag, the flags of the Ethnic States, and the flags of African states.

    When it comes to Ethiopian Educational Institutions, ONLY the AA & Ethiopian flags should be flown. Consequently, ONLY the Ethiopian National Anthem should be sung.

    Let’s be honest: AA was Shewa’s capital. Shewa is the land of Shewa Amaras [≈45%] and Shewa Oromos [≈55%]. The Oromos form a ring all around AA over a large radius.

    AA’s population is ≈ 6 million. About half are Amaras [mostly Gojjam & Gonder]. So, to ‘Oromize AA’ & offset the population dynamics, we should ‘import’ ≥3 million Oromos.

    I am from AA. AA never had city limits. AA almost doubled in size in the past 20 years. That was done by displacing Oromo farmers and by annexing their farmland. Is that fair?


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