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Addis Ababa police say it has arrested 97 students, teachers 

Addis Ababa Police is linking resistances in schools to an imposed Oromia region flag and anthem to radical groups “who seek to make the city a center of violence “

Adanech Abiebie, Addis Ababa City Mayor (Photo : Public Domain /file)


Addis Ababa police on Thursday said that it has arrested 97 people in the capital Addis Ababa. It linked the individuals to what it calls violence in “some elementary and secondary schools.”  

It said those arrested are students and teachers. 

It said they removed Ethiopian and Oromia regional flags from flag posts in the schools and dragged them on the ground in contempt. 

Furthermore, Addis Ababa Police claimed that the situation that led to violence in schools was instigated by some students and teachers who “confused and mobilized a majority of students who are unaware of the situation.”  Properties in school compounds were damaged, it added. 

Police also said that radical groups on social media used old video footage to pressure the security forces not to carry out their duty. 

Police painted a different narrative (from opposition parties and the public)  regarding the incidents these past weeks whereby students in many elementary and high schools across Addis Ababa protested against what they see as the imposition of the Oromia region flag and anthem on them. 

It accused what it called “radical groups” of portraying the “rights of citizens to get education in their mother tongue and the right for the expression of their culture and identity as an imposition on others.”   EZEMA, one of the major opposition parties in the country, said the move to impose a flag and anthem on Addis Ababa schools should stop immediately – and it is not a matter of not respecting the right to study in one’s own language. 

Carrying placards that likened the Addis Ababa issue to Wolkait is another accusation that police made against what it called radical groups. 

Police linked the protests to OLF Shane operatives and “other radical groups.” It said those groups made claims that “Oromos are dying, and their culture and identity humiliated.”   

Adanech Abiebie, Mayor of the city, made similar claims that the incidents in schools in the capital are the works of radical groups. She also said foreign powers were involved in it. 

So what the statement that the police released on Thursday essentially did is to portray the reaction of students in Addis Ababa schools as continuities of efforts by “radical groups” who attempted to Addis Ababa as a center of violence and it cited that arms have been smuggled into the city. 

Regarding why it happened this past week, Police said it is because the government started to work in determination on the issue of peace and against corruption. 

Some opposition parties and the majority of Ethiopians on social media are expressing that there have been attempts to impose Oromia region flags and anthems.

It is on record that  what turned out to be a dominant force within the ruling Prosperity Party (when it was in the form of Oromo Democratic Party) made exclusive ownership right over Addis Ababa. 


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  2. whatever the oromo police say the residents of Addis Ababa do not want to be ruled by gadda system; they have their own religion of Christian and Islam faith. The oromo can practice their culture without resorting to violence to usurp property and wealth they didn’t work for. There must be some phrases in their culture which denounces wishing someone else’s property!

  3. Those Orommuma thugs must step down. They are creating problems, deaths, lootings and violence. It is all to take attention away or destruct from the so called sinister peace agreement with TPLF that is bad for Amhara people.

    TPLF Tigres and OLF and now PP are not qualified and have no right to decide over Amhara faith and land. They both are land thieves and illegals.

    Amharas every where must stay focused and ready to defend themselves and rights because the massacre against Amhara and abuse is all the peace of Orommuma and TPLF game that sees the presence of Amharas as a big problem for their starvation for power and money .

    Amharas are targeted for their land and huge population despite the ethnic cleansing, Genocide and lootings and it a do or die for Amharas to show force and resistance against Government sponsored Genocide and invasion and theft.

    Abiy Ahmed, Adanech Abebe in and Shimeles Abdissa and the Orommuma mafias are starved and addicted for Foreign millions of dollars Aid Money that goes in to their pockets and stashed around in Seychelle and other foreign banks.

  4. Bring Adanch Abebe to face justice! She is he mastermind of Addis Ababa Youth abuse, abduction, imprisonments, disappearances and human right violations!

    She is so corrupt stolen money is stashed in Syscell and Australia and she must be examined for theft and corruption. What is her salary that gave her such privilege to live over luxurious lifestyle. How come so soon and for what. For stealing Addis Ababa land and condominiums?

  5. You bigots here among us! You are now using the youth of Addis/Finfine for your demonic scheme. I wish you were not even born.

  6. If buffoon Adanech Abeba that Abiy brought from extremist Arsi Orommomua mafia groups. If she hates patriot Fannos who protects innocent lives, it means she is and likes the savage Shene Oromo Terrorist who kills children, pregnant women, the disabled, the weak and old people.

    Adanche knew nothing about Addis Ababa hates the Fanno who fought bravely and gave up their lives by standing with the Federal Army and saved the country throughout the fight with TPLF Terrorist invaders.

    Now extending the greedy hands of Abiy and the Orommuma mafia to receive money from Foreign countries unexchanged for agreeing to commit more Genocide against Amhara people and sell Amhara land to TPLF the Orommuma are running around creating chaos and Genocide against Amhara in Wellega.

    Abiy sends Adanech to cry foul and get sympathy by using her weak and flimsy personality when the Orommuma regime is faced with danger of extinction and resistance.

    That is the reason why Oromo Zone Special Force is working with Terrorist Oromo Liberation Front aka Shene in massacring Amharas in Wellga.

    Now every Orommuma ambition and plot is out and open to Amharas and Ethiopians. First finish Amhara and go down to the small ethnic groups. That is the plan unless it is resisted and put to an end by defeating this greedy and Criminal plan right away.

  7. Although Ethiopia’s Enemies hatch such unrest to wreak havoc, some people under scrutiny for embezzling 25 million Birr from School Feeding Fund are fanning it, too.

    Adanech has been helpful in Addis Ababa [AA]: expanding school feeding programs, creating & funding community feeding centers, renovating homes for the elderly, etc.

    Nevertheless, she is the mayoress of AA and AA is a State. Therefore, she must uphold AA’s independence. Hence, AA should only fly AA’s flag & Ethiopia’s flag in schools. Consequently, AA must also enforce the Ethiopian National Anthem in all its schools!

    Since AA is Ethiopia’s & Africa’s capital, it should fly the flags of all Ethiopian States and all African countries around City Hall & palaces and along major streets & squares.

    NB: For PEACE in Ethiopia, abolish TPLF/TPLF’s Constitution/TPLF’s Ethnic States!

    • Addis Ababa belongs to Cushites, including those who speak somewhat Semitic languages.

      Addis Ababa is not Africa’s capital and it has nothing to do with Africa.

      Ethiopia is not for Africans or Europeans, it belongs to the native people of the land, Cushites and Nilotes.

      Stop being a slave to Western countries!

      Pan-Africa is the real genocide!

  8. The Unjust, divisive and violent TPLF and OLF written constitution itself does not allow Oromo Zone to take advantage, violate, abuse and encroached on AA zone and people. At the same time the same constitution calls for Nazret/Adama as capital of Oromo Zone although Nazret is known to be built and founded mainly by Amharas and other Ethiopians.

    Whenever TPLF illegals Constitution limits Abiy the Orommuma illegal expansionist dream, Abiy solely goes behind closed doors and orders the parliament to change it without citizens approval and knowledge but when it is advantageous to him or the Orommuma agenda it is held high as a real constitution despite citizens disapproval and demand to abolish it.

    Citizens are always the last when it comes to know what Abiy has done and changed. by the time they hear about it , it is too late and already in action. This is deliberately done because Abiy has preconceived ill ideas that he hides from Amhara and non Oromo people that he is supposed to lead.

    The brining of Takele Uma and Adanech Abebe from Arsi Oromo Zone itself in violation to Addis Ababa rule and TPLF illegal constitution. residents rights. When Addis Ababa is a state and should have its own people violated the constitution he upholds It is when they see what has change in the constitution. and what is called his government The becoming of AA mayor

  9. Jewelers of Piazza and Mekato shop jewelries are being robbed and confiscated as we speak without notice or warrant by Adanch Abebe AA Police that 98% of them are Oromos from Oromo Zone.

    People should stop referring Abiy, Adanch and Shimeles collection of Orommuma mafias as a legitimate government that represent Ethiopians when it is clearly not. What is happening in Ethiopia today is the Oromo ethno- fascists are robbing, massacring, abusing and violently abusing Ethiopians and AA residents who are not part of the Orommuma violent expansionist dream.

    The Orommuma do not have education and work ethics but engraved with wishing someone’s property and stealing wealth they did not work for. Theft, robbery, looting, violence and crime defines the Orommuma lazy coward Terrorists.

    • Egypt opens tombs and steals gold, emeralds, etc. from DEAD Pharaohs! What do you call robbing dead people? Oh, I heard that Egypt also steals kidneys from Amara & Oromo refugees and dumps the dead in the Sinai Desert.

  10. Keep Addis Ababa out of the Orommuma greedy everything kegna stupid politics. Guns and Prisons will not quit and stop Addis Ababans from demanding their rights and the truth.

    Addis Ababa is the Capital City of Ethiopia found by Emperor Menelik and Etege Tayitu Betul and this is the widely known fact around the globe for centuries.

    Addis Ababa must be represented by a person who was born and raised in Addis Ababa and elected by Addis Ababans. No import with hostile intention and agenda. If that is the case then Oromia Zone President and leaders must be elected by Addis Ababans.

    Ethiopians have said to have a newly drafted by equal representation of Ethiopians. Constitution must have input of every Ethiopian. Ethiopia is not a property of TPLF and OLF when both still maintain separatist name and agenda and are committing Genocide in order to fulfil their separatist agenda. .

    Only fools and lairs bandas want us to believe that the nonexistent, unproven, failed TPLF lies by crying foul and pretending to blame westerns countries when they are begging their money and they themselves are slaves of white Germany and other TPLF and Orommuma OLF auctioneers.

  11. In many of these comments I read paragraphs wrought by runaway hatred. These hateful comments give me a sense that the writers may never had the chance to live and interact with others who are from different groups of people. All what that got them so riled up are rumors and made up unsettling stories about others. That just saddens me to the core. Those who cry and moan about Amharas are those who were never at the closest proximities to live with Amharas. Those who jump up and down whenever they see an Oromo or Oromos bestowed the trust of leadership are those who grew up being told nothing but horror stories about Oromos. This is after all those glorious stories we have read and heard how these two groups of people marched together and died as one and the same defending their homeland. One never told the other ‘that is your problem; not mine’. But they marched into awaiting infernos and spilled their Allah Blessed lives as one. Their blood shed on the battlefield of Adwa just rolled into one and flawed together wiping out every soldier of Baratieri in sight. But their grandchildren have chosen the different and bigoted route. That just breaks my heart. And when the official is female the hatred and name calling double up. That is what this capable mayor is now subjected to in these comments I read here. It is just the run of the mill misogyny. What we are doing is wrong and cruel. It is utterly irresponsible to agitate the gullible youth and instigate senseless protest from our comfy homes here in the West. I’m not saying this mayor is perfect but I have not heard or read any prosecutable crime she committed verified by an independent body. So what if the students are asked to learn and sing an anthem? What I want to press and tell the youth here among us and over there is to learn and speak Amharic, Oromifaa, Somali, Afar, Tigre, Sidama, Arabic and all other languages as many as you can by every chance you have. You will be pleasantly surprised by how beautiful all these languages are and they are our national heritage/colors.

  12. Abolish the Apartheid Constitution that is controlling power at the barrel of the GUN in Ethiopia!

    PM Abiy Ahmed is a racist ethnocentric former EPRDF and now Prosperity Party that prospers itself by Massacring and Looting Amhara and Non-Oromo Ethiopians houses, Property and Wealth.

    A Criminal Murderous PM Abiy Ahmed Oromo Prosperity Party Mafia group impostering as Government!


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